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Why Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister vacuums are one of the most conventional types of vacuum cleaners and they have been here for a long time. When choosing between an upright vacuum cleaner and a canister, there are many advantages that a canister vacuum could offer especially when it comes to power and performance. But how do you choose the best canister vacuum cleaner for your home?

You may have come across our general guide in choosing a vacuum cleaner and have decided to go with a canister type because of its advantages in terms of efficiency. If not, I highly recommend that you do a quick read of the Best Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide so you can have a better idea of the differences of each type of vacuum cleaners and what they’re best for.

How to Choose the Best Canister Vacuum Cleaner

At any rate, canister vacuums are really great for heavy duty use. You can count on them for general cleaning. They are also very efficient in cleaning stairs. To help you choose the best canister vacuum cleaner for your home, here are some important things you need to remember about this model.

  • Hard Floor Attachment

    Unlike upright vacuum cleaners, most canister vacuums cannot automatically transition from carpet to bare floors. If it has this feature, that’s great. But if not, make sure that it has a hard floor attachment that you can use on hardwood floors. Also check how easily it connects to the extension wand and how much time it’s going to take to switch them.

  • Hose Length

    One of the advantages of canister vacuum cleaners is that they have longer hose. So if you’re going to choose a canister type, you might as well maximize this feature. Make sure that the hose is long enough. The longer the hose, the more room you have to move around and it will also help you tackle hard to reach areas and furniture.

  • Extension Wand

    The extension wand will help you clean narrow areas, ceilings, and reach under furniture. Check how long you can extend the wand. This is also the important tool in cleaning stairs.

  • Maneuverability

    Canister vacuums are typically smaller than uprights. The great thing about this is you can just easily pull them around using the hose. But unlike upright models and sticks, where you have more control on the handling, you might have a hard time pulling your canister in smaller spaces. Check if the machine is maneuverable. Since you won’t be pushing it through a handle, see how easy for it to turn in corners. Otherwise, you might find yourself lifting it all throughout.

  • Cord length

    Make sure also that the cord is long enough so you can cover more floor areas. If your canister vacuum comes with a short cord, you will have to keep lifting the machine and unplugging it and transferring it to another outlet. If the cord is sufficient, you can move more freely and clean more areas in one go.

  • Weight

    One of the inevitable about canister vacuums is that you would have to lift it from time to time. That is how it is designed so you can work more efficiently from room to room. So make sure that it is not very heavy. An ideal weight for a canister vacuum cleaner is around 8 pounds.

  • Filter Bags/Canister

    Depending on the brand and model, canister vacuum cleaners are either bagless or they still require using filter bags. Both are okay. It really depends on your preference. It becomes bagless when it uses cyclonic system where dust is separated from liquid and air in a very fast spinning action to be brought to a clear detachable dust canister. You can easily detach the canister and empty the contents straight to the trash bin with one push of a button.

    This is of course, more convenient and practical in the long run.Filter bags are great for keeping dust particles from escaping and going back to the air you breathe. If you or someone in your household has asthma or other allergies, this might be a better choice. But it shouldn’t stop you from using a bagless model. If you want a bagless vacuum and you are concerned about allergens, that problem can be solved by a foam filter which we will also discuss.

  • Foam Filter

    Very important in cyclonic machines. The filter traps particles as you clean so that they don’t come back to the air. Most machines today feature HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter which also traps allergens. This filter should be washable.

  • Other attachments

    Important attachments that you can use are the crevice tool – important in cleaning stairs, especially on the edges. This is also great for wall edges; basically, areas that are hard to reach. A mini motorized brush roll would be perfect for cleaning very small areas and sometimes even pick up pet hair if it doesn’t come with a pet attachment.

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