Best Board Game


Thinking of your next game night with friends but still haven’t found the best board game? We’ve listed some of the best options out there for you to choose from.

It’s important to relax after a week of working or studying and fun activities like board games help a lot. According to psychotherapy, there are various benefits in playing board games. Strengthening bonds with family and friends and taking time away from your smartphones and tablets are just some of them. Board game is a wide domain and there are different products to choose from depending on your interests and level in playing.

Stakes, degree of challenge, and number of players all must be taken into consideration.

Our Pick: Hasbro Connect 4 Game

Number one on our list is the Hasbro Connect 4 Game. This is a classic disc-dropping type of game made for two players that involves loads of fun. It’s a simple game but can get complicated if you don’t know the strategy. Basically, when you connect four discs of the same color in a row, you win.

Don’t be fooled by its colorful appearance because this is not just for kids. This is all about strategy and there are various methods players can use to win. You can opt to attack side by side or diagonally. Then, you can also choose to build your discs in the middle or at the edge. You also need to watch your opponent’s move or you may be helping them to win the game. This is a relatively easy game that is exciting to play.

Runner Up: Catan 5th Edition

Settlers of Catan 5th Edition is next on our list of choices. This is a game for 3 to 4 players, with an average playing time of 60 minutes. But depending on your group, this could get shorter or longer. This is the ultimate strategy game because you get to build your empire, taking a lot into consideration. First, you need to have plenty of resources to win. How you use those resources to purchase items to collect points will determine your chances of winning.

This involves trading with other players and cutting off your opponents’ plan to win. Beware because there is a major antagonist for all players in the game. This game is tons of fun to play and winning it gives you an elevated level of satisfaction. Some players have found it very addictive.

Also Great

Another ultra fun game for all ages is the HedBanz Game. This is an award winning guessing game that involves animated picture cards placed on the player’s head. Players ask the question “What am I?” and then they answer yes or no questions to figure out the cartoon on their head. The game includes a rule sheet, a deck of 74 cards, 24 chips, 6 headbands, and a sand-clock timer.

There are different categories for the guessing game. Some are food, animals, and common objects. You get to race against a one minute sand clock timer for each round. This game uses a lot of high energy and wit. People also found that it can get really funny. It can be played by two to six players.If you’re a fan of mystery solving, the Sorry! 2013 Edition Game is perfect for you. This game involves pawns of different colors which you can bump and hide, strategizing on how other colors cannot enter on your zone. You can use power up tokens to gain special powers. The board game includes instructions, a game board, 12 pawns, 44 cards, and 2 power up tokens.

Be careful because this can also get frustrating if you don’t plan your moves well. It is recommended for children ages 8 and above. But of course, adults can have loads of fun with it, too!The Sequence Game is also a great alternative. It is fun for kids but can be challenging for adults. You get to play a card on your hand and place a chip on the board. Then when you have five in a row, you’ve made a sequence and you win. You need to have a little luck and devise a strategy to win in this game. It includes a folding game board, two decks of sequence cards, chips, and instructions.

Budget Pick

The Trouble Game is a far less expensive board game that is simple and fun to play. It is good for 2 to 4 players and recommended for ages 5 and up. In this game, you need to set up your pegs and hit the Pop-O-Matic die roller. Then you move your peg forward, depending on what you roll. You need to watch other players’ moves and race to the Finish. When you’ve moved all four pegs into the finish space, you win.

How to Choose the Best Board Game

There are a few factors that will determine whether or not you and your group of friends will enjoy a board game.

  • Number of Players

    How many players do you expect to play with? There are games that are absolutely more fun to play with more players and some are just better played with about two to three. Strategy games such as Catan are generally more fun to play with a bigger group, but the level of difficulty increases, too.

  • Age

    You need to consider the age and maturity of who you’re playing with. Though some games are great both for younger kids and adults alike.

  • Risks and Stakes

    It all depends on your personality and taste. Some people like games that involve high stakes to win. This doesn’t necessarily mean gambling with real money. But some find it more exciting when the stakes are high to win a game. Meaning, you will lose the game or fall far behind when you’ve made a simple wrong move.

  • Story

    If you’re the type who likes stories, some games are made so that there is a different story ever time it is played. That means no two games will ever be the same.

So gather up your friends and be prepared to use all your wits with these amazingly fun board games.