Best Cream Blush


Makeup blushes are a staple item in most women’s vanity. It is quick-fix for looking naturally glowing and radiant. Unfortunately, not all blushes are formulated the same way. While some of them can give your cheeks a nice hint of color, there are also blushes that can make you look flat. This goes particularly true with powder blushes.

To give you a more natural finish, we decided to review the best cream blush for you. Whether you are using a foundation or a BB cream as a base, the products mentioned in this review can enhance your skin’s natural glow.

Our Pick: NYX Cream Blush

NYX Cream Blush is the best cream blush you can find. It has this velvety smooth texture that makes application a breeze. Apart from that, its color is long lasting, too. Take note that although it’s marketed as a cream blush, it actually has a powdery finish that will make you look naturally glowing. This is actually nice if you have oily skin or you simply prefer a matte finish. It has no fragrance or any hint of scent.

This cream blush has an interesting packaging. Its case is black but its top part is transparent. This helps you easily distinguish between shades even at a glance. As for application, it works well when applied by fingers or stippling brush. If you want a more natural result, go for the latter. Just make sure that you get a tiny amount at a time as it’s highly pigmented.

The price isn’t that expensive but it performs really well. In fact, it makes a great dupe for high-end brands, like Mac.

Runner Up: Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush

Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush is another great product to (seriously) consider. It contains photochromatic pigments that will leave your skin with a beautiful glow. It’s lightweight and feels really soft on the skin, like silk.

The blush feels creamy to the touch while in the pan. However, once you apply it on your cheeks, it turns dry and thin. Despite this, the blush still has this “slip” that makes application really easy. You can do it with your fingers or a brush.

If you are looking for the best cream blush that offers a sheer finish, you won’t get disappointed with this one. It also makes a great choice for those who are looking for intense hues as this one’s buildable, too. There’s no sticky feeling even though it’s a cream blush.

Also Great

L’Oreal Paris Magic Smooth Souffle Blush made it to this list for good reasons. For one, it has a texture that easily melts into the skin. It has a fresh and natural finish that can last all day. And by natural, it means utilizing luminescence to give you soft flushed cheeks. The product feels soft and it’s easy to blend. If you have dry skin, this won’t accentuate any of your problem areas. It will just give you an airbrushed result.

Budget Pick

E.L.F Beautifully Bare Blush makes a great choice if you are looking for the best cream blush that won’t burn holes in your wallet. For its cheap price, you can create a natural-looking flawless look whether you are attending a special event or just for daily wear.

The product features a cream to powder formula that feels weightless. Its pigment is so good that you can even use it to add a hint of color on your cheeks. And the best part is that you can also find nourishing ingredients in this blush. This includes Argan oil and Vitamin E.

Another nice thing about the product is that it contains a good amount of product. Housing 0.35 oz of blush, this can actually last you quite awhile.

How To Use A Cream Blush

When you’ve been used to powder blushes, transitioning to a cream blush might not sound that easy. With the wrong technique and tool, you can end up with an awkward looking spot of color on your cheeks.

As a guide, here’s how you can apply a cream blush like a pro.

  • Pick the right base.

    Ideally, you should work with products of the same medium if you want to get a flawless result. Using a cream blush over powder foundation, for example, can result in patchy application. A cream foundation, BB cream or a tinted moisturizer should make a great base for this type of blush. If you really want to use a powder foundation, apply it on top of your cream blush instead of the other way around.

  • Use your fingers.

    Although you can use your makeup brushes, cream blushes are best applied using fingertips. The warmth of your fingers can help melt the product better into your skin.

  • Don’t forget to blend.

    Having hard edges can make your blush look really unnatural so make sure to check and double check your work. Use your fingers or a makeup sponge to really work the product seamlessly.

  • Top off with a powder blush.

    This is optional. However, if you want longevity and a more natural look, it’s best if you don’t skip this step. Dusting a powder blush that has a similar shade than your cream blush can keep your makeup on longer.


In case you applied too much cream blush, just get the blush or brush you used to apply your foundation. Just use whatever is left on your tool to correct your mistake.