Best Ear Thermometers for Babies


Are you worried about your baby’s health? Is he developing fever every other day? If yes, then the only thing which can help you to get cope with your baby fever problem is buying of the ear thermometer.

It will help you measure the temperature of your baby with ease at home and help you take appropriate action if needed. Here, at this platform you will find a general guideline for parents who use a thermometer for babies, things to consider while buying ear thermometer and a comparison chart of five best babies ear thermometer available in the market.

These all information together will not only help you buy the right thermometer for your baby but also tells you about things which you should look for while using an ear thermometer.

Best Ear Thermometers for Babies Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceWeight FeaturesWhy You Should Buy?
Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer4.5$$7.8 Ounces• Backlist digital display screen
• Non-Contact readings can also be taken
• High accuracy
• Easy to use
• Provides temperature in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit
• Best for domestic as well as professional use
TOP Forehead Baby Premium Digital Thermometer by Zigabob4.5$6.4 Ounces• Long battery life
• Auto shut off
• Digital LCD Display
• Gives accurate readings
• Easy to use
• Best for babies
Digital Baby Thermometer4.5$$0.3 Ounces• Modern non-contact IR technology used
• Automatic alarm indicating high temperature
• Digital display
• FDA Approved
• Durable
• Cost effective
ChoiceMMed Accurate Digital Ear Thermometer4$2.4 Ounces• Gives accurate readings
• LCD Display
• Light in weight
• Best for both child and Adults
• Cost effective
Bailey Digital Infrared Thermometer4$$3.2 Ounces• Gives stable readings
• Measure temperature in Celsius as well as Fahrenheit
• Best for Babies, Child and Adults
• Non-contact Infrared Technology used

Guideline for Parents

Before, I move towards the things which you should consider while buying an ear thermometer for your babies. There is something I want to share with you people. Buying an ear thermometer does not means you have played your part as a parent.

There are some things you still need to look for while using a thermometer for babies. For instance, if your baby is three months older and has a temperature of more than 100-degree centigrade then this is an alarming sign. You should consult the doctor as soon as possible.

The second thing which I want to share on this platform is following precautionary measures while using thermometers particularly mercury thermometers.

Always place the thermometer at a place which is far away from babies range. Moreover, while using a glass thermometer tightly hold your baby until you get the readings. So, he does not try to insert the thermometer in his mouth or break it.

If we particularly talk about the use of ear thermometer then do not insert thermometer too deep in the ear of babies as it can injure their eardrum. These were some general guidelines for parents who use thermometers far and now.

Things to Consider

Following are the major things which you should consider when it comes to buying an ear thermometer for your babies:

  • Type of Thermometer

    Although there are different types of baby thermometers available in the market such as an oral thermometer, under-arms thermometer, rectal thermometer etc. but among all types of thermometers, ear thermometers are mostly recommended for measuring baby’s temperature.

    As they are safe to use and gives fast and accurate readings like in case of Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer and TOP Forehead Baby Premium Digital Thermometer by Zigabob. So, when you are going to buy a thermometer for your baby then skip all other options and preferences, the widely used thermometer, ear thermometer.

  • Material of Thermometer

    The material of thermometer is also a matter of concern. For babies, you should prefer such thermometers that are made of soft and quality material. Moreover, the tip of the thermometer should be flexible enough to easily penetrate inside the baby’s ear for temperature measurement.

  • Size and Shape

    Do not prefer large size ear thermometers when you have the option of buying small ones. Large size thermometers have a broad tip which makes their penetration difficult.

    On the other hand, small size ear thermometers like Bailey Digital Infrared Thermometer have a sharp and flexible tip which easily enters in baby’s ear and gives you stable readings of baby’s body temperature.

  • Price

    Generally, ear thermometers are available in affordable price and are not expensive. However, it is wise to pre-decide your budget for ear thermometers prior to shopping.


There is a wide range of baby’s ear thermometer available in the market. Although every manufacturer claims that he offers the best product yet it depends upon customers decision that which ear thermometer they actually like. After critical analysis, we have selected five best ear thermometers for babies.

The only reason for preferring these thermometers on any other ear thermometer is their quality, advanced features, and positive customer feedback. Thus, if you want to have best ear thermometer for babies then Tempir Body Temperature Thermometer, Digital Baby Thermometer and Bailey Digital Infrared Thermometer are the best options for you.

Similarly, TOP Forehead Baby Premium Digital Thermometer by Zigabob and ChoiceMMed Accurate Digital Ear Thermometer are the best option for people who are looking forward to buying cost effective but good quality ear thermometer for their young ones.

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