The Best Champagne Glasses for Your New Year’s Eve Party


You can’t pull off a fun party during New Year’s Eve if you don’t have champagne. Of course, what better to way to enjoy that drink than a classy flute, tulip or coupe?

If you’re still looking for affordable yet high-quality glassware, check out the best champagne glasses!

Our Pick: Dailyware™ Set of 12 Toasting Flutes

Resorting to plastic champagne flutes is okay. After all, nobody wants to deal with shattered glass – especially if it’s expensive. However, Dailyware™ Set of 12 Toasting Flutes might convince you to stick with the glass type.

First of all, these champagne glasses are durable and sturdy to reduce the risk of breakage. Surprisingly, they’re all dishwasher-safe. That means less hassle when it’s time to clean your home after a fun night.

Another great thing about this product is its versatile look. Thanks to its simplicity, it can be used for any occasion. It is actually ideal for small weddings.

Don’t worry if you’re really particular about the sparkling effect of the glasses. Even though these flutes are plain, they’re made of extremely clear glass. Everybody will instantly see the shimmering effect of champagne.

More importantly, this set of glasses is very affordable. You’ll have 12 flutes in just one purchase without spending hundreds of dollars.

Runner Up: Schott Zwiesel 6 Piece Champagne Flutes

If you don’t mind spending more money for the sake of quality, Schott Zwiesel 6 Piece Champagne Flutes are great options. Each has six laser points to sustain champagne bubbles. And, of course, its material has excellent benefits.

Tritan crystal glass doesn’t contain lead, which is a good thing for everyone’s safety. In addition, it includes zirconium oxide and titanium to prevent thermal shock, abrasion, chipping, and breakage.

When it comes to their shape, these champagne glasses have the standard form. They guarantee balance because of their soft curves and medium-sized stem. Their classic shape makes them ideal not only for occasions but for daily use as well.

Just like the first product, this option is dishwasher-safe, too. That proves even more how durable the glass material is.

Also Great: Lenox Set of 4 Champagne Glassware

Simplicity can really go a long way. Since Lenox Set of 4 Champagne Glassware doesn’t have extra decorations like glitter and gold accents, it will never go out of style. You may definitely use it for several New Year’s Eve parties.

These champagne glasses are also made of inexpensive glass, which makes them a must-have for gatherings. They’re not as durable as plastic options, but they remain ideal for New Year’s Eve celebrations because of their sturdiness and “clink” sound.

Also Great: IFOLAINA Set of 2 Champagne Glasses

Sometimes, subtlety makes details more interesting. Despite the overall plain look of IFOLAINA Set of 2 Champagne Glasses, their stems contain clear crystal diamonds. They’re perfect for fancy New Year’s Eve parties without overwhelming the place with glitters.

Two pieces of champagne flutes are obviously not enough for parties. However, this product is ideal if you have extra guests and you’re out of glasses. Everybody deserves to raise a glass when celebrating the New Year.

Now, let’s get to the more serious stuff. These FDA-approved lead-free glasses have undergone laser cutting technology for uniformity. To be more specific, the rims are thin to enhance the taste of champagne.

Aside from being dishwasher-safe, the glass material can also resist discoloration. It will stay clear and brilliant, thanks to its surface that can perfectly refract light.

Budget Pick: Ikea-Svalka Set of 6 Champagne Flutes

With shorter stems and longer bowls, Ikea-Svalka Set of 6 Champagne Flutes have a bigger capacity than other options out there. They can hold seven ounces of champagne with their nine-inch bowls.

No matter how many times you’ll wash these glasses, they will still look brand-new. That’s a big bonus, considering how affordable this product is.

How to Select the Best Champagne Glasses

There are only a couple of factors to consider when looking for the best champagne glasses. But, first, let’s find out why flute is the most common type.

For the sake of flavor and aroma, wide tulip glasses are actually the best. This type has a wider rim and bowl to give you the ultimate experience while tasting champagne.

However, New Year’s Eve parties are all about aesthetics. With flute glasses, champagne will stay sparkly and spritzy because of its constant stream of bubbles. That’s the major benefit of having a narrower bowl.

Finally, here are some tips on how to choose a champagne glass based on its material and design.

  • Material

    There are two types of glass materials for champagne flutes and other variations. Standard glass is thicker to ensure durability. However, crystal glass is still a popular choice despite its fragile, thin structure.

    It turns out that crystal glass gives more depth to the flavor of champagne. Thinner glasses are ideal for fine drinks.

    Fortunately, thanks to high-tech processes, crystal champagne glasses can now be durable. Some can even resist abrasion and other risks, depending on the glass’s composition. For example, we discussed earlier titanium crystal glasses that are resistant to breakage and thermal shock.

  • Design

    If you want more bling, feel free to choose champagne glasses made of BPA-free plastic. They’re very durable, giving designers more freedom to express their creative ideas. Most plastic glasses have permanent glitter around their bowls for a more festive vibe.

    The downside is that their design is too trendy sometimes. Trends don’t last, which is completely normal. It’s best to pick the classic plain design to remain relevant for years to come.

    Just remember to check how clear the surface is. You should prioritize that to let the sparkly look of champagne dominate the glass.


Out of all the best champagne glasses, Dailyware™ Set of 12 Toasting Flutes got the top spot. They represent value for money because they ace quantity, quality, and affordability.

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