Best Blenders for Crushing Ice


Why Do You Need a Blender for Crushing Ice

Fine crushed ice is essential in making good quality smoothies, cocktails and shakes. If you like making ice blended drinks, you need a blender that is powerful enough to crush ice. What is the best blender for crushing ice? This article will guide you in choosing a blender that will be most efficient in crushing ice.

Of course, it is always better to buy something that is versatile so you can use it for other purposes as well. To have a better understanding of blenders in general and how they work, you can read our Best Blenders Buying Guide.

Best Blenders for Crushing Ice Comparison Table 2017

Ninja Master Prep (QB900B)4.5$Countertop
Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)4.5$$$Countertop
Oster BVCB07-Z00-000 4$$Countertop
Blendtec TB-621-204.5$$$$Countertop
Oster 67064.5$Countertop

How to Choose the Best Blender for Crushing Ice

Here are some of the important factors that make a blender capable of producing finely crushed ice.

  • Power

    In our general blenders buying guide, we mentioned that you need a lot of power to make good quality blended drinks. This is true. Ideally, your blender must have at least 800 watts of power. However, for small blenders like personal blenders, a lower wattage could be sufficient because the action is concentrated in a small area. But if what you want is smooth and powdery ice, you cannot rely on a machine with less than 300 watts of power.

  • Blades

    Another important factor in effectively crushing ice are the blades. The sharper the blades, the more effective they will be in cutting through ice. Some blades are especially designed pulverize not only ice but frozen fruits. The Ninja Professional Blender features special blades with Total Crushing Technology that effortlessly pulverize ice into a powdery finish.

    Watch out for some blenders that have very fragile blades. Some customers reported the blades burning after using the unit to crush ice.

  • Speed

    Controlling the speed allows you to control the fineness of your nice as well. It would be great if the blender offers variable speed settings. For fine smoothies, it is best to use the highest speed setting.

  • Pitcher

    There are glass and plastic types of pitchers or jars. Both are just fine. But if you’re going to use it a lot for crushing ice, it is morn advisable to choose the high quality plastic to avoid breaking.

  • Lid

    You need a blender with a tightly fit lid so the ice would not be thrown all over the place.

  • Base

    Crushing ice requires the blender to use full power. Make sure that the blender comes with a rubber stopper so it doesn’t slip while blending.

Other Things to Consider

Here are other features that could also be helpful in crushing ice

  • Pulse

    The pulse action allows you to finely grind the ice, along with other ingredients in a strategic rhythm. This way, everything is mixed properly while the ice is finely blended with your drink.

  • Handle

    An ergonomically designed handle, especially for countertop blenders will help you keep the blender in place while crushing the ice. As mentioned above, crushing ice is one of the most consuming jobs for blenders so it will help if you can easily hold the blender with your other hand.

  • Professional Blenders

    If you intend to use the blender for heavy duty use that require crushing a lot of ice regularly, it will be advisable to get a professional model. These can be anywhere between $100 – $800 or maybe more, depending on the other features it offers. The Vitamix Professional 750 is considered a commercial unit and does a really good job with ice.

Not Recommended

Hand blenders are not the best type of blenders for crushing ice. They can do the job, for a single glass at a time, but you will not be able to achieve fine powdery ice with those models. Another thing you need to remember is that hand blenders do not have a covering. When tested for making a slushy, one hand blender splashed the ice all over. Again, you could do a workaround for it but it will take a lot of trouble.


Basically, all the general guidelines in choosing most any type of blenders apply for one that you intend to use for ice. The only difference is that finely crushed ice requires a lot of power. As we always mention in our reviews, it is still best to choose one that offers versatile features so you can maximize your purchased product.

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