Best Electric Smokers under $300


The aroma and taste of a summer night meal cooked on an electric smoker instills fondest memories. There are many electric smokers under $300 that provide the best smoking experience. The only fundamental issue that you need to attend to is whether or not these smokers meet all your smoking experience. Most of these electric smokers are 4-star smokers; therefore, many people have used them and found them to be useful.

Best Electric Smokers under $300 Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceMaterialColorProduct WeightCooking Capacity Per LoadNumber of Cooking Grills/ RacksHeating ElementDurable metal standsHeavy-duty rubber casters
Char-Broil 112016774$Porcelain-coated woodBlack 49.6 pounds504 sq. inchesThree 1,500 wattsYes No
Smoke Hollow 30162E4.5$Steel Black 47.8 pounds22 lbs.Two 1,500 wattsYes No
Brinkmann 810-7080-44$Steel Red31 pounds50 lbs.Two 1,500 wattsYes No
OSES4.5$Steel Grey24 pounds280 sq. inchesTwo 1,250 wattsYes No
Smokin-It #15$$100% 18 gauge, 201 Stainless steelStainless steel62 pounds280 sq. inchesTwo 400 wattsNoYes
Masterbuilt 200709104.5$SteelBlack53 pounds730 sq. inchesFour800 wattsNoNo

Choosing the Best Electric Smokers under $300

Your choice of the best electric smokers below three hundred U.S. dollars should put into consideration the material used in the construction of the smokers. You should definitely engage smokers that are made of strong material, one that is not only durable, but provides the much needed insulation.

There are three basic materials that you are bound to encounter in the market, and they include steel, aluminized steel, and stainless steel. From a general point of view, all these materials are reliable, and the smokers made of them do usually last-long. However, each of these materials will provide you with different levels of sturdiness, insulation and beauty.

Important Product Features

The best electric smokers under $300 should provide you with adequate cooking capacity. Most of these electric smokers are equipped with at least two cooking/ smoking racks. These racks will provide you with a capacity of holding at least twenty pounds of food per load.

This includes your favorite dishes, such as pork, beef, chicken, turkey, and vegetables. The smoker that you spend less than three hundred dollars to secure should have a temperature control system, accompanied by a timer. Temperature gauge is important, since it provides you with means of controlling and managing the temperature accordingly.

Normally, the temperature gauge should be accompanied by a timer. The two systems will ensure that your smoking experience is amazing. You will not have to check on your smoker in short durations; you can simply schedule intervals to check on the wood chips and water.

Get Great BBQ Consistently

The most reliable units under $300 should contain a durable heating element, one which can maintain a consistent temperature in the electric smoker. Most of the reviews on electric smokers costing less than $300 talk of how great their heating elements are. One of the key advantages of smokers costing less than three hundred USD is that they require a few ounces of wood chip per every smoke.

For maximum performance, you need to make certain that the vents on the smoker you buy are small. Ideally, one should be at the top and the other one at the bottom. Such a setting will ensure that there is no excess air movement within the smokers; hence your meat always stays moistened.

Why You Should Buy Electric Smokers under $300

You should buy electric smokers under $300 if you have never smoked before, or if you are after increasing your smoking experience. Your primary objective should be to smoke a variety of foods, including fish, beef, pork, and chicken among others.

To begin with, these electric smokers are easy to assemble, since it will take you approximately an hour to get any of them out of the box, and up and running. The smokers come with more than enough instructions to get you started. With these smokers aboard, you do not need to make any more stops at the nearby restaurants for smoked flavors


Electric smokers under $300 are worth the money. They are instrumental for experienced users, and highly recommended for first-time users. The units’ exterior designs are superb, made of steel, aluminized steel or stainless steel; they provide you with the urge of wanting to smoke food every day.

The interior designs are packed with adequate features that make certain your smoking experience is increased accordingly. With these smokers, you will enjoy each and every meal you prepare, since they are designed to perform in accordance with the user’s expectations. For less than $300, you can start preparing delicious as well as tastier meals.

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