Best Double Electric Breast Pump: The Top 6 Choices For Busy Moms


Are you looking for a faster way to get more breast milk for your baby?

Let’s face it – ordinary breast pumps won’t work. Manual pumps are too time-consuming while single electric pumps may not be enough for frequent use.

If you’re a mom who needs to get back to work soon, just thinking about your baby getting hungry while you’re at work can make you feel paranoid and anxious.

Here’s the good news:

With the best double electric breast pump, you’ll be able to pump more milk in less time. This ensures that your baby won’t get hungry and you won’t be late for work.

If you’re curious to know what our top choices are, here are the best double electric breast pumps you can get your hands on today.

Our Pick: Spectra Baby USA Double Electric Breast Pump

A common complaint about double electric breast pumps is their narrow tubes. Cleaning a delicate tubing system is such a hassle. Good thing that Spectra Baby USA Double Electric Breast Pump solves that problem.

Because of the closed tubing system of this BPA-free product, you don’t need to clean the tubes anymore. Why? The system maintains dryness inside the tubes.

The closed system prevents air flow between the breast milk and tubes. This protects the milk from viruses, mold, and bacteria.

Another issue about electric breast pumps is the tricky adjustment of the suction rate. That’s why a lot of moms prefer the hand pump. However, Spectra Baby USA Double Electric Breast Pump can follow the user’s body response.

Runner Up: Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump

Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump comes in a convenient travel tote. It includes everything you might need while pumping.

What sets this product apart from its competitors is the additional features. It has a battery pack so you can still pump while you’re far away from home.

The unique part of the set, however, is the cooler bag. It can chill up to four bottles of breast milk. How perfect is that when you’re traveling with your baby?

Also Great: Gland Double Electric Breast Pump

Another perfect option for travel, Gland Double Electric Breast Pump is so portable. It is very compact and lightweight.

When it comes to innovation, this silicone product beats most of its competitors. It has a USB port so you can charge it anywhere you want. It also saves your last settings using its Memory Function.

Additionally, this breast pump works quietly. It can even massage your breasts to help you relax while pumping. Lastly, its pumping rhythm mimics the inconsistent sucking pattern of babies.

Also Great: Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump

Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump is another innovative device. It can use Bluetooth to save your sessions and activities in an app.

Regarding comfort, the breast cups have soft rims. In addition, this product is convenient because you can put it in any diaper bag.

Also Great: Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Comfort is the number one priority of Philips AVENT Double Electric Breast Pump. The design lets you have a more comfortable position while pumping. Its cushion can also stimulate milk flow.

This product uses the gentle setting at first. Then, it follows your preferred setting. The gradual change ensures that you won’t get stressed out while pumping.

Budget Pick: Real Bubee Double Electric Breast Pump

Real Bubee Double Electric Breast Pump is the most affordable one here, but its innovative design can match its top competitors. You can charge it through its USB port.

This product can utilize a minimal amount of power. So, it works smoothly, saves more power, and does not vibrate too much.

How to Select the Best Double Electric Breast Pump

To create our list of top products, we considered a few things first to make sure that you’ll have the most reliable information. Check out the following factors:

  • Convenience

    We believe that a convenient double electric breast pump should be portable and easy to clean.

    To be portable, all components should be compact and lightweight. They should fit most types of bags, especially the smaller ones. This feature is crucial since breastfeeding moms need to release their milk from time to time.

    Fortunately, some double electric breast pumps come with a free tote. The tote usually has several compartments to perfectly organize the components.

    Meanwhile, convenient breast pumps should be easy to clean as well. Electric pumps are usually frustrating to clean because of their narrow tubes. To solve this issue, manufacturers follow the closed system.

    If the system is securely covered with a tough housing, the tubes will stay dry. Bacteria and other harmful organisms thrive in moist places.

  • Comfort

    Electric breast pumps generally have that constant rhythm since they work automatically. They are unlike actual breastfeeding wherein the baby sucks milk at an irregular pace. Most moms just don’t feel comfortable with the suction rate of automatic pumps.

    Thankfully, newer models of electric breast pumps managed to address the problem. Some of them follow the biological cues of the user while others mimic the timing of babies.

    Aside from having incredibly soft breast shields, some comfortable electric pumps can massage the user to stimulate milk flow. They can even work quietly, too.

  • Innovation

    Technological advancements happen all the time, so it is only rational to look for something more modern than a typical electric breast pump. Innovation can take you to a whole new level of convenience.

    Electric pumps use electricity, obviously. But, how can you use them when you’re not home? The solution is simple – USB charging.

    Pumps with USB ports can be powered by usual devices, such as laptops and power banks. This is crucial to working and traveling moms.

    Wait, it gets better!

    Some double electric pumps nowadays can use Bluetooth. The goal is to transfer all data such as settings to an app. If you like to track your breastfeeding sessions, you need this feature.


The best double electric breast pump should be convenient, comfortable, and innovative. That’s why we selected Spectra Baby USA Double Electric Breast Pump as our top product. Our favorite features from this product are its closed tubing system and stress-free suction rate.