Best Coffeemaker: Which Product Is Right For You?


Here’s the thing.

There are different types of coffee makers and they produce different types of coffee. Additionally, the quality of your coffee grounds also affects the taste of your drink. If you really like your coffee to taste exactly how you want it, you need to have the right appliance for it.

With that, allow us to share with you the best coffeemaker.

Our Pick: Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffee Maker

Our top choice is the Keurig K55 Single Serve Coffee Maker. This coffee maker brews K-cup coffee pods in different brew sizes. It features a large 48oz water reservoir which allows you to brew more than 6 cups of coffee so you don’t have to refill often. The machine has simple button controls so you can easily brew your favorite coffee. Just insert the pod into the slot, choose your brewing size, and it will produce your coffee in less than a minute.

This coffee maker is great for small families or couples. If you’re living alone, this will be perfect for when you have a few guests. It’s a single serve type but you can make a lot of cups since it brews fast.

Runner Up: Presto 02811 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Second on our list is the Presto 02811 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker. This offers you a simple way to brew your coffee. It includes a filter basket where you would put your coffee grounds and a perk tube, both made of stainless steel. You can brew up to 12 cups and the result is rich tasting coffee. It features an easy pour spout so you can easily serve coffee onto cups. The carafe is made of a luxurious stainless steel construction so it’s easy to clean.

Also Great

The Cuisinart DCC-3200 Programmable Coffeemaker is also a great option. It features an advanced technology brewing system which allows you to make hotter coffee without losing the flavor. You can select the brew strength to control the taste whether you like regular or bolder coffee flavor. It is fully automatic and can be programmed up to 24 hours so you can wake up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee in the morning.

A really nice feature of this model is the Brew Paus which allows you to get a single cup of coffee while brewing without stopping the whole process.You might also like the Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker. It’s a simple drip-type coffee maker which provides a lot of convenience when brewing. It is designed with a dual water window so you can see the amount of water in the reservoir and know when you have to refill the tank. The removable basket allows you to easily lift the container out for easy filling and cleaning of the coffee grounds. This coffee maker can brew up to 4 cups of coffee. It also features auto pause so you can take the carafe and pour a cup of coffee while brewing.
Another great alternative is the Hamilton Beach 49980A 2-Way. It features a single serve coffee brewer as well as a full pot coffee maker in one machine. This is great because you can choose to brew just one cup when you’re not serving coffee for anyone else but have the option to brew a whole pot if you need to. The cup rest on the single serve side of the machine is adjustable so it can accommodate different sizes of mugs or travel cups. You can also select your brew strength from regular to bold flavor. It has a programmable timer which features a 2-hour automatic shut off.

Budget Pick

A lower priced model with great quality is the Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffeemaker. This is the affordable counterpart of the programmable model. This has almost all the same features of the programmable type except it is manual. Nevertheless, it features an on and off indicator so you will know when the coffeemaker is working. It also features brew and pause, which means that the coffeemaker will automatically pause brewing when you remove the carafe to enjoy an immediate cup of coffee.

How to Choose the Best Coffeemaker

First, you need to be aware of the different types of coffeemaker and what type of coffee they are suitable for. You also need to look at the various features these coffeemakers can offer and how they would suit your needs.

  • Types of Coffeemakers

    The drip type coffeemaker is the most common one. It is also the simplest. These coffeemakers come in different sizes, often able to brew several cups at once. They come with a carafe which holds the brewed coffee and a water reservoir. It’s easy to use and affordable.

    The single serve coffee maker, as the name suggests, serves only one cup at a time. But depending on the model, these machines can usually make coffee in under a minute so you can still make several cups fast. These coffeemakers use coffee pods which you have to insert on a slot and the machine will brew the coffee for you.

    There is also the French Press which is a more manual type of coffeemaker. It’s a traditional way to make coffee and definitely less expensive. Then there are the espresso makers which are more suitable for gourmet coffee and usually require some skills to use.

  • Quantity

    How much coffee you want to make will determine the coffeemaker that’s best suited for your home. If you have a family of coffee drinkers, it’s best to get the coffeemakers that have at least 6 cups capacity.

  • Extra Features

    You might also find some extra features useful such as automatic shut off. This is great if you easily forget to turn off appliances. There are also programmable coffeemakers which allow you to set the brewing in advance so you can wake up to a fresh pot of hot coffee in the morning.

    Some even have built-in grinders so you don’t have to purchase a separate grinder.

Overall, take the one that offers the most value for your money again depending on what you need.