6 Best Detangling Brushes for Curly Hair


Can’t take the pain anymore as you untangle the stubborn strands of your curls? Stop hurting yourself and start looking for a good detangling brush!

Luckily, we prepared a list of high-quality options topped with the best detangling brush for curly hair so you won’t have to do a lot of research anymore.

Our Pick: Ineffable Care Detangling Brush

The ultimate solutions for detangling curly hair are boar bristles and nylon pins. These bristles and pins are excellent at stimulating your scalp to boost natural oil, moisturizing your hair to soften tangles. That’s why Ineffable Care Detangling Brush highlights this.

Look closely at the design and structure of this product. It is perfectly vented to work well with your blow dryer, allowing your hair to dry faster than ever.

Also, observe the head of this brush. It is bigger than the standard size with prominent curves to dominate your scalp. This leads to better stimulation to increase the amount of natural oil.

Runner Up: Beauty By Earth Detangling Brush

Another high-quality choice using boar bristles, Beauty By Earth Detangling Brush can massage your scalp. Instead of pain, it will enhance relaxation.

With long-term use, this product will keep your hair healthy and shiny. It can prevent split ends, breakage, and overall damage. Your whole family can use this brush.

It won’t matter if your hair is too thick. This brush combines boar bristles with nylon pins. The result is easier brushing without hurting your scalp.

Also Great: pureGLO Natural Detangling Brush

While other brushes here have boar bristles, pureGLO Natural Detangling Brush uses genuine sandalwood. How unique, right? Green sandalwood bristles are rich in essential oil, making it effective in spreading natural oil all over your hair.

Another great thing about wooden bristles is how versatile they are. You can brush your hair with these even if it is soaking wet or overly dry. So, it only goes to show that this product is ideal for prepping your hair before a styling process.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to aggressively brush your hair with this wooden product. This brush is really durable. In fact, intense brushing will only provide you good results as this detangling brush stimulates your scalp to boost hair growth.

Also Great: HeyBeauty Magic Detangling Brush

There’s another type of bristles that can effectively detangle curly hair. HeyBeauty Magic Detangling Brush uses polyester fibre bristles for increased flexibility. As a plus, the bristles come in different sizes to ensure quick separation of hair strands.

Meanwhile, the entire brush is heat-resistant which is ideal when you’re blow-drying your hair. It will never lose its original form even if you’d expose it to intense heat.

Regarding the matte handle, it won’t slip from your hands even though they’re slippery due to hair products.

Also Great: iLAZ Natural Detangling Brush

It is already a given that iLAZ Natural Detangling Brush has high-quality boar bristles just like the top product. However, it takes packaging up a notch with its interesting set of freebies.

This product comes with a wooden comb and a classy gift box. It looks really elegant, making it an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Budget Pick: IBEET Vent Detangling Brush

If you’re particular about having vents around your brush, then here’s a more affordable option for you. IBEET Vent Detangling Brush is really good at flipping your hair which helps your blow dryer reach different angles.

The whole brush can flex with its prominent curves to massage your entire scalp. Overall, it is bigger and softer than some choices here for faster drying and styling.

How to Select the Best Detangling Brush for Curly Hair

We compared all six products before we decided which one is the best detangling brush for curly hair. Check out the factors we considered:

  • Bristles

    The three types of bristles we encountered during our research are boar, sandalwood, and polyester. Allow us to explain one by one.

    Sandalwood bristles are known as the best wooden type for detangling. They have a smooth surface, leading to an effortless glide through your hair – wet or dry. They’re also very durable and environment-friendly.

    Unfortunately, any type of wooden bristles lacks nylon pins for better scalp stimulation. That’s too bad because nylon pins are also excellent in brushing thick curly hair. Wooden bristles also find it hard to brush hard-to-reach areas of your scalp.

    Meanwhile, polyester bristles are the most durable. They can bend and flex every day without experiencing deterioration. Also, their flexibility makes them superior when it comes to stimulating your scalp.

    However, natural oil doesn’t stay too long on polyester bristles. That means polyester fibres are not the best when it comes to spreading moisture, which is a huge factor to detangle hair.

    On the other hand, the best product here uses boar bristles. These bristles have been existing for centuries already. Their handling of natural oil is too perfect that their impact is comparable to modern moisturizers like hair serums and conditioners.

    Natural oil really stays in boar bristles, which is then used to coat each hair strand to become smoother. Obviously, a smoother hair is tangle-free.

  • Vents

    Our top product is the only boar bristle brush here that has well-designed vents. This feature is essential if you’re blow-drying your hair daily.

    Vents will make it easier for you to blow-dry all sections of your hair. They contribute to faster drying.

  • Size

    Bigger brushes are better at detangling curly hair. Since curls give volume to your hair, your locks become thicker. Of course, smaller brushes can’t handle that.

    Another advantage of having extra-large brushes is better scalp stimulation. If you massage your scalp every day with a big detangling brush, more natural oil will be produced.


With its high-quality boar bristles, well-designed vents, and bigger size, Ineffable Care Detangling Brush tops our list. Being the best detangling brush for curly hair, it is effective at spreading natural oil all over your strands to enhance smoothness.

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