Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Global Knives



The best electric knife sharpener for global knives is one that can sharpen a variety of knives, including knives that are made of carbon, stainless steel, and alloy. The sharpener should be equipped with at least two sharpening stages, and it should be convenient for both right-hand and left-hand individuals.

The knife sharpener needs to be a fantastic tool for sharpening your global knives, regardless of how frequent you use the knives. Razor-sharp knives are important to everyone with respect to how one uses the knives across the globe. The best global knives electric sharpeners need to be highly user-friendly.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Global Knives Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceNumber of Sharpening StagesProduct WeightAbrasives
Andrew James Electric Knife Sharpener--Two3.1 poundsDiamond, Ceramic
Knife Wizard Electric Knife Sharpener KE3000--Two4.4 poundsStropping Disks
VonShef 07/0324$Two2.9 pounds100% Diamond, Stropping disks
Chef’s Choice 3204.5$$Two1.2 pounds100% Diamond, Patented Flexible
Stropping Disks
Kyocera Electric DS-504$Two13.4 ouncesDiamond
Chef’s Choice 154.5$$$Three5 poundsDiamond, Stropping Disks
Chef’s Choice Model 15204.5$$$Three5 pounds100% Diamond, Patented Flexible Stropping Disks
Presto 088104.5$Three2.4 poundsDiamond

Considerations for Selecting the Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Global Knives

Global knives need to be sharpened after every use in order to maintain maximum performance. Therefore, you need to have in your possession an electric knife sharpener that is well-designed to sharpen knives without causing damage to the knife’s blade. You need to choose your electric knife sharpener after taking a realistic assessment of how you use your knives. Choose an electric knife sharpener that is made of the best materials, ones which will provide your knife with industrial standard knife sharpening.

The sharpener you settle for should provide you with two to three modes of sharpening. The commonest sharpening modes that are found in most electric knife sharpeners include coarse and fine modes. When choosing a two-stage electric knife sharpener, make sure that there are two modes for sharpening your knives. There should be a coarse sharpening stage, which may consist of tungsten carbide or diamond for sharpening blunt knives. There should also be a fine sharpening stage for finer sharpening and finishing, which may consist of ceramic or patented flexible stropping disks.

  • Attractive, Lightweight, and Designed for Safety

    In order to always remind yourself that your global knives require sharpening, you need to buy electric knife sharpeners that are attractive as well as lightweight. Attractive electric knife sharpeners are ones that are made of sleek designs, with additional specs for maximum sharpening experience. The best electric knife sharpener for sharpening global knives needs to be designed for safety with easy grip handle and non-slip feet, meant to protect you from the grinding and dust.

    The best design should either have a large grip handle for easy grip or non-slip base/ feet for ensuring that the sharpener does not slide while sharpening. Your choice of an electric knife sharpener for global knives should take into considerations the usefulness of interchangeable blade guides, since they do provide optimum sharpening angles. Electric knife sharpeners that can effectively and conveniently hold global knives at a perfect sharpening angle, provide no guess sharpening.

  • High Quality Performance

    Good global knives electric sharpeners are ones that are highly resourceful and they present high utility. The sharpeners you engage should provide you with alternative sharpening stages. There should be clear distinction between coarse sharpening and fine sharpening.

    High quality sharpening can only be achieved if the electric knife sharpener you buy for your global knives is made of reliable abrasives, such as diamond, tungsten carbide, ceramic and steel. The stages need to be clearly defined; if possible, they should be labeled. So that you do not accidently introduce a less blunt knife into the coarse sharpening stage. The instructions on how to use an electric knife sharpener for global knives need to be unmistakably stated. This will help the user sharpen his or her knife effectively.


You need not to be doubtful when choosing the best electric knife sharpeners for global knives. However, you need to be cautious with the details as far as your expectations are concerned. If you think that a two-stage electric knife sharpener will not provide the needed sharpness to your global knives; then, you can conveniently choose to buy a three-stage electric knife sharpener. The purchasing decision remains in your hands, but each and every detail discussed above will help you make a sound decision. Always remember that the best electric knife sharpener is one that provides your global knives with hairsplitting sharpness.

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