Best Camping Chair


Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities done by a group of people, usually composed of family members or friends. However, it is also a good opportunity for couples and single people to have some adventure without risking their lives. It can even be considered as a vacation since some of us find it relaxing to go back to basics, specifically living inside a makeshift shelter surrounded by gigantic trees or camping outside and watching the night sky.

Many campers tend to solely prioritize essentials such as backpacking tents, food, water, and clothes. They probably take camping chairs for granted since they can just sit on a huge rock, a tree stump, or right on the ground covered by a picnic blanket or mat. But, camping chairs are actually useful to prevent back pain when sitting for long hours. Besides, who does not want to get comfortable while admiring nature? The point of camping is to avoid stress, and a way to guarantee that is by having a nice outdoor chair.

After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best camping chair in today’s market.

Our Pick: Kijaro Dual Lock Chair

Kijaro Dual Lock Chair does not sag when you sit on it. Saggy chairs are uncomfortable since they promote improper posture. They are also risky to use because they are prone to tears and holes. This camping chair has two cup holders and even an organizer to ensure that you have everything you need while lounging. Its pockets are made of mesh for better storage and portability. They also have zippers to keep your belongings secure. Another feature composed of a mesh is the chair’s back. You will stay cool while sitting. More importantly, this product has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. Anyone can definitely use it.

Runner Up: TravelChair Slacker Folding Tripod Camp Stool

TravelChair Slacker Folding Tripod Camp Stool is composed of a 600D ripstop poly material for ultimate durability. When folded, it is only as small as a roll of newspaper. For storage, it has a Velcro strap to secure everything in just one roll. It is so lightweight, only 2.2 lbs., that you can survive rough terrain while carrying it.

Also Great: ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair has a frame made of powder-coated steel for stability. It also has armrests that are adjustable to make you 100% comfortable. It even has its own shoulder bag so you can carry it around effortlessly. This camping chair takes it up a notch with its 800 lbs. weight capacity.

Also Great: Stylish Camping Full Back Folding Director’s Chair

Stylish Camping Full Back Folding Director’s Chair goes the extra mile by having a retractable side table. Other products are only limited to cup holders. You would be proud using this camping chair for picnics, barbecue parties, and sports events because of its sophisticated look.

Also Great: Moon Lence Ultralight Portable Folding Camping Chair

Moon Lence Ultralight Portable Folding Camping Chair is a breeze to set up. It is also super-easy to fold for storage. When it comes to cleaning it, you can just sweep the dirt off or wipe it with soapy water. This camping chair is a must-have not only for campers but also for adventurers, concertgoers, hikers, tailgaters, and backpackers. You can even buy this as a gift for your loved ones who always lounge outdoors.

Other must-haves for hikers are good hiking shoes. Meanwhile, backpackers need the right kind of pillow, sleeping bags and sleeping pad to survive the outdoors during the night. For both hikers and backpackers, learn how to pack a hiking backpack effectively.

Budget Pick: Coleman Oversized Quad Chair

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair is so affordable, and you might not be able to resist its awesome features. It has a built-in cooler near the armrest that can store up to four cans of beer or soda. Its pockets are so huge that magazines can fit inside them. This camping chair, once folded, is compact so you can easily store it in your car’s trunk.

How to Select the Best Camping Chair

There are a lot of camping chairs to choose from nowadays. Fortunately, there are a few things you can consider to make your search for the best camping chair less challenging.

  • Type

    There are two main types of camping chairs: traditional and portable. Traditional camping chairs are considered more stable, comfortable, versatile, and convenient. They are usually similar to a regular full-sized chair, which makes them excellent in providing back support.

    On the other hand, portable camping chairs are more lightweight and smaller than traditional ones. Because of their size, the seat height is nearer to the ground, making this type of chair uncomfortable for people whenever they try to get in and out of it. However, portable chairs are ideal ones for light packing since they require less space in your backpack or car. You just have to sacrifice total stability and comfort.

  • Size

    Size does matter especially if you are looking for a good camping chair that will give you the support and comfort you need. If you are a large camper, consider getting a chair labeled as “quad” for a wider seat and stronger frame. Know your actual weight before checking the limit or capacity of a product. If you fail to do so, the chair might collapse to the ground.

  • Portability

    A good camping chair should be foldable for easy transport and storage. This is the standard for portable chairs. Most portable chairs are very compact when folded so one can fit inside a backpack, resulting to a hassle-free task of carrying the chair from one place to another. Regarding traditional camping chairs, it is best to take a vehicle with you to camp since this type is too heavy for your back. Your extra effort is worth it though; a traditional camping chair is a heaven for your neck, arms, back, and bottom.

  • Additional Features

    Some camping chairs have bonus features that can boost comfort and durability. For durability, settle for outdoor chairs that dry quickly and are easy to clean. The key here is weatherproof materials which are also applicable to outdoor gears and accessories.

    When inspecting a camping chair, try to examine if its fabric has reinforcement stitching because this sewing technique strengthens the material to prevent rips.

    Some chairs also feature drink holders and mesh bags that can hold car keys and other small belongings. For extra convenience, look for camping chairs with added padding so you can relax more and fully enjoy the scenic view of your camp.


The best camping chair for others will never work for you if it does not suit your specific needs. That’s why keep in mind the aforementioned factors to consider. Also, imagine what you want to feel and experience while camping so you will have a more concrete basis for your purchase.

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