Best Blenders for Juicing


Can Blenders be Used for Juicing

There are certain models of blenders that also offer functionalities as that of a juicer. Essentially, a juicer is different from a blender because a juicer only extracts the liquid or the “juice” from fruits and vegetables, hence the name; while a blender will “blend” all the ingredients you put in the container together. A juicer also uses a filter which leaves the fiber and pulp out and a blender doesn’t have that ability to separate anything, it blends them all in.

In reality, the models that offer both juicing and blending are just two products, combined. There is no such mechanism that will allow a juicer to blend nor allow a blender to juice. For example, the Breville BJB840XL Juice and Blend Dual-Purpose Juicer and Blender.

What the manufacturer did is they created a motor base that is compatible for both a blender and a juicer. – You put the blender on the motor to blend – and you take it off and put the juicer to juice. There are only two other models that offer this feature: the Nesco American Harvest and the Sharper Image Juicer-Blender Combo.

Main Differences

Here are other key functionalities in which a juicer is different from a blender.

  • Juice and Smoothie

    If you put a fruit or vegetable in a juicer, it will extract the liquid and make juice out of it. If you put the same fruit or vegetable in a blender, you will make a smoothie.

  • Ice

    You cannot blend and crush ice while juicing. Only blenders can do that. In short, you can make cold blended drinks using a blender, while you would have to put ice cubes for your juice.

  • Blades

    A blender uses its blades to chop, mince, dice, crush, and blend the ingredients. Again, a juicer only extracts the liquid, known as the juice.

  • Yield

    Using the same amount of ingredients will yield different serving sizes when using a blender and a juicer. Since the juicer only extracts the liquid or juice, you will need more in order to fill a cup.

  • Concentration

    A juicer tends to produce more concentrated results than a blender. This is because, again, the juicer squeezes the very essence of the fruit or vegetables. Although, there are blenders that are said to produce highly concentrated smoothies (not juice) – but that is only because the blades are made to crush the ingredients very finely.

How to Choose the Best Blenders and Juicer Combo

Let’s compare the three models that offer the blender and juicer combo.

  • Breville BJB840XL

    Rates 4.5 out of 5 stars in Amazon. It is around $500 and is well constructed. As mentioned above, the base is interchangeable for the juicer and the blender. Its blender features 5 variable speeds with ice crush, smoothie and pulse settings. The juicer uses the same five speed settings and is designed with an extra-wide feed chute. It includes a 40-oz. jug with froth separator.

  • Nesco American Harvest

    Rates 3.5 out of 5 stars in Amazon and costs below $50. Same as the Breville, it uses one interchangeable base for the juicer and blender. The blender features 2 speed and pulse setting while the juicer is designed with 1-1/4 by 2 inches juicer tube.

  • Sharper Image Juicer-Blender Combo

    Rates 2.5 out of 5 stars in Amazon and costs below $40. Same as the other two, it uses one interchangeable base for both the juicer and the blender. The blender features 2 speeds with pulse setting and a 60oz container while the juicer features a 600–Watt motor and an extra large, three inch feeder tube.

    Those are the three products under this category. As you can see, the other two did not gain quite a good rating despite the big price difference from Breville which had more than favorable reviews – although, there are some issues about the product no longer being produced by Breville. As for blending, all the models seem to do a fair job but for juicing, customers have found the Breville more efficient.


An advantage of the blender and juicer combo is that they are both easily accessible while doing one or the other. However, on the efficiency of each function, it would still be better to invest in two separate machines because there are more needs specific juicers and blenders that might be more practical.

A blender ranges from $20 – 300+ dollars but there are many models that are quite efficient at a little over a hundred dollars. If you will compare that to the Breville, that would be a great difference in price and you only get the general functionalities of each.

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