Best Chainsaw Chain: The Only Buying Guide You’ll Need


Do you know what makes a chainsaw more dangerous?

A worn-out chain.

If the chain starts malfunctioning, it can damage your entire chainsaw. It will also make you vulnerable to injuries. The worst-case scenario is death despite how careful you are in handling it.

That’s why you really have to replace a worn-out chain pronto. But which one should you buy for replacement?

Here are the products that stood out in our quest for the best chainsaw chain.

Our Pick: Oregon S56 Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chain

Oregon S56 Semi Chisel Chain Saw Chain measures 16 inches. It fits various brands, such as Remington, Poulan, Homelite, Echo, and Craftsman.

This product focuses on precision, smoothness, efficiency, and safety while cutting. What makes it effective is the cutter chain’s heat-treated and hard-chromed design. Because of this feature, the cutters are tough and sharp.

Runner Up: Husqvarna 18-Inch H30-72 (95VP) Pixel Saw Chain

Husqvarna 18-Inch H30-72 (95VP) Pixel Saw Chain has a 0.325-inch pitch and a 0.050-inch gauge. It is a high-performance chain that doesn’t vibrate too much. That’s why it is perfect for pros doing heavy work.

This anti-kickback chain is best for 50cc saws. It effortlessly cuts wood. You don’t have to regularly sharpen it with a file because of its tough teeth.

Also Great: Poulan Pro 18″ Replacement Chain Saw Cutting Chain

Poulan Pro 18″ Replacement Chain Saw Cutting Chain has a 3/8″ pitch and a 0.050 gauge. It is one of the most durable chainsaw chains out there.

To be more specific about the quality of its performance, this product has cutters with twin corners to easily cut wood and other objects. Old saws can cut things as if they’re brand-new with this chain.

Also Great: Remington RM1425 Replacement Chain

Remington RM1425 Replacement Chain is specifically designed for the brand’s Limb N Trim electric chainsaw. That 8-amp chainsaw measures 14 inches.

This product should be your only option if you use a 14-inch Remington RM1425 chainsaw. Many of its top competitors are too long for that machine.

Also Great: TC-Home 22″ Chainsaw Chain

TC-Home 22″ Chainsaw Chain is the 0.325″ LP type. Additionally, it has 86 drive links and a chain perimeter of approximately 56 inches. It is made of steel for strength and durability.

Expect no issues with this product even if you use it five hours daily for one week. Lastly, it perfectly fits Timberpro 62cc-motor chainsaw.

Budget Pick: Homelite/Ryobi Electric Pole Saw Chain

As a genuine replacement chain, Homelite/Ryobi Electric Pole Saw Chain is best for Homelite UT-43160 and 30254EG. It is also perfect for Ryobi RY43160 and RY43161.

This product is ideal for clearing abandoned yards. It can handle big trees and a lot of bushes. It really makes a difference to the performance of small chainsaws.

How to Select the Best Chainsaw Chain

Based on what we’ve learned from our list of top products, here’s a guideline on how to choose the best chain for different chainsaws:

  • Length

    The first thing you should look for in a product is the chain’s length. It is usually represented in inches. To know if you’re looking at the right length while browsing online, you should measure your chainsaw’s bar first.

    For accuracy purposes, however, you must also measure your chain’s pitch and count the drive links.

    To get the bar’s measurement, all you have to do is measure the distance between the tip and the point where the bar appears from the chainsaw’s casing. Use a tape measure for this.

    After getting the measurement, round it up to the nearest even number if it’s odd or fractional. Most bars measure 16, 18 or 20 inches.

    To proceed with the pitch measurement and drive link count, you have to remove the chain. After removing it, stretch it on a table or any flat surface.

    The next thing you can do is count the drive links. The drive links are easy to find since they protrude from the chain’s underside. Their main purpose is to grab the cog to power the chain.

    After counting the drive links, measure the pitch. To do this, measure the gap between any three consecutive rivets. After measuring the distance, divide the number by two.

    If you have no idea what rivets are, they simply look like bolts. They connect everything on the chain assembly.

    Take note of the three numbers you will get. However, you may also choose not to measure anything if you’re going to an actual store. You can just bring the old chain.

  • Brand

    Some products really mention the specific brand and model. Popular chainsaw brands include Ryobi, Homelite, Timberpro, Craftsman, Echo, Homelite, Poulan, and Remington.

    Just don’t forget about the model since varieties are common for each brand. Examples from our list include Ryobi RY43160, Homelite 30254EG, and Remington RM1425.

  • Type

    We mentioned a chain type on our list and that’s the semi-chisel cutter. However, your skill level might need another kind of chain. The other two types are low-profile and full-chisel cutters.

    If you’re a beginner, pick a low-profile chain. Its design is made to be safe since it can help stop kickbacks. However, this chain is the least durable. Its supposedly safe design will turn into something dangerous if it wears out.

    Meanwhile, if you’re a pro, you might want full-chisel chains. They’re efficient because of their square-cornered teeth. However, their design is not safe enough.

    The best type for most users is the semi-chisel chain. It can cut all kinds of softwood because of its rounded teeth. It can even handle dirty, frozen or dry wood.

    Aside from versatility, semi-chisel cutters are also the most durable. Even better, their design promotes safety just like low-profile chains.

How to Install Your New Chainsaw Chain

Installing the replacement chain around your chainsaw bar is surprisingly easy. Assuming that you’ve already removed your old chain, check out the following tips:

  • Secure the chain by putting it around the sprocket. The sprocket looks like a cog or gear near the chainsaw’s tension nipple.
  • Follow the chainsaw bar’s grooves as you install the chain.
  • Tighten the chain by pulling it. Use the screw to control the tension nipple.
  • Install the bar’s cover again. Secure it by tightening the screws.
  • Lift the chain a little bit to ensure that it will work. A very tight chain is bad for cutting wood.


The best chainsaw chain is the Oregon S56 Chain mainly because of its semi-chisel cutters. Other than the fact that its cutters are heat-treated and hard-chromed, the product aces durability, versatility, and safety because of its semi-chisel design.

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