The Best Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer to Achieve That Salon Look at Home


Tried to recreate that hairstyle in the magazine and fail miserably? Or did you just accept the fact that you’re just not blessed by the hairstyling fairy?

Not anymore!

You can now create any hairstyle with a bonnet hood hair dryer. It dries your hair quicker and makes it look like it’s done by a professional when it’s actually not.

Traditional hair dryers are now a thing of the past. If you’re new to this trend, here is our list of the best bonnet hood hair dryers.

Our Pick: Laila Ali Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

You don’t have to look further for the best bonnet hood hair dryer.

The main reason we love the Laila Ali Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer is because of its soft bonnet. This is important so you can easily fit as many rollers as you want.

Our hair dries quicker, thanks to its ion-infused airflow. The attachment also allows even heat distribution so you’re assured your curls turn out the same from front to back.

This also means you won’t get tired arms anymore!

People with dull and dry hair will really love this product. Its conditioning ions stop breakage by retaining moisture to give you healthier-looking and shinier hair.

The actual machine comes in purple while the bonnet is white. We personally love the design since it is simple and even men won’t be ashamed of using this product.

Runner Up: Glow by Daye Bonnet Hood Attachment

The Glow by Daye Bonnet Hood Attachment is a type of soft bonnet hood. This means you can now make any type of hairstyle without any worries.

This is different from the first one since it’s only an attachment. But, it has a large hose width so any hair dryer you may have will fit this product.

Note: the hairdryer isn’t included.

It comes with a drawstring so it can easily be adjusted. It even comes with chin straps to make it more secure and to prevent the attachment from flying off your head.

It is waterproof so it can last for a long time. We also love that it comes with its own bag to store it when not in use.

This particular item comes in purple. But if purple isn’t your type, it comes in three other colors to suit your preference.

Also Great: Conair Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer

If hard bonnet hood hair dryers are your thing, then the Conair Pro Style Bonnet Hair Dryer is for you. It has an extra-large hood so it can hold any type of hairstyle.

The 1,875 wattage of this bonnet hair dryer makes your hair dry quicker. It has 2-speed settings and is adjustable so the styling process is comfortable and stress-free.

But unlike other hard bonnet hood hair dryers, this one’s isn’t bulky.

It can be folded and even has a handle on top so you can easily bring it with you. Plus, there is an allotted space at the base to place the 6-foot cord when not in use.

Budget Pick: Mifine Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment

Like the second product, the Mifine Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer Attachment is designed with your convenience in mind. This attachment has a huge opening to fit any type of hair dryer.

You also have to own a hairdryer when using this product.

This soft bonnet comes with a large hood to fit any head size. You can even fit as many hair accessories as you want because of its large room.

Its opening is lined with silicone so your hair dryer won’t easily slip off. It also comes with a chin strap and drawstrings on the side so it stays in place during your treatment.

The attachment is also waterproof and comes with its own pouch for easy storage.

How to Choose the Best Bonnet Hood Hair Dryer

Bonnet hood hair dryers allow you to style hair with less damage. And since hair is protected from external factors, you’re assured of even heat distribution with every use.

However, choosing the right one can be tricky with a lot of options available.

Well, we’ve already tried several brands so you don’t have to. Here are what we think are points to consider when selecting the best bonnet hood hair dryer:

  • Heat Settings

    The level of heat varies for different hair types and hairstyles. So, it’s important that it gives you the freedom to choose the level of heat you prefer.

    But, remember not to increase the settings that often just because you can. We also suggest using a heat protectant when doing your hair just to be on the safe side.

  • Size

    Make sure to consider the size of the hood. This is crucial so you can fit even the largest rollers inside without any problem.

  • Height Adjustment

    This one’s for hard bonnet hood hair dryers. It should be adjustable so you can sit comfortably while getting your hair done.

    Let’s say it isn’t adjustable and your treatment ends in an hour—you’ll end up with a sore neck!

  • Portability

    Soft bonnet hood hair dryers are great since you can easily pack and take them with you. But, it is a different story for hard bonnet hood hair dryers.

    Make sure that they have wheels so you can easily take them from one room to another. You should be able to lock at least two of its wheels, too, for added safety and stability.

  • Storage

    Again, soft bonnet hood hair dryers win because they are lightweight and can be stored without the fuss.

    For hard bonnet hood hair dryers, pick those that can be folded or dismantled for easy storage. This can be a hassle though, so they’re really not recommended unless you have a huge space.


The Laila Ali Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer is our choice as the best bonnet hood hair dryer. It offers the most visible results, is most suitable for travel, and can fit even the biggest rollers with ease.

If you still want to go the old ways and use a hair dryer, there are different types you can choose from. We have a review of the best hair dryers for thick hair and the quietest dryers in the market you might want to check out.