Best Ear Thermometer By Iproven Review



While researches have had made it clear that tympanic thermometers are the best thermometers in the market, there are still researches going on to prove how to make each thermometer better and more accurate than the other.

Iproven has proved that by making a thermometer whose probe lens is made up of sapphire rather than fused silica giving consistent and accurate results every time. This is an innovative product given that many thermometers in the market do not have sapphire in them, hence elevating the thermometer’s standard.

Features and Specifications

While buying a thermometer the biggest concern in everyone’s mind is: whether the results given by the thermometer are reliable or not. With many thermometers in the market by various companies it gets difficult for you to choose your favorite product that comes under your budget, gives fast results, is easy to use and most of all does not compromise on accuracy.

Keeping this view in mind the research facility in Iproven has made a thermometer that has probe lens made up of sapphire instead of fused silica and this feature allows you to have the most accurate, reliable and exact results every time you use it.

Despite this inventive style, some users have still complained about it being inconsistent with the readings while taking several readings in a row and thus how returning the product.

  • Display and Design

    The thermometer is small an easy to carry. With less functions and buttons it is easy to understand and use it. It has a large front screen that make it’s fairly easy to see the results while you have the thermometer inserted in the ear.

    The display screen has its own back light that will make sure you can take the temperature without turning the lights on causing least discomfort to your child. The probe is not covered and it does not require lens filters so you just have to wipe it clean with a sanitized wipe or alcohol.

    There is no audio and visual guide to ensure that the probe has been correctly placed inside the ear canal and that the temperature is recorded.

  • Speed

    While many ear thermometers in the market claim to provide results in within a second this particular product gives you the result in 3 to 5 seconds. This can be considered a setback as no matter if the product gets brownie points for its exactness and reliability on the results.

    It takes a step back on the speed 3 to 5 seconds isn’t late and fairly much faster than the two minutes time of the oral thermometer it is still not up to the mark of the other thermometers in the market and this is where Is Proven should be working on.

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Iproven manufacturers are so confident about their product that they have given a 40 day money back guarantee with it. So if you use this gadget and you didn’t get satisfactory result you can easily return it back within 40 days of its purchase and you will be returned the entire amount you paid for it without any deductions.

    Giving such a guarantee in today’s market of stiff competition shows the amount of confidence the makers have on this product and hence prove its worth.

  • Packaging

    The product is packaged with a protective case, manual, batteries and the thermometer. The case is small and fits the thermometer just right. It covers it completely so you can handily carry the product wherever you want knowing that it is safe and secure.

    The manual is easy to read and has all the instructions needed. There is a small battery included but because of this there is less battery life and hence you will have to keep on buying batteries every now and then as well as keep spare batteries with you while travelling.


  • Probe lens made up of sapphire rather than fused silica ensuring its accuracy
  • Packaged with protective case
  • Small size
  • Large front display screen with back light
  • Recommended by pediatricians
  • 40 day money back guarantee
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable


  • Reading appears in 3-5 seconds
  • No probe covers means more chances of contamination
  • Small battery life
  • No beep or flash light
  • Inconsistent readings complained by some users

Who Should Buy

This is a product with features that back it to be one of the best, most accurate and easy to use thermometers in the market. If you want to buy such a product that promises you accuracy along with all other specifications required I a good thermometer then this product is right for you.


If you are going out for vacations and you are making a first aid box that requires a thermometer then iproven’s ear thermometer should be your go to ear gadget.

However it does requires practice and training to understand that it is placed correctly inside the ear and hence if you are new to the ear thermometers then it would be better for you to buy those that support an audio and visual guide to signal that you have placed the thermometer correctly.