Best Capo


Playing guitar is a lot of fun but sometimes, you need a good capo to be able to transition to higher chords easily. We’ve made a list of the best capos that you can buy online. These have different styles and designs and are suitable for different types of guitars.

Capos can be used by both beginners and experienced musicians. But if you’re new to playing guitar, you may find this guide on guitar chords useful. Some musicians rely on tablets for looking at music sheets. You might find this review on iCraze for iPad helpful if you plan to use a stand for your tablet.

Using a capo can be very helpful when transposing songs. There are also a variety of techniques that guitarists use. This helps musicians adjust to the singer’s range when they’re playing. The type of capo you use would also depend on the type of guitar strings you’re using and the kind of songs you play.

Our Pick: xGuitarx Guitar Capo Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Our top choice is the xGuitarx Guitar Capo Acoustic and Electric Guitars. The inside is made of high-quality silicone pad so that it doesn’t scratch your guitar. This will protect your instrument against damages. It performs great and stays in tune in all frets with great intonation. It’s easy to move so you can easily change between frets. The steel spring with internal memory places just enough pressure on your instrument.

This one is suitable for electric and acoustic guitars, ukuleles, banjos, folk guitars, and Mandolins. You can easily adjust this with one hand.

Runner Up: Jim Dunlop Acoustic Trigger Capo

Next on our list of choices is the Jim Dunlop Acoustic Trigger Capo. It features a strong spring action which allows you to clamp the capo firmly into place. It has an ergonomic shape so it’s easy and comfortable to switch between frets. The padded handle makes positioning easy. This one is made of aircraft quality aluminum so it’s lightweight and very durable.

This capo is suitable for 6 and 12 string guitars. It has a nice simple design and there are a variety of styles and colors that you can choose from.

Also Great

The Top Stage Acoustic/ Electric Guitar Capo Clamp is also a great choice. This allows you to quickly change from one fret to another with one hand, so this is perfect if you will be playing fast songs. It’s something that can be recommended for musicians who are performing at a show. This is strong but lightweight so it’s easy to carry around. You can even put it inside your guitar case.

You can easily reposition it without disturbing the tuning. One disadvantage is that the pad is not very long so this is not suitable for guitars that have a large neck.

Another good alternative is the Kyser KG6B 6 String Capo. This is perfect for both beginners and seasoned professionals. It’s suitable for musicians and singer-songwriters who are performing live. You can easily switch frets with one hand without changing your fingering on the guitar. This will transpose your guitar in seconds. It is made of strong lightweight aluminum so this will last for a long time.

It looks simple and would go well with most guitar designs. There are a lot of colors in a different finish to choose from. It works on electric guitars although they have a different model specifically for that.

You should also consider the Planet Waves NS Guitar Capo Lite. This one features micrometer tension adjustment which assures that your performance will be buzz-free and in-tune every time you switch frets. You can operate the capo with one hand. It is suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars with radiused fret boards. This capo uses a durable molded ABS thermoplastic construction so it’s lightweight.

The capo is one of the more affordable models available. This is not suitable for 12 string guitars and bass guitars. It has a sleek design and comes in different elegant styles.

Budget Pick

The capo of choice for those who are on a budget is the YALLN Trigger Capo Key Clamp. It also includes a set of guitar picks so it’s a great value. This capo is suitable for acoustic and electric guitars. You can use it for quick changes in frets. It is made of aluminum alloy material so it’s quite durable. The capo holds the strings tightly without disrupting the tune.

You can quickly and easily release and reposition the capo. There are a few colors that you can choose from and the guitar picks also come in different designs.

How to Choose the Best Capo

When picking a capo, you should ideally bring your guitar around to test it out. When buying online, this is what makes reviews and guides like this super helpful.

  • Tuning

    The most important thing is that the capo does not put your guitar out of tune when switching from one fret to another. Otherwise, it is better to just transpose the guitar manually though that takes more effort. It defeats the purpose. The pad and the tightness of the clamp affect this too.

  • Pad

    The pads can be made from different types of materials, some of them are silicone. The important thing is that the pad is strong enough to hold the strings but gentle enough not to scratch your guitar.

  • Handle

    It should be easy to grip the handle and switch between frets with just one hand. You will be using your other hand to play the chords so this is super important. There are also risk factors if the handle is not designed properly. You could accidentally let go of the capo and it could go off and fall on the floor while you’re playing or worse, to your audience.

  • Width

    If you have a guitar with a larger neck, you should choose a capo that has more width, otherwise, it will not be able to cover all the strings.

The design of your capo should also complement your guitar’s style.