Best Ear Thermometers Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Ear Thermometers Buying Guide & Reviews
Best Ear Thermometers Buying Guide & Reviews

The Ear thermometers that are also known as tympanic thermometers use the infrared energy of the ear or the surrounding tissues and convert it into temperature. These ear thermometers are commonly used now a day. These ear thermometers give the quick readings and they are mainly preferred by the children as they feel comfortable with it.

These thermometers give the accurate readings and these are perfect for the children above 6 months and adults. However these thermometers are not suitable for the newborns. On the other hand, sometimes the waxy coating inside the ear also interferes the reading of the thermometer. That is one of the major drawbacks of the ear thermometers.

The ear thermometer is controlled by hand and there is a small box on the surface of the thermometer that shows the readings. These thermometers are available in market especially at medical stores. If you are going to use this ear thermometer then consider one thing in mind that the waxy ear disturbs the readings of the thermometer. So try to clean that wax with the advice of a medical specialist and then use the thermometer. Similarly, if someone is having pain or soreness of the ears then it is better to avoid use of the thermometer.

Best Ear Thermometers Buying Guide & Reviews Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceType Category WarrantyFeatures
Braun Ear Thermometer 5$$$Ear useInfrared and ExacTemp technologyNo warrantyPre warmed tips to give the correctness
Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with ExacTemp Technology, IRT4520USSM4.5$$$Oral, underarm and rectal useInfrared technology60 daysProfessional results with a feature of beep and light to confirm the position of the device
Digital Baby Ear Thermometer - DigiThermo By Just-Brill4.5$$Ear useInfrared technologyLife time warrantyGive accurate results, readings in both °C and °F. Also give the internal temperature precisely
Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer4$$Ear useInfrared technologyLife time warrantyGive the readings in one second and a beep confirms the readings at the end
Graco 1 Second Ear Thermometer4$Ear useInfrared Life time warrantyStores last 10 readings, comfortable to use with easy LCD display
Best Ear Thermometer ● the Original Digital Infrared Body Temperature Thermometer By Iproven5$$Ear useInfrared Life time warrantyHighly reliable, quick and easy to use. Perfect for little kids
Pet-Temp Ear Thermometer4$$Ear useInfrared Limited warrantyMeasure the temperature of the pets after injury and disease, especially designed for pregnancy and breeding
Zigabob Digital Infrared Ear Thermometer4$Ear useInfrared Money back guaranteeDesigned Especially for little kids and give the readings in a second. Easy to clean and use
Gogogu Non-contact Infrared Ear Thermometer Baby Thermometer4$Ear useInfrared No warrantyLCD display, flashing light and easy control

Ear Thermometers – An Overview

Ear Thermometer or Tympanic Thermometer is that innovative source of measuring temperature which everyone is tending to. The quality of abrupt measurement is the most prominent feature of it. Another resounding quality is the comfortable use of that thermometer which render, even children not to get irritated by it.

Ear thermometer, despite having a bulk of towering qualities, is not void of some limitations though. For the babies under the age of six months it can be dangerous, plus the reading isn’t accurate when hindered by ear wax. These limitations should be kept into mind while using it. Make sure the cleanliness, watch out the age and avail a great invention.

Things to Remember while Using the Ear Thermometers

It is very important to remember few things in mind before using this ear thermometer.

  • Remember the quantity of the wax varies from left to right ear so always check the readings from both of the ears. That will give you the accurate results.
  • Hold the thermometer in one hand and slightly place the nozzle inside the ear. After that when you will hear the beep to confirm the positioning then leave it to note the readings.
  • Small amount of wax has little influence on the results of the thermometer so clean it. However if there is a huge wax inside then it will change the results of the thermometer.
  • Never use the ear thermometers in an ear which is having pain or swollen with infection. That will lead to severe ear problems, so try to avoid it.
  • Always remember that you should immediately consult to the doctor in case of higher temperatures.
  • Always discuss with your doctors first to use this ear thermometer. Consider the recommendations provided by him and then use it. Also ensures the thing that you are not having any infection of the ear right now.
  • After using the ear thermometer, note the readings of the thermometer. After that throw away the cover of the thermometer and do not use it for the next time. It will ensure your safety of the ear and will prevent it from damaging.
  • Secondly after using the thermometer, clean it and place it at a proper place where it is out of the range of the children.

Things to Consider while Buying Ear Thermometers

Ear thermometers possess various features but before buying these thermometers take following points into consideration to get a good product:

  • Choose the Right Brand

    There are lots of brands in the market that are selling the ear thermometers. But the most important thing to consider is its reliability. Always go for that brand of ear thermometer that provides you all the important features and qualities. Check the consistency of the brand. For that purpose you can search on the internet for the top brands. After that you will be able to get the right brand of the ear thermometer.

    Read the Reviews

    Internet is full of such sites that are selling the ear thermometers online. You can go there and read the reviews of the product. That will help you a lot to find a best brand and as well as a more reliable product. You will come to know all the features and the brands of the ear thermometers. The people who have used the thermometers will give you the best idea to buy an ear thermometer.

  • Compare the Prices

    Search different brands of the ear thermometers, their features and the prices. Then compare the prices of the thermometers with their features. Although the prices of ear thermometers are quite high yet they are reliable too. So you can go for an option to buy a thermometer of a company that offers you an affordable price with all important features of an ear thermometer.

  • Meeting the Standards

    Always confirm the thing that thermometers you’re going to buy meet the standards of international level or not. It means the technology that has been introduced in the ear thermometers is compatible with the hospital devices. So it is very important to go for a device or thermometer that also meets these standards.

  • Check the Resistance of the Device

    It is also very important to note the water resistance capacity of the ear thermometers. A small amount of humidity in ear will not affect the readings of the thermometer, but if there is more humidity then it can change the results of the reading. Similarly if the thermometer is placed at a moist place mistakenly then it will also damage the thermometer. So it is better to buy a thermometer that is water resistance.

  • Satisfactory Warranty

    It is also very important to check the warranty of the ear thermometer. It is very important to select an ear thermometer with longer warranties. However some of the companies provide limited warranties but their features are awesome. Here you can go for that option if you want to change your ear thermometer on regular basis and if you want prodigious features too.

  • Wisely Choose the Technology

    Most of the ear thermometers use the infrared technology to collect and measure the heat. So before buying the product remembers one thing in mind that it is in proper functioning. Wisely choose that one which possesses the best technology regarding heat measurement to get the perfect readings.

  • Don’t Forget to Buy Extra Covers

    The ear thermometers are used to measure the heat of the ear. So it involves the ear. But when you will use this thermometer for anyone else, then there is a possibility of spreading the infection. So it is very important to buy a thermometer that is providing the extra cases along with. Change the cover every time for the next usage. It will prevent you from various sear infections.

  • Material should be Durable

    The ear thermometers are the best option to measure the temperature that is compatible with any other expensive hospital device. But it is very important to note the material of the thermometer to maximize its efficiency. For that purpose check the material of the thermometer and read its booklet to ensure the rigid nature of the thermometer. It will make your thermometer long lasting.


Ear thermometers are widely used to measure the heat of the body by trapping the internal heat of the ear. That involves the laser technology to trap the heat of the ear and give the readings by displaying it on a window on an ear thermometer. These are widely used because of its reliability and easy to use properties. Especially the little children who hesitate to use the oral thermometers, this ear thermometer is best for them, as it gives the readings within few seconds. For parents it is a blessing because of its results and ease of use.