Best Blocks for Toddlers


Building blocks for toddlers come in different types and sizes. These toys offer a lot of benefits for your child’s developments. Toys are crucial in a child’s developmental stage because they help develop your little one’s critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and other important abilities.

Blocks are one of the best toys you can give your child. It will not only entertain them but it will also help them in their cognitive development. The right toys are significant for their growth because toddlers learn through playing. Toys like play dough are great for tactile development. The type of building blocks that is appropriate for your child will also depend on their age. To see other building toys depending on a child’s age, this is the best building toy guide.

How do you choose the best blocks for toddlers? We’ve listed some of the best models that offer different benefits to your toddler for you to compare.

Our Pick: Melissa & Doug Jumbo Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks

Number one on our list is the Melissa & Doug Jumbo Extra-Thick Cardboard Building Blocks. These blocks for toddlers help build your child’s motor skills. They can reach high to stack the blocks or push to knock them down. It will also help them develop a sense of balance as each block stands on top of another. The set includes colorful pieces made of durable cardboard that is safe for kids.

The extra-large size of the blocks helps engage larger muscle groups and improves their strength as they reach, twist, and bend while they build. Its different sizes offer lots of opportunities and will increase your child’s creativity. The blocks are lightweight and easy for children to lift.

Runner Up: Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Wooden Block Cart Educational Toy With 30 Solid Wood Blocks

If you want a wooden material, the Melissa & Doug Classic ABC Wooden Block Cart Educational Toy With 30 Solid Wood Blocks is an excellent choice. These blocks for toddlers include a cart. The solid blocks feature pictures, letters, and numbers. This set is good not only for building but also for introducing your little one early to simple words. Your toddler will have loads of fun stacking, sorting, and matching different blocks together.

The included wheeled cart with pull-along cord is fun to take from one room to another. It also makes it easy to store the blocks away. This set is designed for toddlers from age 2 and above. It will help little ones to develop their fine motor skills and help them practice their number and letter recognition.

Also Great: Battat B. Toys One Two Squeeze Blocks

Another great option is the Battat B. Toys B. One Two Squeeze Blocks. Instead of cardboard or hardwood, these blocks for toddlers are squeaky. These are specially designed for little hands and curious minds. The blocks are hand sculpted and provide an educational and tactile experience for toddlers. They feature friendly animals with numbers one to ten on each side. This is a great way to introduce your child to different names of animals and teach them numbers as well.

Each block is soft, stackable, and durable. The great thing is that it also floats and your child can squeeze the blocks to make playtime extra fun. They are also chewable so it’s safe for kids who are teething. You don’t have to worry about them putting the blocks in their mouths.

Budget Pick: Fisher-Price Stack and Explore Blocks

A great affordable set of blocks for toddlers is the Fisher-Price Stack and Explore Blocks. It includes 5 blocks for your baby that they can stack up. They come in different sizes so your little one can nest them from big to small. Each block is designed with bright colors and has interesting textures. They feature different characters that your child can get to know as well as numbers and other familiar objects.

How to Choose the Best Blocks for Toddlers?

Here are some of the important factors to consider when choosing the right set of blocks for toddlers.

  • Material

    Whether you are watching or not, toddlers have a tendency to put the blocks in their mouths so you have to make sure that the materials are safe. Building blocks made of soft or plush materials are safe for toddlers but sometimes, wood is also appropriate as long as it does not contain harmful chemicals. Some blocks are also squeezable. These offer a lot of fun for your toddler and are also very safe.

  • Size

    The size of the blocks for toddlers should also not be too small or they can choke on them. Rounded blocks are recommended so that sharp edges do not hurt them while playing. It’s also great if the blocks come in different sizes because it will encourage your child’s creativity. They can stack up the blocks from the big ones to the small ones, and see how they fit together.

  • Colors

    It’s important that the blocks are colorful in order to attract and retain your little one’s attention. Bright colors make for good toys and you can also use them to teach your child colors at an early age. Toddlers from the age of 12 months up to 18 months are very attracted to bright colors such as red and yellow. But it’s also good to introduce them to other colors.

  • Design

    Some blocks feature different animals, numbers, and sometimes letters. The advantage of this is that it offers opportunities for your child to learn simple words and numbers while playing. They can look at the images and recognize familiar objects. It will help them memorize words and remember them the next time they see that particular object.

Building blocks for toddlers are great toys for introducing your little ones to concepts like balance, gravity, texture and simple shapes. They also enrich your child’s vocabularies as they learn the names of different animals, shapes, colors, and other featured designs on the blocks. You can also teach them words like pick up, short, long, bottom, and top.