Best Cushion Foundation


The best cushion foundation can seriously step up your makeup game.

While your favorite foundation can give you the coverage you need to look flawless and radiant, applying it can take some time. If you’re not a pro at makeup, you can easily spend 5 to 10 minutes just perfecting your base.

This is where the best cushion foundation can help you. With almost the same coverage as your liquid and cream foundations, a cushion foundation can help hide your unwanted blemishes without the long application time.

To get started, here are the best brands that aced our review.

Our Pick: L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation

L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation offers a luminous finish with a sheer to medium coverage. It feels thinner than most foundations which is a great thing if you’re looking for something that’s not too heavy on the skin. It feels hydrating and leaves a refreshing and dewy finish you’ll love. Plus, there’s no annoying scent, too.

The product is perfect for those who have dry skin. Just a small amount of concealer to hide your blemishes and you’re good to go. However, if you have oily skin, one way you can make this cushion foundation work for you is to set it with a setting powder.

The product holds up pretty well as it can last for a few hours. And if you need to retouch, you can conveniently do so as its packaging is compact. You can just put it in your makeup kit and bring it to work.

Runner Up: Missha M Magic Cushion SPF50+/PA+++

If you have oily and acne-prone skin, you’ll surely enjoy Missha M Magic Cushion. It’s a long-lasting cushion foundation that won’t crease or end up settling on your fine lines. It has no notable scent or fragrance to annoy your senses.

The coverage of this product is phenomenal. Just one layer and it can cover most of your blemishes and discolorations. It utilizes sebum control powder to give you a flawless, shine-free look. It can last for 12 hours on your skin.

Even though the product is a great fit for oily skin, it doesn’t mean that it won’t work for those who have a drier skin type. With a good layer of moisturizer, you should be able to blend the product easily. With its baobab tree fruit extract, this cushion foundation can also provide enough moisture to your skin. It also has witch hazel extract which gives a soothing effect.

Also Great: Laneige BB Cushion SPF 50+ Pa+++ Foundation

If you have the money to splurge on a good cushion foundation, this is the product for you. Laneige BB Cushion Foundation has whitening and brightening properties, thanks to its White Plus Renew Complex. It’s very pigmented so a small amount can cover most of your skin imperfections. It has a good staying power and a slightly dewy finish to make sure you won’t end up looking cakey and chalky after a few hours.

However, for the product to last that long, you’ll need to set it with powder. It won’t set on its own and it can transfer to almost anything it gets in contact with. It can even move around the area where your eyeglasses sit.

The cushion foundation is lightweight that you’ll barely feel it on your face. Even though it has whitening properties, it won’t leave the skin on your face too pale against the rest of your body. It looks natural, soft, and beautiful.

One of the things you might not like about the product is its scent. It has this typical Laneige scent which you can find in most of their products. It will linger around for a few hours after application but it’s not that intense to make you feel uncomfortable.

Budget Pick: Maybelline Dream Cushion Fresh Face Liquid Foundation

For our budget pick, we chose Maybelline Dream Cushion Fresh Face Liquid Foundation. It has a medium to full coverage which is really nice for its price. It has light diffusers which can trick people into thinking that you’re looking radiant and glowing.

Compared with the other cushion foundations in this list, Maybelline Dream Cushion Fresh Face Liquid Foundation is a bit creamier. It’s hydrating but not too greasy or sticky on the skin. It is easy to apply and blend without highlighting your dry, patchy areas. It doesn’t leave a white cast on the face, too.

How to Use a Cushion Foundation

Cushion foundations aren’t just an overhyped product. When used correctly, it can actually upgrade your makeup game.

But how exactly do you apply a cushion foundation? Here are some tips you can use to get that flawless result.

  • Apply a primer.

    Whether you have oily or dry skin, using a primer can be a great help for your cushion foundation. A good primer can give your foundation something to adhere to which can extend its wear time.

  • Push the puff into the cushion.

    Press down the puff gently and check how much product you were able to pick up. Pressing it too hard can saturate the puff and that can give you a hard time in applying the cushion foundation. After that, you can twist the puff on the cushion to evenly distribute the product.

  • Tap the product on the skin.

    This is the key to achieving natural-looking results. Use a light tapping motion to make sure you apply the product evenly. As an alternative, you can use the press-and-roll motion.

    As much as possible, avoid swiping the product on your skin. It can create streaks and won’t help in building the coverage you want.

    Now, if you aren’t comfortable using the puff, you can use your fingers. Just make sure that they are nice and clean to prevent bacteria from getting into your pores and causing pimples.

  • Only apply on areas where you need coverage.

    Because most cushion foundations are really pigmented, it can be tempting to apply them all over your face. While that helps in achieving flawless skin, it can result in a one-dimension look that can be quite unnatural. So, instead of using your cushion foundation on your entire face, just apply it on areas where you need coverage.

    If you really need to use it on your whole face, you can use a bronzer to add warmth to your face. Apply it on your cheekbones, jawline, hairline, and sides of your forehead.