Best Dish Soap


Doing the dishes is not a very pleasurable task but with the right dish soap, it could be less daunting and much easier. There are many brands of dishwashing liquid. We’ve made a list of the best options available that for your consideration for your kitchen. Our choices are based on cleaning power, safety, and other factors.

If you do not already know, dish soaps also have the power to remove stains even on clothes. But only certain types of dishwashing detergents. Take a look at how to remove grease stains to learn more. For cleaning your kitchen counter and other parts of your home, this guide on the best all purpose cleaner can help you pick the right one.

So how do you choose the perfect dish soap for your kitchen? Our list includes a variety of liquids with diverse combinations of ingredients and cleaning features.

Our Pick: Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap Basil

Number one on our list is the Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap Basil. It effectively removes grease, eliminates stains, removes dirt and residue. This has 97% naturally derived ingredients. It includes soap bark extract which is one of nature’s best degreasers. This soap is appropriate for gray water systems and it has a natural pH. It also contains glycerin, aloe, and citric others among other essential ingredients.

You only need to apply a squirt or two of the liquid in a sink full of warm water to make it cut grease and keep your dishes clean and bright.

Runner Up: Seventh Generation Dish Liquid

Second on our list is the Seventh Generation Dish Liquid. This is a natural dish soap so it is very safe for you and your family. It has the power of an overnight soak in just 5 minutes. This dishwashing liquid is tough on grease but is soft on the hands. So you will not get any irritation from using this soap. It comes from plants and not petroleum, and it’s USDA certified.

This soap is also free of dyes as well as synthetic fragrances. It’s unscented so this is perfect for those who have allergies.

Also Great

Another strong and efficient product is the Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid. This dish soap contains three times more grease cleaning power. It has a concentrated formula that will help you get through more dishes with using less of the liquid. This means that it is a great value because the bottle will last longer in your kitchen.

The great thing is that you can also use this soap to clean your drains in your sink and other parts of your house. You can even clean your makeup brushes with it.

If you’re conscious about using only natural products, the Method Naturally Derived Gel Dish Pump is perfect for you. It’s biodegradable so it is not harmful to the environment. It comes in a pump bottle so you don’t have to pour it onto your sponge. Just press on the pump and it will dispense the dish soap. Or squirt it directly to the stain, leaving no mess. It has an ultra grease-fighting formula.

It’s gentle on the skin so this is great for those with sensitive skin. It will not dry your hands or make your skin itch.

The Palmolive Ultra Pure and Clear Dish Liquid is also a good alternative. It’s a clear dish soap that makes cleaning simple. It is hypoallergenic. It’s clear and has no heavy fragrances so it will not irritate your nose or skin. This also has no dyes and it is tough on grease and gentle on your senses. It’s great for people who have allergies to strong scents. This is the solution that you’re looking for.

It contains biodegradable cleaning ingredients so this is also good for the environment and not just for your home. It still does have a scent but it’s not a heavy fragrance.

Budget Pick

The most affordable and great quality option is the Ajax Triple Action Dish Liquid. This dish soap provides a pleasant and powerful dish cleaning experience along with its lively scent of oranges. It cuts grease to get your dishes clean. The soap also washes away bacteria on hands so you can also use it as a hand soap. Wash away dirt and bacteria for 20 seconds under clean running water.

It also fights odors on your dishes so it will not leave any unpleasant smells. It strips grease and removes food that was stuck. This is a kosher product and is phosphate free.

How to Choose the Best Dish Soap

You use a dish soap or dishwashing liquid primarily to remove oil and grease from your dishes. Of course, all soaps have cleaning properties. But it’s the effectiveness of the formula that you need to check and try to avoid worrisome ingredients.

  • Strips Grease

    Your dish soap needs to be able to strip and cut through grease. Otherwise, it will be very hard for you and consume too much time to clean up your dishes. So much more when it comes to your pots and pans, and food that has been stuck on the plates for a while. Check if the formula is strong enough to handle grease and oil.

  • Value

    Be careful in choosing the size of your dish soap. Some may come in bigger bottles but the consistency of the liquid is too thin that you end up using more of them. Choose one that has good concentrate so that you only need to use a small amount for it to be effective. This way, even a smaller bottle would last longer.

  • Hypoallergenic

    If you have sensitive skin or senses, you must choose a dish soap that is hypoallergenic. Avoid those with heavy scents or perfumes. There are some soaps that are still scented but not heavily fragrant.

  • Gentle on Skin

    If your skin gets easily irritated or scratched, check that the dish soap has a gentle formula that would not harm your skin. There are some dish soaps that are very gentle that you can even use them as hand soap.

Be smart when choosing a dish soap because you can maximize it to clean other things in your home. You can use a strong soap to clean off stains on clothes and clean drains.