Best Blenders Under $100

Best Blender Under $100

Are There Good Blenders Under $100

Blenders are available in a wide range of prices; a lot of them are actually below a hundred dollars. If you only have a hundred dollars for your budget, you can already get a great quality blender. It doesn’t have to be very expensive. We have been reviewing different types of blenders and a lot of our best picks are fairly priced.

Still, it would depend on your needs and lifestyle. To see the blenders we recommend in general, you can read the Best Blenders Buying Guide which will also give you a better idea on the different types of blenders and what they’re best for.

Best Blenders Under $100 Comparison Table 2017

Ninja Master (QB1004)4.5$Countertop
Magic Bullet NBR-124$$Bullet
Oster BVCB07-Z00-0004$Countertop
Breville BSB510XL4.5$$$Hand Blender
Cuisinart CPB-3004$Personal

How to Choose the Best Blenders Under $100

So how do you pick a hundred dollar blender that would be perfect for your home? Firstly, all of the general guidelines in choosing a blender applies. You also have to been think about the type of blending that you would do the most. But it never hurts to have features that might be useful in the future. Here are some of the things worth remembering when buying a blender withing the hundred dollar price range.

  • Heavy or Light Duty Use

    Think about this carefully. You might think that because you’re only going to use the blender at home, any ordinary blender would do. But you have to consider the kind of food and drinks you want to prepare using the blender. If you’re going to do a lot of smoothies, you would need something that is powerful enough to crush ice.

    If you are on a green diet and intend to use the blender for green leafy vegetables, you cannot just use a fairly powerful blender. Sometimes, you might even need a professional model, especially if you entertain a lot of guests in your home. The Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600) has a 72oz capacity and is powerful enough for ice and green vegetables, and costs around $90.

  • Serving Capacity

    In relation to the type of use, it is also important to consider how much serving you usually prepare. If you rarely host parties or if you’re only cooking for two to three people, it is more practical to get a smaller model as using a professional one would use more power and is more difficult to clean.

    If you live alone, you can even get the single serve or personal blenders. Most countertop blenders come with about 40 – 70 oz pitchers. More capacity increases the price as well. If you think you won’t be needing much serving capacity, go with a medium sized machine that offers more feature within your budget.

  • Speed

    Variable speed settings are great for controlling the consistency of your blends. Not all blenders within the hundred dollar price range offers this feature. It is usually featured in countertop models. The Oster BVCB07-Z Counterforms 6-Cup Glass Jar 7-Speed Blender features 7 speed settings and is only above $50. Still, some hand blenders feature at least two speed settings like most of Hamilton Beach models.

  • Versatility

    If you have read some of our reviews, you will notice that we put special emphasis on the versatility of a product. This is to make sure that you get the most of your money.

    If a countertop blender offers just enough serving capacity plus an option to use a single serve cup instead of the pitcher, and is powerful enough for what you need, it would be the smart choice versus a high capacity one with no option to use a smaller cup. That is – of course, if you often prepare single serving as well.

  • Specialty

    If you’re going to do only one type of blending majority of the time, it is best to get a specially designed model for that purpose. Hand blenders are very useful in mixing soups right in the pot. If you’re not fond of smoothies and just need a blender for soups, dressings and maybe a little bit of chopping, then perhaps an immersion hand blender with accessories is the best choice.

    The Cuisinart CSB-79 Smart Stick 2-Speed 200-watt Immersion Hand Blender with Attachments includes an attachment that also lets you chop small servings. And it’s only above $50. But if smoothies are part of your daily diet, you need at least a countertop.

Top Pick

Our top pick for the blender under $100 is the Ninja Master Prep Professional (QB1004). It is a versatile model and costs around $60. Its highlights are:

  • 3 Containers

    That allow you to blend, chop, puree and more.

  • Blades

    It comes with a uniquely designed blade that make blending frozen ingredients effortless. It also crushes ice into fine, powdery finish.


Remember to check customer reviews and watch video demos online so you can see its actual performance for yourself. Take a look at the other products we recommend below.

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