6 Best Drill Bit Sets to Help You Conquer Any DIY Project


Are you about to embark on a new DIY project? If it will require lots of drilling, you better get your hands on a high-quality set of drill bits.

A good collection of drill bits should come in different shapes and sizes. They must also be made of heavy-duty materials to easily drill through wood, metal, or plastic.

Without further ado, here’s the best drill bit set together with other excellent options:

Our Pick: DEWALT DW1354 Titanium Drill Bit Set

One problem about low-quality drill bits is how messy their holes are. Fortunately, DEWALT DW1354 Titanium Drill Bit Set has pieces that instantly starts on contact for tidier holes. It is ideal for woodworking projects.

The beauty of titanium pilot point is improved durability. It lasts longer than the usual black oxide. In addition, this product has a tapered web to reduce breaking, increasing durability even more.

To prevent slipping, each bit has no-spin shanks. Lastly, this set comes with a durable case so you can carry it anywhere you go. The carrying case will also allow you to organize the bits inside.

Runner Up: Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

When it comes to versatility, Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set is hard to beat. It is made of high-speed steel with titanium coating. Because of its composition, it can drill holes in stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, and different kinds of sheet metal.

Because of its 135-degree split point tip, this product has a faster cutting speed than most of its competitors. It also has a two-flute structure to clear chips quickly and let particles escape without any hassle. Additionally, it has a tri-flatted shank as well to easily fit into power tools and reduce slip.

Also Great: Bosch MS4034 Drill and Drive Bit Set

Since we’re talking about bit sets, why not include driver bits as well? Bosch MS4034 Drill and Drive Bit Set has a versatile collection of accessories for fastening and drilling. It is perfect for daily home, workshop, and garage projects.

Focusing on driver bits, their design reduces breakage to the screw head. It also improves bit-gripping power.

Meanwhile, the split tips of the drill bits contribute to easier drilling and more applications – metal, wood, and masonry. Everything can be organized in a tough carrying case.

Also Great: CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt Step Drill Bit Set

For its own version of durability, CO-Z 5pcs Hss Cobalt Step Drill Bit Set uses cobalt high-speed steel coated with titanium. All pieces will stay shiny for a long time as if they’re still brand-new.

To ensure compatibility with 1/4-, 3/8- and 1/2-inch chucks, the shanks come in different sizes. Meanwhile, just like other effective drill bits, each piece has a non-walking tip to maintain efficiency on metal sheets and wood boards. And of course, the set has a free carrying case.

Also Great: Drill Hog 115 Pc Drill Bit Set

Instead of the usual steel and titanium, Drill Hog 115 Pc Drill Bit Set uses HI-molybdenum M7 steel. This material has a really high melting point of 4,753 degrees Fahrenheit. Meaning, it can drill through tough surfaces such as grade 8 bolts, spring steel, farm implements, stainless steel, and truck frames.

Budget Pick: Tooluxe 10171L Titanium Drill Bit Set

Despite being the most affordable one here, Tooluxe 10171L Titanium Drill Bit Set is still made of high-speed steel with titanium coating. It can be considered as one of the toughest ones here, which is awesome since it is budget-friendly.

How to Select the Best Drill Bit Set

Planning to look for more options later? Don’t worry because we’re going to teach you how to choose the best drill bit set for your projects.

  • Woodworking Projects

    If you’re usually working with wood, pay attention to this section. High-speed steel bits are enough for making simple holes. Ordinary steel bits are also good for soft wood, but they deteriorate faster. However, titanium coating can change that.

    Another feature essential for wood drilling is the brad point, referring to the bit’s sharp tip that securely holds the drill.

    Meanwhile, spade bits are made for bigger holes but they don’t have spiral flutes to eliminate drilled material. These bits will require you to remove debris from time to time during the process.

    There are even special bits available for some woodworking projects. For example, what if you’ll need to drill a dowel pocket or create a plug? Plug cutters and Forstner bits will be useful for these projects as long as you have a press.

  • Working with Metal

    There are two types of metals: soft and hard. Aluminum is an example of a soft metal while steel is under the hard metal category. Obviously, hard metal needs stronger bits made of carbide, titanium or cobalt.

    Come to think of it, soft metals can also handle strong bits. However, it is not advisable to put too much force on an expensive type of metal. What you really need for soft metals is high-speed steel, an all-purpose material.

    High-speed steel bits are obviously faster in drilling holes. Their best feature, however, is how they easily dissipate heat which is crucial for tidier results.

    Drilling thin metals is another story. You have to consider the bit’s shape. The ideal one for thin surfaces is the conical-shaped step bit. This type of bit can already give different diameter selections without the need for another piece.

  • Masonry & Other Projects

    Fortunately, all aforementioned bits will be useful for PVC, plastic, and fiberglass as well. Just do the process slowly to avoid melting the material.

    Just a special tip about drilling concrete, you should use bits with a sloping tip. These bits must also be coated with carbide or any other material that’s extremely strong.

    If you’re going to work with glass, choose specialty bits only. Look for bits that can make tidy holes on glass without shattering the material.


Creating holes is not enough; each hole must also be neat for more durable and beautiful results. That’s why we selected DEWALT DW1354 as the best drill bit set. Another great thing about this product is its titanium pilot point, making it a really durable option.

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