Best Breast Pumps Under $100


Now a day’s mothers have so many options on breast pumps. Different types of breast pumps are available in the market which are causing confusion also especially for the first mother. But here in this article we have tried to solve your confusion by giving you review of different breast pumps which are available in markets with respect to your budget, your requirements so that you can choose best pump for your baby.

Best Breast Pumps Under $100 Comparison Table 2017

nameratingpriceWeight (pounds)FeaturesAccessories
Single DeluxeTM Breastpump by Medela3.3$$$1 pound·It is light in weight
·Easily packable
·Single pump
·Breast shield
Philips AVENT BPA Free Breast Pump4$$11.2 pounds·Made of Silicone
·Made in USA
·Massage cushion
·Bottle stand
·Funnel cover
Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump4$6.6 pounds·Breastshield
·Extra membranes
·Storage bottles
·Hygiene kit
·Two breastshields
·Two membranes
The First Years miPump Breast Pump3.3$$$2.2 pounds·Comfortable and relaxing
· Easy to use
·One hand pumping
·Work efficiently and quickly
· Membranes
·AC adaptor
·Bottles and nipples
·Storage bags

Philips AVENT On the Go Breast Pump4$$$2 pounds·Made of Silicone
·Massage cushion
·Bottle stand
·Funnel cover
·Storage bags

Things to Consider

Some breast pumps available in the market are quite expensive. Mothers should do a bit of research before buying the breast pump that is most suitable to them. You can get the review from your friends, your relatives and from the magazines also but it will not make your completely sure that the breast pump you are going to buy will meet your requirements or not.

We have given you the review of some breast pumps and try to solve your problem.

  • Easy to Use

    The first and most important thing to consider is that breast pump should be easy to use. Those mothers who breastfeed their baby and they are working woman, they know how important the breast pump is to them.Breast pump should be such that if mother is not at home it gives the chance to father to feed the baby easily.

    Its suction power should be able to control easily. Breast pump that mimics a baby sucking style has adjustable suction control. Just like Single DeluxeTM Breastpump by Medela that has a kit with it, having instruments to transfer mother’s milk into the baby bottle.

  • Comfortable

    Another most important thing to consider is that breast pump should be comfortable to both mother and baby. If a mother remains in tension constantly she will affect her flow and as a result supply of milk reduces. So it’s important that the breast pump should be comfortable.If it makes mother relax, supply will also be good.

    For this purpose massage cushion is one the important accessory plus the vacuum which increases the milk flow. It should work fast and collects the milk into the bottle. It should give mother complete control over the speed of pumping. It should give mothers a natural feeling. Just like Philips AVENT BPA Free Breast Pump that is fully comfortable.

  • Quick

    Breast pumps should always work quickly. The controllable pumping will make it easy for mother to control the supply of milk to the bottle. It should give mother a feeling of natural suckling of her baby; in this way milk flow will increases.

    Mother should have complete control over pumping so that she can easily do with her job as quickly as possible. The system of vacuum copy the baby’s suckling style that increases the flow of milk. Just like Philips AVENT BPA Free Breast Pump that gives natural feeling.

  • Portable

    Breast pump should be portable. So the mothers which are always on the move place it easily in their bags. Light weight breast pumps are easy to carry. They should have a bottles and nipple so that baby can enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding. It must be suitable for mother who travels most of the time. It should get assembled easily and quickly for the mothers who work in offices. It should have stood by batteries in case of no electricity.

  • Hygiene

    The breast pump should be hygiene. Like the manual pumps that prevents the loss of valuable nutrients while transferring the breast milk. It should have container to store the milk and a soft nipple that fulfills your entire requirement.

  • Use for Longer Period of Time

    Last important thing to consider is that breast pump should be able to used for a long period of time. It should not be complicated to use. It should not make noises. It should work fast. It should work efficiently.

    Moreover it should be comfortable. The shield of the breast pump is soft and fits properly to the breast makes it more comfortable. Breast pump should allow the mother to do other tasks while pumping. It should be simple and easy to assemble. It should have plug in function and also able to work on batteries.


It’s important to buy the best suitable breast pump to the mother. The breast pump that is comfortable for both mother and her baby. And it should not be harmful to baby’s health. Breast pumps which are not good in quality are very painful while using and also cause inflammation of breast which will make breastfeeding even painful. And if the suction power of a pump is not of good quality you will have to pump for a long time and unable to satisfy your baby.

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