The 4 Best Cordless Caulking Guns


Caulk sealant is an easy fix for many home problems – may it be a leaky faucet, a crack in the tub, a tiny window gap, and so on. It can seal or bond a wide range of materials including metal, wood, and ceramic.

For homeowners, having one is really helpful in the long run. While you can use caulk without any other tools, a caulking gun makes the job much easier. It makes the application of caulk mess-free and significantly speeds up your repair work. It helps you regulate the flow of your caulk and makes the caulk come out where you want it.

Currently, cordless caulking guns are being produced for added convenience. This article helps you in choosing the caulking gun of your need.

Our Pick: Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun

Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun is a lightweight composite frame caulk gun that holds 10-ounce cartridges. This cordless caulk gun offers so many features that you would find useful as you go along the way. It has a thrust ratio of 12:1 that you can use with acrylic, latex, and silicone. Its revolving composite frame also allows the cartridge to rotate, while maintaining bead orientation when caulking around corners.

It is heavy-duty, despite it being lightweight, and provides superior performance. For user convenience, it is designed with an ergonomic grip that keeps your hold in a balanced and secured position. It is recommended for acrylic, elastomeric, latex, and silicone.

Runner Up: Albion Engineering E12Q B-Line Cordless Cartridge Caulking Gun

Another fancy option is the Albion Engineering E12Q B-Line Cordless Caulking Gun that can hold up to 750 ml cartridges. It is a 12V cordless caulk gun that has a thrust of 400 lbf and pressure of 82 psi. It has a lightweight frame but packs power and durability. Its control is top-notch and it can dispense 40+ cartridges on a single charge.

Its grip is comfortable due to its rubberized handles and its swivel barrel allows you to work better on sharp corners. Recharge is fast (approximately 30 minutes) and run time is relatively long. The overall kit includes a cordless caulk gun, fast charger for 12V lithium batteries, and 12V lithium batteries. The kit perfect for acrylic, construction adhesive, polyurethane, silicone, to name a few.

Also Great: Ryobi P310G 18v Pistol Grip Variable Discharge Rate Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun

Also, a great pick is the Ryobi P310G 18v Pistol Grip Variable Discharge Rate Power Caulk and Adhesive Gun. This kit weighs around 4.5 lbs and packs up to 500 lbs of push force that is perfect for dispensing a wide range of viscous sealants. It is known for its balanced design. Its weight is distributed very evenly on the top of an ergonomic pistol handle grip. This means better control and comfort during use. Its frame is made of metal and plastic.

One of its great feats is the variable speed adjuster that allows you to dispense varied sized beads. This allows you to seal different sizes of gaps/cracks without big changes in your speed and workflow. The kit is also energy-efficient. Based on company tests, this cordless caulk gun is capable of dispensing 200 tubes of caulk in a single 18V battery.

Budget Pick: Astro Pneumatic Tool Air Caulking Gun (AST-405)

A quality budget pick is the Astro Pneumatic Tool Air Caulking Gun. This is a cheap but good-quality pneumatic gun with a pressure of 50 PSI. It has a slick coating that helps your clean-up process post-work. It is lightweight (weights around 2.7 lbs) and offers a clean finish. One of its limitations, however, is that you need to have an added air pressure regulator for best control.

How to Use a Caulking Gun

Most cordless caulking guns out there include manuals for loading cartridge and assembling parts. Many, however, do not give enough information when it comes to its application. In case this is your first time using a cordless caulking gun, you can just follow these simple steps.

  • Load caulk

    Most caulking gun has a release trigger at its rear. Press it with your thumb to release the plunger at the back of the gun. To load your caulk cartridge, you need to pull the plunger all the way back and insert the tube with the nozzle in front. You need to position and push the plunger into the back of the tube. Remove your thumb so it would lock and load.

  • Cut the tip, puncture the inner seal

    Make a small cut at the tip of the cartridge. In most cases, it would be ideal that the hole matches the size of the crack/gap/hole that you want to seal. If you are not sure about the size, just start with a small cut that you can work with. For its inner seals, push a pin to puncture it. Some caulking guns come with cutter and pins that you can use.

  • Position your caulk gun

    Once you are set, you can now apply the caulk. Just hold the gun near the crack/gap that you want to seal. Do not place it point-blank to avoid the messy spread of caulk. Just make sure that the nozzle is near the part that you want to seal.

  • Apply the caulk, regulate the flow

    Squeeze the caulk gun’s handle/trigger towards you to release the caulk. In this case, the pressure of your kit determines the flow of your sealant. But you can also manually regulate the flow based on the duration and power of your squeeze. When you can’t squeeze the handle any longer, just release it since it will spring back and reload automatically. Apply more caulk whenever deemed necessary.

  • Finishing touches

    You can level and smoothen the applied caulk with your finger or dry cloth. The dry time and cure time of caulk vary depending on the brand and type. Just follow the instruction from your purchased product.


When it comes to cordless caulking gun, we have Dripless Inc. ETS2000 Ergo Composite Caulk Gun as our top pick. Its value stands our considering its functionality and price. It is also a heavy-duty product that professionals and homeowners would surely enjoy.