Best Down Comforters for Summer


Comforters are generally used to provide extra warmth and… Well, comfort! While they are especially crucial to have during the colder seasons, they are also great for the summer, especially if you have an air conditioning in your bedroom. Comforters don’t only help warm you up, but they also increase the overall quality of your sleep, especially for those who have trouble sleeping. The fluffy comfort that it brings can ease stress in the body and more importantly, psychologically.

If you want to know more about comforters in general, you can check our Best Comforters Buying Guide, which will also give you a better idea about the basic types of Comforters and hag they’re best for.

Best Down Comforters for Summer Comparison Table 2017

nameratingpricetypeweight (pounds)cover
Natural Comfort Classic4.4$Goose Down6.7 poundsCotton
Pinzon Signature Pyrenees4.2$Goose Down7 poundsCotton
Chezmoi Collection White4.4$Alternative5.5 poundsPoly Fiber
LUXURIOUS Queen Size4.5$$$Goose Down6 poundsEgyptian Cotton

How to Choose the Best Comforter for Summer

If you have checked the article on the link above, you will know that there are at least two types of comforters, speaking at a very wide scope; down comforters and the alternative. To simplify this guide, here is a short description of both.

  • Down Comforters

    These are made of down feathers that came from the underbelly of waterfowl like ducks and geese. Goose Down is the most popular type though not necessarily always the best. Down has a three-dimensional structure that allows each cluster of down feathers to trap air and generate warmth. This is something that is still not parallel to what synthetic materials can provide.

  • Alternative Down Comforters

    For people who are allergic to down fillings, there are alternative down comforters that can also provide great comfort and warmth. Alternative down comforters are usually filled with synthetic materials. Those who have asthma usually are very sensitive to Goose Down Comforters because these are feathers.

Take a look at the general guide to see some example brands that offer the types of comforters above.

Factors to Consider

Now that you know the basic differences between down and alternative comforters, here are some factors to consider when choosing a comforter that will be best during warmer seasons.

  • Fluffiness

    As most would agree, the fluffier the comforter is, the more comfortable it is. However, when it could get really warm, even if you have air-conditioning, a less fluffy comforter might be more ideal. Or if you live in areas where it gets really cold but also really warm, you can get something like an all season comforter, such as the Grand Down Alternative Comforter.

  • Weight

    Lightweight comforters are generally better during the summer because the weight can add warmth to the body. If you are using an over sized comforter for your bed, you might want to switch them and reserve them for winter.

  • Special Qualities

    Some comforters are especially designed to be best for warmer months or summer seasons. Look for the ones that do NOT absorb the body’s heat when it comes in contact with it. It must also not absorb the room’s temperature, so even if it gets warmer inside, toward the morning, the comforter’s warmth will remain at constant. An example of this is the KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert Twin.

  • Covers

    The cover is the one that directly comes in contact with your skin, so make sure that it is not something that will over generate heat for your body. Cotton is generally a good cover material for Summer. Then, there are those that are great for all seasons, such as Egyptian cotton, as featured in the Royal Hotel’s Queen Size Down-Comforter.

  • Machine Washable

    It is an absolute must, today, that your comforter be machine washable and better if it is also dryer safe. With today’s lifestyle, it would be such a hassle to have to handwash anything bigger than a shirt, unless of course, you have all the time in the world. Check for the manufacturer’s specifications if the comforter is safe for machine wash and dry.

  • Hypoallergenic

    Summer can trigger allergies too. Aside from getting an alternative down comforter, you can simply choose one that is guaranteed hypoallergenic. It is not always very nice to sacrifice the material you would have preferred just because you have allergies, when you can get the same comfort with one that is hypoallergenic. Of course, be prepared to spend some extra cash.


Finding the right comforter for the summer season would greatly depend on your location as well. Try to find out the humidity in your area and how rapidly the weather changes, because even summer can bring fierce storms in some places. So there is really no one perfect comforter.

It would also base on your body. If you are a cold sleeper, even the summer nights may be cold for you and you might not need to change the comforter you used in the fall. To have a better idea of how the comforter feels, check for customer reviews online and see what they have to say depending on where they are.

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