Best Coffee Bean


When it comes to brewing coffee, it’s important to choose the best coffee bean to create the perfect cup. There are different types of beans with different flavors, intensities, and other characteristics. We’ve listed down the best selections based on their flavor and aroma. You also need to grind them properly to achieve the taste and thickness that you want in your coffee.

Depending on the type of coffee you’re making and coffee maker whether it’s for French press, espresso, drip coffee, or gourmet coffee, you need to have the right grounds. This coffee grind chart should help you with grinding. Here is a list of the best coffee grinder for you to select the proper grinder for your kitchen.

So how do you choose the best coffee bean? It also depends on the region of where it came from. Our list will help you pick the right one for your taste.

Our Pick: Lavazza Super Crema Espresso

Number one on our list is the Lavazza Super Crema Espresso. It’s a bag of whole bean coffee that is a blend of smooth Brazilian beans. This is a combination of Central America milds and Indonesian beans. It delivers a velvety crema and long lasting taste. This is great for those who enjoy mild coffee flavor with a little sweetness. It has a persistent aroma of honey and almonds.

This coffee bean is great for making mild and creamy espresso. You would have to do a fine grind for espresso but you can also use it for drip type coffee maker using a coarse grind.

Runner Up: Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Gourmet Coffee

Our next best choice is the Cafe Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Gourmet Coffee. This is a bag of 2 pounds whole bean coffee with a medium dark roast. So this is for those who like a little bit of bitterness in their coffee or medium strength. It has a rich and chocolaty flavor with depth, velvety body, and low acidity so this is great for those with gastrointestinal issues.

The origin of this coffee bean is the Honduras, from the Marcala region. It has tons of honey, caramel, and cocoa. This coffee is dense and was roasted to bring out its natural flavor.

Also Great

If you like beans with the Columbian origin, the Cafe Don Pablo Signature Blend Coffee is perfect for you. This coffee bean is a special combination of high-quality Columbian, Guatemalan, and Brazilian Arabica coffee beans. They have distinct body characters and richness so your coffee is more complex than that of a single origin brew. It has a sweetly intense but balanced aroma.

The body of the coffee is medium to full. It has tons of cocoa and is very smooth with low acidity. This is a medium-dark roast coffee. It’s been roasted in small batches to maintain freshness.

Another great option for those who like dark coffee is the Koffee Kult DARK ROAST COFFEE BEANS. This is a bag of two pounds whole beans. This coffee bean is 100% Arabica. It’s the same artisan coffee beans that you find in gourmet coffee stores, coffee shops, and bars. It has a great aroma while you’re grinding and brewing it. The beans are roasted fresh in small batches.

It is strong and smooth but has a bold flavor. It’s not bitter and has low acidity. This is great for French press, pour over, drip type coffee maker, and espresso machines.

The Valhalla Java Whole Bean Coffee by Death Wish Coffee Company is also great. The best thing about this is that the beans are Fair Trade and USDA certified which means that the farmers have been treated fairly in this production. This coffee bean provides an ultra strong taste that is bold and smooth. It comes from the volcanic soils of Indonesia and nutrient rich soils of Central and South America.

It’s a masterful artisan roast that provides maximum flavor and caffeine content. This comes in a 12-ounce bag.

Budget Pick

A great tasting and affordable alternative are the Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass, Dark Roast. This is an organic product. It is also certified for Fair Trade. This comes from premium Arabica beans and has a full body flavor. It’s a dark roast coffee bean that is sweet, smoky, and audacious. The origins are Indonesia and South America. It was roasted in Canada.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Bean

As you’ve noticed, the origin of the coffee bean also matters. It determines the character of the coffee and the flavor. Coffee actually comes from coffee berries that contain beans and are then split into two. If you’re curious to know, here is a brief history of how coffee is made. But there are other factors to consider.

  • Region or Origin

    Choosing the origin of the coffee is much like choosing wine. The geographic region where the beans where they grew the beans will reflect on the taste. Different regions have distinct characteristics. Central American and Columbian coffee beans are fairly light, a bit acidic, with fruity undertones. Brazilian coffees are great for espresso blends and have a heavy mouthfeel. These are often in darker roasts. Indonesian coffee has dark earthy quality with some aftertaste. There are definitely more regions out there but those are some of the popular ones.

  • Acidity

    The sharpness that you can feel at the edges of your tongue is the acidity. Coffee with less acidity is also called mellow. There should always be a degree of acidity but not too much.

  • Aroma

    The aroma of the coffee adds quality to the taste and overall characteristic such as smokiness, flowery, fruity, or earthy flavor.

  • Roast

    The amount of time that the manufacturers roast the beans has an effect on the appearance and taste. It’s also better if they are in small batches because they’re fresher.

  • Freshness

    The freshness of the coffee bean depends on how long they stored the coffee berries. They should also not be in a very humid storage facility because bacteria can grow. Take note of the date of when the coffee was roasted.

As a final note, buy your coffee bean only in small quantities because the quality decreases almost immediately after roasting.