Best Breast Pumps for Working Moms


Breast milk is very important for growth of your baby. It has nutrients that are essential to keep your baby healthy. Breast milk makes your baby strong by strengthening your baby’s bones. It makes the bond of baby and mother strong.

Many mothers don’t have a time to breastfeed their baby, although they want to. They are so busy they have to go to a job and even if they are housewives they have to work at home or go outside for shopping. For all those working mothers, the best solution is a breast pump that can store their milk for future when they are away from their baby.

Best Breast Pumps For Working Moms Comparison Table 2017

nameratingpriceWeight (pounds)FeaturesAccessories
Philips Avent Single Breast Pump4$$1.3 pounds·Comfortable
·Cushion massagers
·Increase production
Philips AVENT BPA Free Breast Pump3.4$$1.9 pounds·Effective
·Storage container
·Massage cushion
·User guide
·BPA free
·Spare parts
Medela Pump In Style Breast Pump4.5$$7.1 pounds·Batteries & plug in option
·Two phase expression
·Protect breast
·AC adapters· Battery
·Tote bag
·User guide
Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump4.5$$$1 pound·Flexible
·Breast Pump
·AC Power Adapter
Spectra M1 Portable Single/Double Breast4.4$$1.5 pounds·Rechargeable Battery
·Massage cushions
·Easy to use
·Simple design
·AC adaptors
· Bottles

Things to Consider

For working mothers breast pumps are available in the market with special features. There are some things which should be considered before buying breast pump.

  • Sit Comfortably While You Pump

    Now a days breast pumps work effectively only when you lean forward. Best breast pumps are those that allow you to sit comfortably in any posture you like. The milk flows into bottle while you feel relax. When a mother feel relax production of milk increases and its nutritional value increases also. Just like Philips Avent Single Breast Pump.

    Breast pump should be capable of pumping from both sides single and double sided. Filter is an important feature of a breast pump it protects the milk contagions. Machinery of a motor should be protected from moisture. Adjustable suction speed makes your life easy; you can set the strength and speed of suction according to your requirement.

    It should copy your baby’s suckling style. It stimulates the expression of milk and makes the process easy and quick. When the pump suck in the same way as your baby suck your milk it works naturally. In start suckling is fast which stimulate your body to start the expulsion of milk. Once the milk starts flowing breast pump should have an expression mode with extract the milk from your breast effectively.

    Massage tools are very important, it makes you feel relax and makes the comedown easy. Filter is also a significant part of a pump it prevents the flow of milk towards the motor of a pump. Just like Spectra M1 Portable Single/Double Breast

  • Easy Assembly and Three Operating Modes

    The other thing to consider is that pump should be easy to use. It assemblage should be easy and able to be adjust according to the suitability. A good breast pump should not have complicated design. It should be light in weight. Its parts should be able to gather easily. Setting should be adjustable that allows you to select the pumping pattern that suits you. Just like Philips Avent Single Breast Pump

  • Massage Cushion Stimulates Milk Flow

    Cushion massagers is one of the most important feature that should be present in breast pumps. It stimulates the flow of milk and also increases the milk production. Cushion works in a same way as your baby suck your milk. As a result, flow of a milk increases. Cushion should be available in different sizes. Just like Philips Avent Single Breast Pump

  • Compact, Portable Design

    The breast pump should be solid and easily portable. It’s a very important thing to consider before buying breast pump. Breast pumps that don’t occupy much space are easy to place anywhere you like. It should not have so many tubes and wires that are difficult to place while traveling. Just like Philips Avent Single Breast Pump that is light in weight and solid in nature.

    Breast pumps should always offer mothers variety of choices. It should be flexible that allows you to take the pump along with you while going somewhere. Portability is very important feature of a breast pump. Breast pump should make you feel easy while traveling. It should give natural feeling to mother that has positive impact on milk as well. Just like Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

  • Electric Memory Learns from You

    Here comes the most innovative feature that a breast pump should have. Breast pump should give mother different options to adjust the speed of suction the vacuum according to her desire. Breast pump should have various combinations of modification.

    Best breast pumps have an electric memory that saves the setting that you use frequently so that you don’t have to adjust it again and again. Just like Philips AVENT BPA Free Breast Pump that gives your different combinations for adjustment.

  • Easy Smart Usage

    Breast pumps with innovative feature that are easy to use and simple designs are considered as good breast pumps. Breast pump should give you one touch adjustment options that makes your life easy. One touch button are easy to reach and they do not break off your milk flow. Just like Philips AVENT BPA Free Breast Pump which is comfortable to use.

  • Pump, Store, and Feed with the Same Container

    Breast pumps with storage options are also considered good one. They allow you to pump and store in a container. And later on you will feed your baby from the same container. It saves the nutrients of your breast milk giving maximum benefits to your baby. Just like Philips AVENT BPA Free Breast Pump along with nipples that are extra soft.

  • Continue Breastfeeding, Even on the Go

    Mothers which are on the move most of the time use breast pumps frequently. So breast pumps should be easy to use while you are traveling. For that purpose breast pumps should have battery that allows you to continue pumping. It should have nipple. Just like Philips AVENT BPA Free Breast Pump that are convenient while traveling.


Breastfeeding is not very pleasant experience for many mothers. It is challenging for a lot of mothers. It is painful for some, but still mother’s breast feed their babies using breast pumps. Different types of breast pumps are available these days according to variable needs of mothers. Some mother spends most of the time with their baby while other has to go to their work so they need breast pumps very often.

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