Best Cat Nail Clipper


Cats have growing claws and it’s important to regularly trim them with a suitable cat nail clipper. They need to maintain healthy claws because they use them for scratching, grooming, climbing, and defense which are all natural. Another thing to consider why cats should be trimmed is oftentimes they tend to get their claws stuck on their collars. You use cat nail clippers to cut the tip of your cat’s claw. There are different types of clippers or scissors out there and we’ve made a list of your best options.

Aside from clipping their nails, you also need to do other maintenance to make sure that your kitty is well groomed. You also need to bathe and brush them as well as clean their ears, among others. Here is a detailed guide on cat grooming tips. Cats also have natural scratching instincts. To help them relieve this, here is a guide on the best cat scratching post.

So how do you pick from the various nail clippers and scissors available in the market? Our list includes a great variety and functionality suitable for different types of cats.

Our Pick: Safari Professional Nail Trimmer

Best choice on our list is the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer. It’s a stainless steel trimmer that can also be used for dogs. This is great for those who have multiple pets in the household. It features a safety stop that prevents injury while trimming your pet’s nails. The trimmers are sharp and durable so you exert less effort. Its stainless steel cutting edge will last for a long time.

This nail clipper is great for small to medium sized pets. It has a rubber coating on the handles which makes it easy to grip and operate. This will also help improve the bond between you and your cat.

Runner Up: OmegaPet Professional Edition Nail Clippers

The next best product on our list is the OmegaPet Professional Edition Nail Clippers. It’s easy to use and makes clean and precise cuts. This cat nail clipper will help you cut straight with only a little pressure. The sharp stainless steel material is highly durable and will last a long time. It ensures a quick and painless trimming experience for your cat.

The handle is light, sturdy and has an ergonomic design so it’s easy to grip. It also doesn’t easily slip. This is perfect for those with small and large hands. Even beginners can easily use these clippers.

Also Great

If you want a scissor type trimmer, the Pet Republique Professional Nail Clippers with Optional Filer is a great choice. This is great for small pets or small breeds as well as kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and more. The thick stainless steel blades are strong and sharp which would last for years. It has a great quality so the parts will not become loose or fall apart overuse.

This product is best when you apply a bit of baby oil before trimming. It will make the pet’s nails more visible. It has a comfortable and safe position to reduce the risk of injury when trimming.

The Four Paws Magic Coat Cat Claw Clipper is also a good option. It features stainless steel blades for precision in trimming. This will help you to easily, safely and painlessly trim your cat’s claws. It’s great for both adult cats and kittens. This cat nail clipper has been recommended by professional groomers for its safety and dependability.

It will also work on small toy dog breeds. It’s easy to use because it clips all around the claw instead of smashing it flat.

Another uniquely designed product to consider is the Resco Original Professional Dog and Cat Nail/Claw Clippers. This is a guillotine type nail trimmer. It features a patented blade replacement technology which will allow you to replace your blade at a very affordable price. The premium chrome plating adds durability. You can easily slice through your pet’s nails with this cat nail clipper.

You would also have an option to choose a comfort grip model. It comes in different sizes suitable for different breeds and cat ages.

Budget Pick

A great affordable alternative is the JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Nail Clipper. It’s a scissor type cat nail clipper that has a nonslip handle so it’s easy to hold. It provides a safer grooming experience for you and your pet. This is safe and easy to use. The clipper is just the right size to trim most cat nails. It will also work on other small animals like rabbits and small dog breeds.

It has a nice compact design so it’s also easy to store. You can bring it with you when you travel so you’ll be ready to trim your cat’s nails when you have to.

How to Choose the Best Cat Nail Clipper

Cat nail clippers come in different styles. They all cut your cat’s claws but they do have varying levels of difficulties and they offer different conveniences.

  • Spring Loaded Clippers

    The standard or most common type of cat nail clipper is the one that has a spring loaded handle. The stainless steel blades are round and would sometimes include a nail guard. This will prevent you from feeding too much nail between the blades which is great so it’s safe for your pet. If you prefer this type of clipper, choose one with a movable guard so you can cut longer if necessary.

  • Scissor Type

    The scissor style nail clipper has two round stainless steel blades that work just like a pair of regular scissors. This is usually smaller and may not be the best if you have larger fingers or hands. If you choose this model, look for one with an angled head so you can cut the nails at the correct angle. Locking blades will also be a great additional feature for extra safety.

  • Guillotine Type

    This has a retracted blade and you have to squeeze the handle to activate it. It takes some practice to use this type of clipper and may not be suitable for beginners. This is not the best for cats that do not like their nails being clipped as they may object and move around. These blades also have different sizes. Choose one with a rubber coated handle for better control.

Those are the three main types of clippers. When buying a cat nail clipper, always check the comfort of the grip because it will be difficult to cut nails if it slips or hurts your hand.