Best Breast Pumps For Travel


Working mother often have to go away while breastfeeding their baby. They have to pump while traveling which is not very comfortable and is not convenient sometimes. But for many mothers it is not so and they continue with breastfeeding until they done their job. In this article we will give you a review about different breast pumps making it easy for you to choose the most suitable one for traveling.

Best Breast Pumps For Travel Comparison Table 2017

Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump4.4$11.2 ounces·Controllable suction
·Have soft Cushion
·Efficient handle for pumping
·Two Flanges
·Two Bottles
·Storage Bag
·Bottle Stand
Medela Swing Breastpump4$$$2.2 pounds·Made up of Plastic
·Material of imported quality
·Moveable Breastpump
·Control device
·Shoulder strap
·Storage bag
·AC adapter
·User guide
Philips AVENT Isis Manual Breast Pump4$$12.8 ounces·Work efficiently
·Massage Cushions
·Works quickly
·Soft and natural feeling
·Adjustable handle
·Two bottles
·Spare parts
·Sealing disc
Hygeia EnHande Breast Pump4.5$5.6 ounces·BPA free
·Comfortable handle
·Controllable suction
·Hygiene kit
·Easy to assemble
·Breast shields
.Spare parts
.Support belts
·Rechargeable battery
·Tote bag
Medela Freestyle Breast Pump3.7$$$$1 pound·Made of Plastic
·Suitable for working mothers
·Light in weight
·Two phase expressions
·AC adaptor
·User guide
·Hands free accessories

Things to Consider

There certain things which mothers need to consider before buying a breast pump for traveling purposes.

  • Efficient and Comfortable

    The first most important thing to consider while buying a breast pump is that it should be comfortable and work efficiently. Noisy motors and batteries cause disturbances so batteries should not be noisy. Massage cushions are very important, they copy the baby suckling style as a result stimulate the expression of milk and also makes the mother relax. It should work quickly and softly without causing any kind of pain.

    The massager machine are also necessary which gives massage to the area behind a nipple which copy the baby suckling style. The suction power should be controllable according to your own suitable level. Like Philips AVENT Isis Manual Breast Pump which has one-handed suction control.It should be user friendly. Battery should be rechargeable. And battery timing should also be long enough so that you can easily do breast feeding. It will also make breast feeding possible at public places.

    If a mother feed her baby late at night, then digital display is very important feature. It lights up in the night. Storage memory is also a very helpful feature it help mother to save her most suitable pumping style for future use. Moreover the regulators of breast pump must be simple to use. Just like Hygeia EnHande Breast Pump which is quite uncomplicated.

  • Portable

    Another most important feature to consider before buying breast pump is that it should be portable. The manual pumps should be comfortable and efficient to use. The manual pump don’t need batteries so they should work efficiently with batteries and plug ins. Massage cushion should be there to stimulate the expression of milk. Like Philips AVENT Isis Manual Breast Pump that works manually without the batteries.

    Breast pump that are easy to use and suitable for traveling are always preferred by working mothers. It should be solid and light in weight. Suction speed should be controllable that copy baby’s suckling style. It should get assemble easily. Like Hygeia EnHande Breast Pump that is easy to clean

  • Pump While Being Mobile

    Breast pump should be such that it allows you to do other work while pumping. It should have hands-free system that allows working mothers to do multitasking. It should be user friendly. The device and its functions should not be complicated. It should be light in weight so that it can be taken anywhere, for example, to work or to trips. It should be easy to place in your purse when you are on the move. Just like Hygeia EnHande Breast Pump that contain bag also.

  • Baby Feels Same as Breastfeeding

    The last thing to keep in mind before buying a breast pump is that it should have two phase expression. It copy’s the baby’s suckling style. It should work in a similar way as your baby suck, initially it suck rapidly to stimulate the flow of milk but later on it suck deeper and slower. The pumping should be quick, efficient and painless. Just like Hygeia EnHande Breast Pump that works efficiently.


A breast pump is like an investment. A breast pump of good quality works efficiently and makes life easier. It makes breast feeding painless. It allows mother to feed their baby for a longer period. Working mother can take them anywhere while traveling they can put them in their purse. The best breast pump is that which is of good quality, provides comfort to both, durable, convenient, efficient, portable and available at reasonable price to fit your pocket.

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