Best Electric Guitar for Beginners


The electric guitar is a complex instrument to learn. That’s why it is better to learn this instrument while still young to be able to play it like a rockstar in a few years’ time. However, kids and teens are not the only ones who can learn how to play an electric guitar. Adults in the household can also learn the basics and eventually take things up a notch. Learning has no age limit anyway.

In order to learn how to play an electric guitar fast, you can start with the real beginner guitar – acoustic. You need to think of other things such as the amp and cable when you have an electric guitar. With an acoustic guitar, you can really focus on practice.

After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best electric guitar for beginners in today’s market.

Our Pick: Fender Squier Affinity Series

Fender Squier Affinity Series comes in a complete set which includes the electric guitar, an amplifier, tuner, cable, strap, picks, gig bag, and instructional DVD. The electric guitar is stunning because of the vivid blue accent and semi-transparent design. Its fret edges are smooth to maneuver. This guitar is lightweight with rounded edges for comfortable handling. It is easy to learn with this electric guitar because it gives out the right tunes. This product is a great gift for children who are musically inclined. Its amp is compact, loud and easily adjustable, which is perfect for beginners.

Runner-Up: Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar is packaged with very functional accessories for beginners. Its amp has treble and bass settings, an input for iPod headphones, and an out jack for other standard headphones. The cable connecting the amp and guitar is long enough for convenience. The gig bag has a large pocket for useful things such as song books. Regarding the guitar, it gives off a full and clear sound. Its finish is smooth and attractive while its weight is good enough for balance, especially for tall people with long arms.

Also Great

Davidson Guitars Full Size Electric Guitar Beginner Package comes with a lightweight instrument that has an elegant fingerboard and neck finish because of maple wood. It can last long enough until you are ready to purchase a more professional electric guitar.

Best Choice Products Full Size Electric Guitar has beautiful intonation despite the affordable price. It will last for years, making it a good choice for kids in training and adults who will only play it as a hobby.

Sawtooth Rise Electric Guitar is one beautiful instrument to look at because of the high-quality paint job. It fits for both right- and left-handed people.

Budget Pick

Directly Cheap Electric Guitar PRO-EG Series is very affordable yet looks expensive. Its shape makes it easy to be lifted as you play. Guitar enthusiasts highly recommend this instrument despite the low price.

How to Select the Best Electric Guitar for Beginners

Here are important factors to consider before purchasing the best electric guitar for beginners like you or someone you know:

  • Structure

    The best electric guitar for beginners should be free of dents and has a smooth paint job. Its neck should be connected straight to its body. It is not raised or dipped even the slightest. On the other hand, the wooden body must be solid. It should also be made of high-quality wood because that affects how the sound is produced and sustained. The best options are poplar, alder, mahogany and swamp ash. Poplar is best for tone and sustain. Alder is the right choice for a modern rock feel. Mahogany has a good “crunch.” Swamp ash gives the perfect twang.

    You must prefer trustworthy brands since poor warehouse conditions can affect the guitar’s appearance. Electric guitars staying too long in warehouses without proper humidity and temperature will most likely gain structural problems. Ones with physical irregularities can affect the buyer’s experience.

    Other factors to check are the pickup, switch, and knobs. The pickup should not jostle even for just a little bit. The switch should not be loose. Lastly, the knobs – even made of plastic – should be sturdy and durable.

  • Intonation

    Most beginners do not know much about an electric guitar’s intonation. Some may even take it for granted. However, intonation can really make a difference for the whole experience. To check, you just have to pluck the open string and compare its tone to the 12th fret guitar harmonic. The best electric guitar for anyone gives the exact tone as the aforementioned note.

  • Buzz

    An electric guitar’s action is checked through buzzing sounds. Another way is to measure the string’s length starting from the 12th fret.  But, it is more preferable to check for any weird buzz. You can strum the electric guitar as hard as you can. You can also strum over each section on the fretboard. Come to think of it, it is natural to hear a buzz whenever you strum hard. However, if you cannot stand the buzz, then that electric guitar is not for you.

  • Amp

    Many electric guitars made for beginners come in packages or sets that include a compact amplifier. The thing is, different amplifiers have different sound quality. Be careful in evaluating your electric guitar through different amps because sometimes, the amp gives off the pleasant or unpleasant sound which affects your judgment. If you really want to test the guitar’s quality, play it with another amp that is exactly the same as the previous one. If there is a difference in sound or tone, then that comes from the guitar itself. Since beginners will focus more on the techniques, do not stress too much on whether you have the right amp.


Learning how to play an electric guitar knows no age. Anyone can be a beginner. Many electric guitars are available in sets or packages for beginners’ convenience. You do not have to think hard anymore about other things a first-timer needs. In choosing the best electric guitar for beginners, it is preferable to choose high-quality yet affordable ones because as a person turns into an expert or professional, he will really need a new electric guitar with a more beautiful sound. For starters, you just have to consider the buzz, intonation, damage-free structure, and sturdy hardware of the electric guitar.