Best Coconut Oil for Hair


Coconut oil has so many benefits for the overall well-being of a person. One purpose of this nature’s miracle is intensive hair care. Based on our comprehensive research and product-testing, we are giving you the best coconut oil for hair in today’s market.

Our Pick: COCO&CO Coconut Oil for Hair & Skin

COCO&CO’s coconut oil is perfect for both hair and skin care. It can be used to treat hair damaged by color products and hot weather. Just one small amount is all you need to make this product as an effective conditioner. This coconut oil easily melts as soon as you apply it on your hair. With more advanced processes such as leaving the oil on your hair for 15 minutes, even curly or frizzy hair achieves a very soft finish after one treatment only.

Runner-Up: Radha Beauty Fractionated Coconut Oil

Like COCO&CO’s product, Radha Beauty’s fractionated coconut oil is also perfect to use for your skin and hair, especially curly and frizzy types. The best part about fractionated coconut oil is that it will not harden in cold temperatures. That’s why this product is useful for winter season.

What we noticed, however, is the product’s fragile pump and bottle. The container easily leaks even without cracks. The long-lasting quality of a coconut oil depends on its container, so we suggest to choose a product that’s sturdily packaged.

Also Great

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is effective as an anti-dandruff treatment for dry and color-damaged hair. You just have to rub about 1 tablespoon all over your scalp and hair for at least two minutes. Leaving the oil for at least two hours or overnight on your hair can work more wonders.  This product can also increase hair growth in just three months.

Pure’s fractionated coconut oil is effective to maintain long and curly hair. It can also be a remedy for dry, damaged hair with just a little amount per treatment. Sadly, the product’s most common issues are its flimsy container and short storage life.

Plant Therapy’s fractionated coconut oil is effective in conditioning unruly hair during winter. Still, like other coconut oil products, its main complaints are short shelf life and weak packaging.

Budget Pick

Sky Organics Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is helpful when you often expose your hair to different colors and styles, making it fragile and prone to hair fall. It revives damaged hair in just one treatment because of its moisturizing properties. As a moisturizer, this product is also perfect for making the hair soft in hot days. Lastly, it can also treat itchy scalp. For an affordable coconut oil product, this one amazingly has a lot to offer.

How to Select the Best Coconut Oil for Hair

Because of the growing popularity of coconut oil as a beauty elixir, it becomes difficult for consumers to choose the perfect product for them. Here are factors to consider before buying coconut oil for your hair:

  • Type

    The two types of coconut oil are unrefined and refined. Unrefined is commonly known as “extra-virgin” or simply “virgin” coconut oil. It comes from raw, fresh coconut, extracted using mechanical procedure. It is definitely free from chemicals. But, this type of coconut oil is expensive. So, refined coconut oil exists for those who are tight on budget.

    Refined coconut oil comes from dried coconut or copra. It has to undergo processes because of its impurities and limited amount. It usually does not smell and taste like coconut. This type of oil is best mixed with other oils to create a whole new beauty product like shampoo and soap.

    Based on your budget and degree of hair care you want to achieve, choose between unrefined and refined coconut oil for starters.

  • Form

    Liquid coconut oil is typically processed with another substance. But, it can be more convenient to use because it usually comes in a bottle with a cap that you can just press when needed. Virgin coconut oil usually looks like goo or gel in room temperature. It can be messier to use and has lesser shelf life, but that’s just some price to pay for such a quality type of oil.

  • Color

    To know how high-quality a coconut oil product is, check the color. Liquid coconut oil must be colorless while a more solid form, like gel and cream, should be white. Discoloration can mean cheap quality or contamination.

  • Aroma

    If you are unsure about how unrefined coconut oil is, you can resort to your sense of smell to detect it. Virgin coconut oil really smells like coconut but should be mild and pleasant to the nose. Smokey or roasted smell means coconut oil was exposed to intense heat, which results to less nutrients. Refined coconut oil usually comes as odorless.

  • Shelf Life

    Some claims suggest that coconut oil can last for a year. But, that is really difficult to know since some products can only retain their quality for a few months despite claiming that they are long-lasting. Since coconut oil can be expensive for maintenance, buying in bulk is highly recommended. However, you need to test some products first regarding their storage life. You can buy small amounts of different coconut oil products before settling for the best one in larger quantity.

  • Container

    Coconut oil is usually sold in plastic or glass containers. The best type of container is glass because its components do not mix with oil. When you choose plastic ones, look for a label indicating if it is BPA-free. Absence of that label can mean presence of dangerous substances mixed with coconut oil. A plastic container must also be stored away from sunlight or hot temperature because it can lose its structure, making it flimsy and susceptible to leakage.

How to Prevent Mold in Coconut Oil

The biggest problem people face regarding coconut oil is the production of mold, especially in glass jars. Mold usually looks green and smells horrible.

One way to prevent mold is storing the coconut oil in colder and darker areas. Many people even store their coconut oil inside the refrigerator. A dark, cool cupboard is also a nice place to store coconut oil. Warm temperature promotes melting which can result to growth of fungus.

Another preventive measure is avoiding contamination by making sure that your hands are free from other substances before using the jar. So, always wash and dry your hands before getting coconut oil. Lastly, keep the lid tight on the jar. Oxygen can damage different kinds of oils.


Choosing the best coconut oil for hair was tricky because some products are effective but just packaged wrongly. In the end, the semi-solid form of coconut oil is more natural and less prone to leakage since it is securely stored in a glass jar. Quality coconut oil is such a waste when it spreads on another surface, not your hair.