Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Hunting Knives- 2019 Top Picks


Keeping your hunting knives sharp is a very important maintenance factor. That’s one good reason to invest in the best electric knife sharpener. It can make it easy for you to have sharp hunting knives all the time.

Since getting the right knife sharpener is critical, we are sharing with you our top picks that are totally worth your time and money.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Hunting Knives Comparison Table 2019

NameRatingPriceProduct WeightNumber of Sharpening StagesAbrasives
Smith’s 502814.5$$$6.7 poundsTwoDiamonds and Ceramic
Chef’s Choice 1304.5$$$5 poundsThree100% Diamond, Super-hardened Miniature Steel, Flexible
Stropping Disks
Presto 088004.5$1 poundTwoSapphirite
Kyocera DS-504$13.4 ouncesOne100% Diamond
Chef’s Choice 3204.5$$1.2 poundsTwo100% Diamond, Polymer Disks
Chef’s Choice 154.5$$$1 poundThreeDiamond, Stropping Disks
Presto 088104.5$2.4 poundsThreeSapphirite, Ultrafine Grit Ceramic Wheel

How to Choose the Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Hunting Knives

The best electric knife sharpener for hunting knives should be equipped with ideal sharpening angle, whether adjustable or not. However, the adjustable preset angle is more convenient since it allows you to match the manufacturer’s angle easily.

The best sharpeners are those that feature two or three sharpening stages, each equipped with appropriate sharpening abrasives. Diamond for coarse sharpening stage and ceramic for fine sharpening stage are great examples.

Sharpening abrasives determine the amount of metal that will be removed from your knife. That’s why you should choose an electric knife sharpener with 100% diamond or Sapphirite for the coarse sharpening stage. A sharpener with such abrasives in the coarse stage will effectively work on your blunt knife.

On the other hand, make certain that the fine stage is made of fine and smoother abrasives, including ceramic, flexible stropping disks, or ultra fine grit ceramic.

About Knife Sharpening Technology

Go for an electric knife sharpener that presents you with at least two sharpening options in a single compact appliance. The best sharpener is the one that effectively sharpens strops as well as steels most of your hunting knives. Two-stage electric knife sharpeners are convenient, but three-stage sharpeners provide your hunting knives with a better-than-factory cutting edge, quickly as well as effortlessly.

A two-stage electric knife sharpener allows your hunting knives to be grounded and sharpened in the first stage half of the machine and afterwards, gets honed in the second stage.

A three-stage sharpener will remove the bluntness of your knife in the first stage by getting rid of the unwanted metal, and develop a shaving sharp edge in the second stage. The knife’s blade gets polished to razor sharpness in the third stage. The sharpening stages produce custom edges for your hunting knives.

The latest electric knife sharpening technology for hunting knives also features the use of elastomeric angle guides that make certain there is fool-proof sharpening. Go for electric knife sharpeners that are designed for safety, since these are the safest sharpeners to work with as far as sharpening your hunting knives is concerned. A safe sharpener to use should have non-slip feet or base, which will ensure that the sharpener is firm and stays in the same position as you gently sharpen your hunting knives.

You should choose a particular sharpener model based on the quality of sharpening it does. Choose a knife sharpener that presents you with better precision and the ability to double the sharpness retention. In addition, the best electric knife sharpener for hunting knives should have interchangeable blade guides, since they provide the most favorable sharpening angles.


Quality knife sharpening should always be the first consideration you make as far as hunting knives are concerned. The best electric knife sharpener for hunting knives is one that presents you with no guesswork sharpening. The best sharpener is easy to operate since the technology used is not only user-friendly but also convenient. Therefore, the experience level does not matter as long as the model you select is easy to operate.

A feature unique to electric knife sharpeners for hunting knives is the presence of multi-stages. With that said, create a new razor-sharp edge with the best electric knife sharpener by purchasing one of your own. All you need to do is adhere to the information you have just read, and you will end up buying the most ideal knife sharpener for your hunting knives.

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