Best Cheeseboard and Knife Set: 4 Products to Complete Your Party


If you simply like throwing events all throughout the year, you should totally consider getting the best cheeseboard and knife set. It can easily add style to your parties.

And to help you choose the right one for you, we’re sharing with you our top picks below.

Our Pick: Bamboo Cheese Board Set With Cutlery In Slide-Out Drawer

When it comes to the best cheese board and knife set, we chose something that looks functional and looks amazing. After all, you’d want your guests and friends to have a great time at your New Year’s party, right?

Bamboo Cheese Board Set With Cutlery In Slide-Out Drawer is made from 100% bamboo. It’s designed to be durable and to prevent odors and bacteria.

It comes with a slide-out drawer which you can use to keep your cutting knives safe and away from the table. This drawer makes it easy to clean up the board, too.

At the edges of the board, you’ll find a perfectly groomed serving rim. It holds crackers, pieces of bread, different types of cheese and even grapes really well. Made to be environmentally friendly, this particular board will look good on any tabletop.

Runner Up: Bamboo Cheese Board With Cutlery Server

Bamboo Cheese Board With Cutlery Server is another great choice. Similar to our top pick, it’s also made with bamboo, allowing it to add a bit of style to your parties and gatherings.

The product comes with a slide-out drawer and 4 knives. They are made of high quality and durable stainless steel, making them durable and long lasting. The knives’ handles, on the other hand, are made of bamboo which means that they are easy to grip and use. Apart from that, the set also includes 2 ceramic bowls which you can use for serving nuts, grapes or olives.

At the bottom of the board, you’ll fund non-slip pads. They prevent the board from moving around when you’re cutting and serving cheese.

Also Great: PicniKing Cheese Board and Knife Set

PicniKing Cheese Board and Knife Set is a bit different from the other boards on this list. Instead of bamboo, it’s made of Teak Wood. It’s more resistant against warping and cracking which is pretty common among boards made of cheap bamboo. Apart from that, Teak Wood also possesses antimicrobial properties to keep bacteria from lingering on your cheese board.

Its drawer has magnets to make sure that you can easily slide it out without leaving your utensils crashing on the floor. Additionally, the utensils that come with this set are also made from high-quality materials.

The board measures 13″ x 13″ x 1.5″. It’s big enough to hold pieces of bread, cheeses, fruits, nuts, and even chunks of meat.

Budget Pick: Royal Craft Wood Unique Bamboo Cheese Board, Charcuterie Platter

Royal Craft Wood Unique Bamboo Cheese Board, Charcuterie Platter is large and thick so you can use it any way you want. It can work as a charcuterie board or a serving tray for your wines and cheese. You can even use it for your fruits.

And the best part? It doesn’t absorb the smell of your food so you wouldn’t have to worry about your cheese smelling like your meat or your bread tasting like olives.

The board is just a big square so you’ll have enough space for your meat, fruits, brie, crackers, and pieces of bread. It has side handles to make it easy for you to serve.

Its surface, on the other hand, is resistant to scratches and scarring, thanks to its knife-friendly design. It’s also easy to clean and maintain, saving you lots of time cleaning up after the party.

How to Choose the Best Cheeseboard and Knife Set

Like every aspect of your party, you want your cheeseboard to be perfect. And for that to happen, you need to know exactly what to look for when narrowing down your choices. Below, we are sharing with you the criteria we used to come up with this list.

  • Materials

    There are different types of materials you can choose. However, since we prioritized aesthetics and functionality, we chose wood. Most of the products on this list are made of bamboo which is both durable and stylish to use as a cheeseboard. One product, however, is made of Teak Wood. It doesn’t easily warp or crack which is good if you’ll be using your cheeseboard a lot.

  • Size

    Since you’ll be using your cheeseboard as a serving tray, you want something that’s big enough to accommodate everything you’ll be putting on it. Whether you’ll be serving different types of cheese, pieces of bread, fruits, nuts or chunks of meat, the products on this list are adequately sized for parties and events with your family and friends.

  • Design

    For your convenience, a cheeseboard with a slide-out drawer would be a good choice. It makes it easy to access your utensils when you’re serving. Additionally, it frees up¬†additional surface area. In choosing, however, just make sure to pick one with magnets or locks to prevent your tools from getting all over the floor. Prioritize it if you’ll be having kids around during your party.

  • Additional Features

    Although not critical, there are certain features that can make your cheeseboard even better. A grooved rim, for example, will make it easy for you to stack up your cheese and bread. A non-slip pad at the bottom, on the other hand, will keep your board secure when your serving.


For us, Bamboo Cheese Board Set With Cutlery In Slide-Out Drawer is the best cheeseboard and knife set. Made from bamboo, it looks stylish so you won’t have issues making it blend with the rest of your table. It has this awesome design, too. With a slide-out drawer, it’ll keep your knives secure but easy to access.

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