Best Diesel Portable Generators


The best diesel portable generators are powerful gen-sets with durability as well as undeniable muscle. These generators can be used to power household along with commercial appliances. You can use these generators on camping expeditions and backup power. Unlike gas portable generators, diesel portable generators do not have spark plugs. As long as diesel engines have fuel and air, and as long as you can turn the engine over, then they will definitely start. Diesel portable generators are equipped with engines that are more reliable than gas-powered generators. These generators are more robust, and they are long-lasting.

Best Diesel Portable Generators Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceRunning WattageSurge/Starting Wattage Voltage Fuel Tank Capacity Run Time at Half Load Engine HorsepowerLow Oil Shutdown
All Powered APG32014$$$$5,000 watts6,500 watts120 volts3.3 gallons10 hours10Yes
Pro-Series GENSD73$5,500 watts7,000 watts120 volts4 gallons7 hours9Yes
Kipor Power KDE5000TA 3$5,000 watts5,000 watts120 volts4 gallons6.5 hoursYes
ETQ DG4LE4$$4,400 watts4,900 watts120 volts3.96 gallons11 hours8.04Yes
Ramsond Portable 8933$5,700 watts6,500 watts120 volts4.3 gallons8.5 hours11Yes

Select the Best Diesel Portable Generators

Generator Type, Size, and Load Pattern

You should always start your selection by considering the right type and size. You should do this with respect to the types of loads. Remember, not all appliances would consume power consistently or in the same manner. You can conveniently choose your desired diesel portable generator based on the following load patterns.

The first load pattern involves appliances with constant consumption, including kitchen resistors and incandescent bulbs. The second load pattern involves appliances with a peak in the startup, in which considerably more is consumed for a few seconds than that consumed thereafter. Ideally, these are appliances that consist of motors. In this situation, the diesel generator you select has to be able to keep up with the sharp increase in consumption at the starting peak.

Estimating the Power Requirement

To be able to choose the best diesel portable generator for your appliances, you are advised to always measure the consumption if you can. Avoid as much as possible surprises due to misrepresentations and misleading assumptions. Take note of the usefulness of the power indicated on the appliance nameplate.

When using labels, you should take note of the following: power consumption depends greatly on the way you use your appliance. For instance, some appliances may consume more power if you use them for demanding jobs; and some consumption can be hidden. You should also optimize your consumption before you size your desired diesel generator.

Best Features to Look For

The best diesel portable generators you choose should be made of an engine made of a heavy-duty cast iron sleeve design since this helps to improve performance and longevity. The engine specs should include electric push start as well as recoil start. The presence of both startup mechanisms is useful during winter. The electric push start also does not consume much of your muscles when compared to recoil start.

Ensure the gen-set you consider buying has the following protection mechanisms: overvoltage protection, auto low-oil shutoff, and circuit protection. All these features combined help to protect your generator engine from damage, and improve the generators lifespan conveniently. Select the best diesel portable generators that have the most fitting continuous as well as surge wattage. Ensure that the continuous and surge wattage fulfil the needs of your appliance. Of all the features, you should engage diesel generators with a suitable noise level that will not interfere with your activities.

Consider the Voltage and Frequency Variations with Load

Normally, the motor of a diesel portable generator rotates at a constant speed, which is what determines the frequency of supply. The application of appliances causes the generator to slow down. Therefore, when the generator detects that it is being slowed, it increases the fuel input and accelerates again to try to regain cruising speed. The speed variations are followed by variations in voltage. The variations may potentially ruin your sensitive appliances. Therefore, when selecting a diesel portable generator, you should specify the type of response in addition to the power.

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