Best Electric Smokers under $100


The right way to smoke is to use real as well as dependable electric smokers. However, you may limit your smoking capacity due to the high costs. Well, you have no reason not to smoke your food on your backyard or at your kitchen top. There are several indoor and outdoor electric smokers that cost less than $100. These smokers are uniquely designed, and most of them consist of similar features as the ones you will find in a $200 electric smoker.

Best Electric Smokers under $100 Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceProduct WeightCooking Capacity Per LoadMaterialColorIndoor Electric SmokerOutdoor Electric Smoker
Meco 50303.5$$24 pounds351 sq. inchesMetal and wood componentsSatin blackNo Yes
Oster CKSTROSMK184.5$17 pounds20 lbs.SteelRed Yes Yes
Stovetop VP4.5$7.0 pounds3 lbs.Stainless steel Silver Yes No
Brinkmann 810-5290-44$$28 pounds50 lbs.SteelBlack No Yes
Nordic Ware 3654.5$9 lbs.SteelRed Yes Yes

What to Consider When Purchasing Electric Smokers under $100

As much as these electric smokers are cheap, you also need to be certain of the features. This will make certain that all your smoking needs are met without regrets. To begin with, you need to go for units that require simple assembling. Electric smokers of this nature will not give you a hard time.

What About the Material

The material that your electric smoker is made of matters a lot. Nevertheless, you need to know that most of the outdoor electric smokers under $100 are made of steel. On the other, some of the indoor electric smokers under $100 are made of stainless steel while others are made of steel. Steel-designed electric smokers are highly long-lasting.

This means that they do not wear out easily. Being well-insulated should be a feature of importance as far as the design material is concerned. Proper steel insulation ensures that there is no heat loss from your electric smoker. Therefore, all the heat is contained within the unit to promote smooth and slow cooking for tastier and yummier end product.

The Performance of the Electric Smoker

The best electric smokers under $100 have great performance regardless of the pricing. You should not have the notion that these smokers’ performance is doubtful. You should instead set your smoking expectation, and be certain that all your smoking needs will be met.

The best electric smoker under a hundred U.S. dollars is the one that appeals to the users, either as a beginner or an expert in food smoking. Therefore, the best unit should be simple to set up and use. The smoker should only require you to plug it to a wall socket, set the cooking time, set the cooking temperature, load your chicken, vegetables or pork, and wait for it to do the cooking.

Features to Look for

Apart from being powered by electricity, the best electric smokers under $100 should have adequate cooking area/ cooking capacity. For outdoor electric smokers you should look for units with at least three hundred and above square inches of cooking surface. This is adequate area for you to smoke a sufficient amount of food for you family.

As far as indoor electric smokers under $100 are concerned, it is advisable to go for a smoker that has at least four pounds of food capacity, accompanied by digital settings in order to achieve maximum performance. Proper insulation is a feature that you must ensure the electric smoker you engage has.

Well, good insulation ensures that all the heat is used within the smoker, and it is not lost to the surrounding. This also ensures your electric smoker is energy efficient, since all the electricity consumed by the smoker to produce heat will be properly used. Variable temperature control is a feature of great importance. The temperature control will help you to control as well as manage the cooking temperature with respect to the food.


You do not have to always spend your cash on smoked flavors at the restaurant across the street, since for less than $100 you can actually enjoy your own smoked flavors on your backyard or at your kitchen top. Electric smokers under a hundred U.S. dollars present excellent performance.

Most of these smokers have been used by a great number of people, and they have received positive reviews. Their exterior designs are splendid, made of steel or stainless steel. Their interior designs are fully-packed with high-quality features that will ensure for $100 you are able to smoke your chicken or turkey comfortably for thanksgiving. Furthermore, these electric smokers are just perfect for first-time smokers.

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