Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Pocket Knives



Pocket knives are normally smaller in size, and their blades are characteristically small. It is quite rare to get a pocket knife extremely blunt since most pocket knives are used gently, and for less tough activities. Your choice of the best electric knife sharpener for pocket knives should take into consideration the fine finishing that a pocket knife requires. You can always test the sharpness of your pocket knives in order to determine whether or not it needs fine sharpening. A keen edge does not reflect light in any position. Your selection platform needs to have electric knife sharpeners that are highly versatile.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Pocket Knives Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceProduct WeightNumber of Sharpening StagesAbrasives
Chef’s Choice 154.5$$$5 poundsThreeDiamond, Stropping Disks
Chef’s Choice Model 15204.5$$$5 poundsThree100% Diamond, Patented Flexible Stropping Disks
Presto 088104.5$$$2.4 poundsThreeDiamond, finer abrasives
Chef’s Choice 1304.5$$$5 poundsThree100% Diamond, Super-hardened Miniature Steel, Flexible
Stropping Disks
Kyocer DS-504$13.4 ouncesTwoDiamond, finer abrasives

Selecting the Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Pocket Knives

For sharpening a pocket knife, you may buy an electric knife sharpener that is made for that specific purpose, one that is equipped with the appropriate amount of grit, is medium of grain, and that cuts fast enough without producing a wire edge.

What to Consider

You need to choose electric knife sharpeners that are made of high-quality abrasives, including diamond for coarse sharpening, and ceramic or steel for fine sharpening. High-quality abrasives will create an exceptionally industrial standard sharp edge. The abrasives make an electric knife sharpener safe for use with high-quality pocket knives if they are of good quality.

The best sharpener; therefore, can restore the factory angle of your pocket knives without wearing out unnecessary metal. A three-stage system may be more convenient for pocket knives when compared to a two-stage system. This is so since a three-stage system is incorporated with a medium stage as well as the fine stage. In most cases, pocket knives may require less grinding, which can be achieved in the medium stage and the fine stage without using the coarse stage.

A three-stage electric knife sharpener will effectively produce a perfect edge. A three-stage system with precise knife guides does automatically position your pocket knife for foolproof operation. A unit that is installed with patented flexible stropping, as well as polishing disks, will sharpen your pocket knife, and provide you with a microscopically polished edge.

The best electric knife sharpener for working out pocket knives is one that is easy to use on both serrated and straight edge pocket knives. All you need to do is simply plug the sharpener in, switch it on, and feed your pocket knife on the medium stage for average sharpening, and then in the fine stage for razor sharpness.

The electric knife sharpener you choose should incorporate the latest knife sharpening technologies, such as angle select and edge select technologies. The three-stage system you choose should have efficient flexible stropping disks that have the ability to sharpen a pocket knife edge with minimal or negligible metal removal; hence, helping to extend the durability of the pocket knife.

If you choose to buy a three-stage diamond abrasives system; then it is appropriate that you choose a system that is incorporated with finer diamond abrasives in the second/ medium stage. For the same system, the third or fine stage may be integrated with patented flexible abrasives stropping/ polishing disk system that creates an ultrafine, sharp edge.

The best electric knife sharpener for sharpening pocket knives needs to be sturdy and well-built, and if possible it should be able to sharpen nearly all categories of pocket knives. The best system should also be made of preset carbide blades that can be utilized to effectively restore dull edges on pocket knives. Electric knife sharpeners that are highly versatile, as well as resourceful, are the ones that are defined by the following set of characteristics.


Pocket knives are used for light cutting; therefore, there is no instant in time that they will need excessive grinding. This means that instead of buying a two-stage electric knife sharpener, it will be more convenient to buy a three-stage electric knife sharpener.

As seen earlier, a three-stage system will provide you with a medium stage and a fine stage, in addition to the coarse stage. Hence, you only need to use the second and third stage to get your pocket knife to razor sharpness. The best way to ensure that you prolong the durability of your pocket knives is by providing them with sharpening alternatives that do not excessively remove metal from their blades.

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