Best Electric Smokers for the Money


You can enjoy food smoking by engaging the best electric smokers worth your money. The best smokers are the kind of cookers that provide you with yummier smoked flavors. With these smokers you are not only able to smoke your favorite food, but you stand the chance of enjoying delicious smoked meals right on your backyard. Most of these are outdoor smokers; however, there are indoor smokers that are worth the money.

Best Electric Smokers for the Money Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceProduct WeightCooking Capacity Per LoadMaterialHeating ElementHeavy-duty rubber casters
Masterbuilt 200709104.5$53 pounds730 sq. inchesSteel800No
Smokin-It #24.5$$$62 pounds35 lbs.Stainless steel700Yes
Masterbuilt 200702134.5$$19.6 pounds730 sq. inchesPowder coated steel800No
Masterbuilt 200703114.5$$$50 pounds975 sq. inchesStainless steel1,200No
Char-Broil 112016774$86 pounds504 sq. inchesPorcelain-coated wood1,500No
Smokin-It #15$$59.3 pounds22 lbs.100% 18 gauge, 201 Stainless steel400Yes
Smokin Tex 11004.5$$65.7 pounds23 lbs.Stainless steel350Yes
Emson 8303MO4$10.7 pounds4 poundsStainless steel1,000No

Choosing the Best Electric Smokers for the Money

  • Cooking Capacity per Load

    The cooking capacity per load should be among your first purchasing decision. The cooking capacity will help you purchase the correct electric smoker in terms of size. If you need an electric smoker that will only cook food for one person; then you should go for indoor electric smokers.

    These smokers are usually smaller in size, and there are some which have a small cooking capacity of at least four pounds. Four pounds are enough to cook a sizeable chicken and vegetables. For starters, Emson electric 5Qt-smoker is among the best electric smoker for the money for an individual.

    For family smoking or party smoking, you will need to secure electric smokers that are a bit spacious as far as the cooking capacity is concerned. Most of the electric smokers that are spacious enough for a family or party food smoking are outdoor electric smokers.

    There are smokers that have a cooking capacity of as low as twenty pounds per load; while there are other electric smokers that have a cooking capacity of up to fifty pounds. Therefore, the best electric smokers worth your money as far as family or party food smoking are concerned, are the ones that meet all your cooking capacity requirements.

  • Specific Distinguishing Features

    The best electric smokers worth your money should be exceptional. This means that an electric smoker that is worth your money should have the ability to provide maximum smoking. Well, the cooking capacity may be more than enough, but other features will most definitely interfere with your smoking experience.

    Temperature and time controls should be among the first things to ensure that you electric smoker is equipped with. The temperature gauge provides you with a reliable temperature range; therefore, you can conveniently smoke different sizes of food at the correct temperatures.

    This ensures that you do not overcook or undercook. The best electric smokers worth your money should be portable, and if not portable; then they should be equipped with heavy casters for easy movement. The material with which your electric smoker is made from will determine the unit’s durability as well as the insulation capabilities.

    The best smokers that are worth every penny should be made of long-lasting material, such as stainless steel, aluminized steel, powder coated steel, and steel. The heating element should be reliable and easy to replace. The smoker should also be installed with an-easy-to-fill woodchip chamber and a dripping pan among other things.


It is not such a hard thing to know which electric smoker is best for the money. You need to determine how you are going to use your electric smoker. You may need a smoker that can cook enough food for your family, or you may need a smoker that can cook enough food for a small gathering on your backyard.

The various considerations discussed in this guide should be of great importance. The best smokers that are worth your money should be electric smokers that fulfill all your smoking requirements. You need not to research any further since this guide is enough to get you the right electric smoker.

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