Best Blush


After applying the proper contour and detailing your eye makeup, the best way to complete your look is by putting on some blush. It will give your cheeks a healthy glow and lighten up your overall look in contrast to the contour. There are different types of blushes. Some are powder, cream, stain, and minerals. Choosing the right one for your face depends on your skin type and tone.

But before applying your blush-on, you should make sure that your contour is correct. And after everything is applied, you should blend it well with a blending brush. Contouring seems difficult but if you follow the natural contours of your face, it should work nicely. Here is are some steps on how to master contouring. For the base, here is a quick guide on the best bb cream that you can use.

So how do you choose the right blush for your face? We’ve made a list of the best choices, giving you a good variety and price ranges.

Our Pick: NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush

Our number one choice is the NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush. This is a powder type blush-on that has a silky texture. Its rich pigmentation provides long lasting wear. It gives you a healthy and radiant natural glow. The finish is not matte but not very shimmery as well so this is great for daytime use. This blush-on does not come with a brush so you would have to buy one separately if you do not own one yet.

The “Pinched” shade is great for those with lighter skin. It may not be the best for those have darker tones but it has other shades available.

Runner Up: NARS Blush

Our second top pick is the NARS Blush. It’s also a powder type with a broad selection of shades available. This blush-on provides a sheer natural hint of color. The transparent pigments help avoid heaviness so this is a great everyday makeup and good to mix with a nude palette. The “Orgasm” shade has a peachy pink tone with a bit of a shimmer.

Start with a light application on the center of your cheek and then build it if necessary. You can use a neutral color under your cheekbone to create some depth. You can also apply it on your temples.

Also Great

If you like the cream type of makeup, the NYX Cream Blush is an excellent choice. It offers a radiant, long-lasting color with its velvety smooth cream. This creamy texture will give your skin a dewy glow for a natural and fresh look. It has mineral oils that hydrate and condition your skin so it will not appear dry when you use the blush-on. It will also blend well with other makeup like your base and contour.

This comes at a great price and it’s something that you can use for a long time because it’s very pigmented. You only need to apply a small amount.

For those who don’t like powder or using a brush, you can try the Maybelline New York Master Glaze Glisten Blush Stick. It’s a stick type blush-on so you just have to glide it on your cheeks. It’s also very portable and no need to bring other accessories like brushes. It has shea butter that provides blendable and natural colors. This will also give you a smooth and even application.

You will have to blend the cream with your fingertips so you have control over the color impact. The great thing is you can also use it on your eyes.

If you don’t feel like putting powder or cream, the stain is the next best option and the theBalm Stainiac is a great choice. This is a gel based blush with a hint of a tint for your cheeks. A bonus feature is that you can also apply it on your lips. It does not streak or fades immediately. It’s infused with aloe with a gel formula which will give you more time before the stain sets.

The bottle comes with an application wand that you will use to apply on your cheeks or lips. Then blend with your fingers.

Budget Pick

A great affordable alternative is the Maybelline New York Fit Me! Blush. This is a powder blush on that comes with a small brush that fits in the container so you don’t have to buy or bring one separately. It has a natural fade-free color. It’s lightweight and the pigments blend easily. You can apply and wear it evenly. It provides you with a natural cheek color that leaves your skin fresh.

This is an oil free blush-on. You brush the color onto your cheekbone and sweep it upward to give your face a healthy glow.

How to Choose the Best Blush

Choosing the type of blush depends on your skin type and preferences. While the color would depend on your skin tone and overall makeup palette.

  • Cream

    The cream blush type is great for dull and dry complexions. The cream glides easily and smoothly. It delivers moisture so it will not create dry patches on your skin.

  • Gel

    Gel blushes have a radiant finish. It also glides on smoothly. The difference of gel from cream is that it has more sheer pigmentation. Its color is also more subtle on your cheeks so this is great for everyday use. It may not be the best for night time parties as it may not be very visible. This type of blush has a lightweight texture which is ideal for normal to oily skins.

  • Powder

    This is the most common type of blush. It also has a lighter and more subtle color. A lot of powder type blushes have a matte finish but you can still choose some that have a bit of shimmer.

  • Stain

    Stain blushes are heavier and often times also work for the lips. They may not be suitable during daytime or if you’re going for a very light makeup or look.

  • Blush Color

    When choosing the color of your blush, make sure to check it with your skin tone and also know when you are going to use it. Lighter and more natural looking colors are great for daytime use. Brighter hues or those with darker shades are great for night activities and parties.

Always pair your blush with the proper makeup palette on the overall look you are creating. Do not mix heavy hues with nude makeup as it will look very awkward.