The 6 Best Burp Cloths for Babies You Need to Buy


You have to think long and hard about every product you buy for your baby – even if it’s just a burp cloth.

Burp cloths are simple fabrics designed to absorb spit ups, but you should not take them lightly. Your baby might end up with a horrible rash if you decide to go with a low-quality cloth.

Now that you’re determined to buy only the best burp cloths for babies, allow us to give you a glimpse of our highly recommended products.

Our Pick: Gerber Baby 4 Pack Flannel Burp Cloths

Nothing beats pure cotton. Gerber Baby 4 Pack Flannel Burp Cloths are made of 100% cotton, making them extremely absorbent and soft at the same time. Cotton is also very durable, resulting in cloths that can survive frequent washing.

Design-wise, each burp cloth doesn’t have any extra feature such as closures. It is just a plain fabric material that will simply wipe off small amounts of liquid. In short, it simply serves its main purpose.

This product is a joy to have. It comes with four adorable burp cloths in coordinating patterns. The edges of each cloth have a smooth finish to appear brand-new for a long time.

Runner Up: Burt’s Bees Baby 5 Pack of Burp Cloths

Made of genuine organic cotton, Burt’s Bees Baby 5 Pack of Burp Cloths are very soft and absorbent as well. Their gentle fabric will surely caress your baby’s delicate skin.

Focusing on the design, the fabric is ribbed with three panels for heavy use. Its tri-fold structure will perfectly cover your shoulders. It can also help you fold, stack, and store your burp cloths easily.

Feel free to use these burp cloths anytime, anywhere. They have a classic style that will complement any outfit.

Also Great: Hudson Baby Layered Burp Cloths

Another product made of pure cotton, Hudson Baby Layered Burp Cloths also have a minimalist design. They don’t have unnecessary features such as buttons and clips for closure. Since they’re just plain cloths, you can toss them in the washer.

These burp cloths are bigger than the standard size. They guarantee that your clothes will stay dry even when you burp your baby. As a plus, they have pre-folded panels for added protection and convenience.

This set uses patterns that look fun and modern. You can make a statement with these burp cloths.

Also Great: Green Sprouts Muslin Burp Cloths

To ensure that your clothes will stay protected from your baby’s drools and sniffles, Green Sprouts Muslin Burp Cloths have four layers that are extremely absorbent. They’re made of pure organic cotton muslin.

Aside from the generous size of these burp cloths, they will only get softer with frequent washing. They perfectly represent convenience.

Also Great: Spasilk Newborn 3 Pack Burp Cloths

Other than the fact that Spasilk Newborn 3 Pack Burp Cloths are washer-friendly and made of genuine cotton, they also have two layers. This feature enhances the cloth’s level of absorbency.

The double layer feature also makes the cloth more versatile for different uses. It can be an excellent fabric for wiping baby bottles and other essentials.

Budget Pick: Luvable Friends Layered Burp Cloths

Just because Luvable Friends Layered Burp Cloths are very affordable doesn’t mean that their material is of low quality. They’re still made of genuine cotton.

These burp cloths are beautifully wrapped so you can instantly give them as a baby shower gift. They come with an attractive ribbon to boost their appeal.

How to Select the Best Burp Cloths for Babies

Curious about our standards for choosing the best burp cloths for babies? Stay with us as we present the factors we considered during the selection process.

  • Size

    Infants literally grow fast. In just a few months, a fragile newborn can turn into a hyper baby. That’s why you should buy big burp cloths in the first place.

    Width is not the only crucial factor here; length should be considered as well. A good burp cloth should be long enough to easily catch a runny spit up. If not, the liquid will quickly move along the short fabric until it drops on your clothes.

    Overall, it’s safe to say that bigger and longer burp cloths will always be better than smaller ones. They can even lessen your laundry load since you can just use a couple of pieces every day. All you have to do is fold the cloth until all sides are dirty.

  • Material

    This factor has a lot to do with absorbency and softness. Out of all the fabrics we considered, we believe cotton is the best choice. As long as the material is made of 100% cotton, it can perfectly absorb spit up.

    However, you still have to ensure that the cloth’s cotton material is hypoallergenic or safe enough for your baby. Always check if the cotton component is organic.

    Meanwhile, consider using ribbed cotton fabric because the added texture will just improve the cloth’s absorbency level. As long as the fabric is soft, a little texture won’t harm your baby’s skin.

    Don’t ever choose burp cloths with waterproof surfaces because they’ll just repel your baby’s spit up. The result otherwise is messy drops of drool or milk on your clothes.

  • Durability

    In the early years of your baby, burp cloths are your best friends. They will always be there for you to protect your shoulders from spit ups. However, this also means that you have to wash them regularly.

    To save time from hand-washing, just choose burp cloths that can withstand washers. Thicker ones are machine wash-friendly. Some of them can even get softer after every wash.

  • Value for Money

    Since you’ll be using burp cloths every day, you need to buy a lot of pieces for convenience’s sake. Fortunately, there are so many choices in stores wherein you can buy affordable sets of cloths. Even better, each set usually comes in attractive colors and patterns.


We selected Gerber Baby 4 Pack Flannel as the top product out of the six best burp cloths for babies. This product perfectly represents everything we’re looking for in a good burp cloth – size, material, durability, and value for money.

In case you’d forget to bring a burp cloth outdoors, feel free to use swaddle wrapsnursing covers and baby blankets to wipe off your child’s spit up.