Best Cookie Cutters


Cookies are like the kryptonite of a sweet tooth. They have distinct, irresistible texture and taste. Another common reason why cookies are so popular around the world is rooted in childhood memories. Smelling and tasting fresh-baked, homemade cookies is one of the fondest memories most people have as a child. These lucky kids just could not outgrow this fondness which is apparent in the still-growing demand for cookie recipes and instant mixes. That is a no-brainer though; who can resist that crunchy on the outside but chewy on the inside texture?

Growing up, we have encountered a lot of differently shaped and sized cookies. This is made possible through cookie cutters. Cookie cutters are used to create various shapes of cookies. They also ensure that a specific size is exactly the same for each cookie, perfect for small businesses. They even make the whole process of baking and eating cookies more fun.

After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best cookie cutters in today’s market.

Our Pick: K&S Artisan 100% Stainless Steel Metal Round Cookie Cutter Set

K&S Artisan 100% Stainless Steel Metal Round Cookie Cutter Set includes handles for each size to make molding easier and faster. Aside from cookies, it is also ideal for forming English muffins and bread. Plus a versatile sandwich maker or panini press, you can already make hearty, purely homemade sandwiches any time of the day.

These cutters can also form scones, doughnuts, biscuits, sunny-side up eggs, pancakes from an instant mix, fondant decorations, mini cakes, and small pizzas. However, if you prefer bigger cakes and pizzas, you need cake pans and a pizza or quesadilla maker.

More about the product, it can even be used to cut vegetables and fruits. You can use it to practice your plating skills, especially in molding rice and some side dishes. You can also let kids use these cutters because every piece does not have a sharp edge. No wonder these cookie cutters are also recommended for children with play dough sets.

Even though this product is made of stainless steel, it is still resistant to rust and safe to clean in a dishwasher. Its metal work is also stunning, thanks to its meticulously polished surface. The beautiful construction for each cookie cutter leads to one excellent housewarming or wedding gift for family and friends who love to bake.

Runner Up: Ateco 1440 Plain Edge Graduated Sizes Stainless Steel Round Cutter Set

Ateco 1440 Plain Edge Graduated Sizes Stainless Steel Round Cutter Set will make your life easier when it comes to storing cookie cutters. The smaller cutters perfectly fit inside the biggest one. Regarding these cookie cutters’ functionality, you do not have to exert a lot of force just to cut thick dough because of stainless steel’s strength. Another advantage of stainless steel is that it does not break. Lastly, this product is ideal for making bagels. Its smallest cutter can even be used for making candies.

Also Great: Ultra Cuisine 11 Piece Graduated Heavy-Duty Plain Edge Circle Cookie Cutter Set

Ultra Cuisine 11 Piece Graduated Heavy-Duty Plain Edge Circle Cookie Cutter Set takes it up a notch with its quantity and variety of cutters in just one purchase. It is great for making empanadas, canapés, tarts, ravioli pasta, crumpets, patties, and mousse. It is guaranteed to be oven-safe even if the temperature soars up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. These cookie cutters are perfect as a gift for bridal showers and birthdays. Their professional quality makes them ideal for caterers, cooks, and bakers.

Also Great: Fred & Friends Set of 4 Sweet Spirits Day of the Dead Cookie Stampers/Cutters

Fred & Friends Set of 4 Sweet Spirits Day of the Dead Cookie Stampers/Cutters come in different patterns so you will have more fun decorating the cookies with colored icing. Even though they are made of plastic, they are sturdy and safe to use. They are perfect in making skull-shaped sugar cookies for Halloween and other similar events. More importantly, they have two sides for cutting and stamping. The stamp gives the cookies awesome details.

Also Great: Wilton 2304-1050 101-Piece Cookie Cutter Set

Wilton 2304-1050 101-Piece Cookie Cutter Set gets the throne for the most number of cutters in just one package. It is exciting to look at because of its colorful cutters. It aims to keep you ready for various holidays and events. These cookie cutters are useful for Super Bowl, Christmas, Halloween, Independence Day, Easter, and Valentine’s Day. They also include the complete letters of the alphabet which is a life-changing idea for parents with toddlers.

Budget Pick: Ann Clark 4 Inches Tin Plated Steel Unicorn Head Cookie Cutter

Ann Clark 4 Inches Tin Plated Steel Unicorn Head Cookie Cutter is definitely a hard one to beat when it comes to visual impact for the kids. Its size is large enough for you to decorate the cookies in intricate details.

How to Select the Best Cookie Cutters

Here’s a guide on how to select the best cookie cutters that will meet your baking needs:

  • Material

    Cookie cutters are usually made of plastic or metal. Plastic cookie cutters are very popular and cheap. They come with or without a handle. They have soft edges, making them kid-friendly. Plastic cutters are also easy to wash and store.

    On the other hand, metal cookie cutters are popular for making large batches of cookies. They are also inexpensive like plastic cutters. However, you have to be particular about the kind of metal. If not, you would deal with rust. Pure stainless steel is the best kind of metal for cookie cutters. It does not usually corrode.

    Whether you have a plastic or metal cookie cutter, you must take great care of it. You should wash it thoroughly and dry it immediately.

  • Theme

    Most people bake cookies during the holidays and special occasions only. That is why there are a lot of cookie cutter themes. Seasonal and novelty cookie cutters are extremely popular in the market because they are fun and perfect for parties. Bestselling themes are Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. For Halloween, cookies are best shaped as ghosts, spiders, pumpkins, and skeletons. Meanwhile, Christmas trees and gingerbread men are the go-to cookie cutter designs for December. On the other hand, colorful egg- and bunny-shaped cookies are must-haves to enjoy Easter.

  • Type

    Cookie cutters have also evolved in such a way that they have other purposes besides molding or cutting dough. Some of them are called linzer cookie cutters, cookie stamps, and cookie presses.

    Linzer cookie cutters make the bottom of the cookie dough solid while the top part has a hole at the center to show filling.

    Another type is the cookie stamp. It has two subtypes. One of them is a special kind of rolling pin. When it is rolled across a sheet of dough, shapes are imprinted. This kind of cookie stamp is designed to decorate a lot of cookies fast. Meanwhile, some cookie stamps look like actual stamps. They are used to mark details or patterns on individual pieces of dough so you can have more beautiful cookies.

    Lastly, cookie presses easily produce big batches of small cookies. They hold the dough in a cylindrical tube and push it through a disk to form tiny yet elegant-looking cookies or biscuits. They are either manual or electric.

  • Storage

    Cookie cutters vary in different shapes, sizes, and materials. So, with the wrong product, it may be a hassle for you to store all of them in just one spot. Round cutters are the easiest to store since the biggest size can hold the smaller ones. With novelty cutters though, you have to check the packaging if they have a special container or box. These cutters are tricky to store if they do not have their own container.


We selected K&S Artisan 100% Stainless Steel Metal Round Cookie Cutter Set because its cutters have handles, different sizes, various uses, safety features, high-quality stainless steel construction, and an attractively polished shine. In choosing the best cookie cutters for your kitchen needs, consider first the product’s material, theme, type, and packaging before finally buying it.