Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Japanese Knives


Keeping your Japanese knives sharp doesn’t require a lot of hard work or really complicated tools. In fact, with the best electric knife sharpener for Japanese knives, you should be able to maintain the quality and sharpness of your tools.

If you don’t own one yet, check out our top picks below:

Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Japanese Knives Comparison Table 2018

NameRatingPriceNumber of Sharpening StagesProduct WeightProduct ColorEasy Grip Handle
Chef’s Choice 320 4.5$25 poundsWhiteNo
Kyocera DS-504$22 poundsBlackYes
Chef’s Choice 154.5$$35 poundsGrey and BlackNo
Chef’s Choice Model 15204.5$$35 poundsWhite and BlackNo
Chef’s Choice 1204.5$$34.7 poundsWhiteNo

Choosing the Best Electric Knife Sharpener for Japanese Knives

If you can’t decide which one to get, that’s understandable. To simplify things for you, here’s how you can choose the best electric knife sharpener for Japanese knives:

Blade and Blade Bevels

You should know that Japanese knives are single beveled and they normally have large primary blade bevels. The primary blade bevel on a Japanese knife lies along the lower part of the front face of the blade. Your choice of the best electric knife sharpener for Japanese knives should take these into consideration. The sharpener you choose should be designed in such a way that it will always sharpen your Japanese style knife at 15°, the Asian style.


The best electric knife sharpener for Japanese knives should be fast, convenient, and very efficient. The unit you choose should be user-friendly and easy to use. Actually, it should be a unit that you can just plug into a socket, turn it on, and draw your Japanese knife through the sharpening slots for razor sharpness.

The best models will normally have a fixed angle or varying angles. They should be able to sharpen Japanese knives at different stages of dullness. The unit you choose should not be noisy or else, it will interfere with your sharpening concentration.

Abrasives and Sharpening Stages

The best electric Japanese knife sharpeners you choose should have abrasives that are convenient. Normally, each of the sharpening stages is equipped with its different abrasives depending on the nature of grinding required at that stage. The most common material for the coarse stage is 100% diamond abrasive disks.

On the other hand, the mutual material for the fine stage is one that provides finer and smoother finishing to your knife’s blade. The fine/ second stage may incorporate the use of polymer disks or smooth abrasive disks to polish as well as strop the edge of your Japanese knife to hairsplitting sharpness.

It is even better if you choose a sharpener with patented flexible stropping polishing disks. Polishing disks of this type will create a Gothic arch edge that is well-known for razor sharpness and durability.

Specific Features to Consider

Choose a knife sharpener that can make each side of your Japanese knife sharper by maintaining a 15° angle and doubling sharpness retention. The best electric sharpener for Japanese knives should be incorporated with internal elastomeric spring guides that can hold your Japanese knife’s blade at just the correct and precise angle.

A good design needs to have an assist roller, which is important in preventing too much sharpening, as well as controlling even pressure. In addition, a good design should also have a safety cover for containing grinding and dust.

A convenient sharpener is one that can be used to sharpen both ceramic and metal knives. Another important feature is the presence of a non-slip base. Non-slip base or feet will ensure that your sharpener stays put at the designated position until you are done sharpening.


Always take your time when choosing the best electric knife sharpener for Japanese knives. Make sure that the sharpener you settle for is made of at least two sharpening stages. A two-stage or three-stage knife sharpener is more versatile and more resourceful; hence you stand a better chance of providing your Japanese knives with hairsplitting sharpness in a short duration. Japanese knives owe their high precision to an ingenious single edge blade design.

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