The Best Childproofing Kit: 4 Products to Make Your Home More Kid-Friendly


Is your baby getting a bit active and sometimes out of control?

Seeing your little one crawl and be more mobile is both a happy and a stressful moment. You’re happy because it’s another milestone but you’re also stressed because he might get hurt.

It also means you need to start childproofing. Take a look at these best childproofing kits to help keep your little adventurer away from harm.

Our Pick: Purple Safety Magnetic Baby Safety Locks

Is your baby a fan of opening shelves and drawers? Then this best childproofing kit is for you!

What we love most about the Purple Safety Magnetic Baby Safety Locks is they’re very easy to install. There is no drilling required: just stick them to your cabinet, and you’re done!

This makes the kit ideal for those who live in apartments. Since the safety locks aren’t fixed, you can put them on and off without damaging the furniture.

This kit comes with 8 locks and latches, and 2 magnetic keys. The locks and latches come with a built-in adhesive strip so you can use this kit immediately after buying.

But, the kit also comes with 6 extra strips just in case.

To use this kit, simply stick the latch to your cabinet’s frame and the lock to the cabinet door. Then once you close the door, it will remain closed unless you use the magnetic key to open it.

These safety locks are made to fit most drawers and cabinets. The magnetic key works on up to 1 ½” thick drawers so you’re assured you’ll get all places covered.

They can also be used anywhere! From the kitchen to the bathroom, you’re confident that your little one won’t get his hands on things he’s not supposed to.

Runner Up: Safe Baby & Child Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guards

The Safe Baby & Child Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guards are great if your baby is learning how to walk. Since he’s still a bit unstable, these will protect him from getting hurt.

This kit comes with 16 table corners, 8 invisible corner cushions, 8 colored foam covers, and a 6.45-meter foam corner cover. These are all pre-taped for quick installation.

If your baby is taking his first steps, this kit is also perfect for you. Each item uses high-quality materials to absorb impact when he accidentally hits sharp edges.

Which means head injuries are less likely to happen.

The best part is it can be used on wood or stone. So whatever type of furniture you have, this kit will keep your baby safe and will give you peace of mind.

Also Great: Safety 1st Essentials Childproofing Kit, 46 Pack

You’ll find the Safety 1st Essentials Childproofing Kit, 46 Pack handy because it has everything you need. If you’re only with baby number one, this kit got you covered.

The kit comes with 4 knob covers, 12 latches, and 30 plug protectors. The pieces are all made of plastic so they’re pretty lightweight.

However, you have to be very careful when handling the pieces. We found that they’re not that durable and can break easily when used with a heavy hand.

The knob covers help to prevent your little one from opening doors unnecessarily. The latches keep shelves and cabinets shut, while the plug protectors protect him from touching outlets.

What’s cool about the plug protectors is its Secure Press mechanism. Once a plug protector is in place, it will stay there and can only be released if you press the button in the middle.

But, reviews say these don’t work—in fact, it can easily be removed by a 7-month baby!

We also didn’t like the latches that come with this kit. Installing them means drilling a hole in your cabinet, and that is something we try to avoid as much as possible.

Budget Pick: KloobOk Baby Safety Cabinet Locks

The KloobOk Baby Safety Cabinet Locks are made of non-toxic and high-quality materials. They also use adhesive tapes so they can be installed without damaging your furniture.

What makes these locks great is their “slide to open” design. You need to slide the button under the locks before you could turn the lock and finally open the cabinet door.

Your kid can try his best to turn the lock but he won’t, thanks to this feature. When he’s old enough to know how they work, simply use a hairdryer to “melt” the adhesive and take them off.

Just make sure to use these on smooth doors. Don’t use them on doors with raised decorations or doors with more than an inch of space between them or else these won’t work.

Childproofing Tips

Making your home completely childproofed takes a lot of work, but not impossible. Here are a few tips to make your house as safe as possible for your little child:

  • Act like him

    Pretend like you’re a toddler once again.

    Kneel, roll, and crawl. Do whatever he does when he’s exploring the world. Then, look around the house and spot which ones specifically catch his attention.

    Is there a pretty vase hanging from the side table? Are there spaces between the sofa and the cushion he can slide his hand in?

  • Lock and close whatever you can

    This goes for cabinets, drawers, and doors. This is why cabinet locks and knob covers are very handy because your toddler can get smashed fingers when they close accidentally.

    Medicine and chemical bottles should also be kept somewhere he can’t reach. If they’re under the cupboard, make sure it’s properly closed and locked so he can’t open it.

  • Go for childproof and not “adultproof”

    It’s great to have knob covers that make doors nearly impossible to open. However, make sure to remind the other members of your family to return it in place once they’ve used it.

    Because if the knob stays bare for a while, your child can easily reach for it and childproofing becomes useless.


We have chosen the Purple Safety Magnetic Baby Safety Locks as the best childproofing kit. The locks and latches are very easy to install and stay invisible—exactly how we want them.

Additionally, you can make your home safer by installing baby gates. And if you already have one installed at home, find out when you can remove them.