Best Electric Wine Aerator


Looking for a faster way to enhance the flavor of your favorite wine?

Skip the manual aerating tool and go for something automatic. Check out the best electric wine aerator for a more enjoyable drink at home.

Our Pick: Waerator Instant Electric Wine Aerator

With just a single push of its button, Waerator Instant Electric Wine Aerator can effortlessly aerate and oxidize the drink. It aims to soften tannins and enhance the taste of your wine.

Whether you’re planning to drink red, white, or aged wine, this electric aerator will surely prove its purpose to you. You’ll be able to enjoy a luxurious drink right in the comfort of your own home.

Worried about spills and sediments? Good thing that this product has an advanced system. It specifically uses dual infusion and suction to separate the sediments and directly pour wine into your glass.

Keeping this accessory on the wine bottle won’t affect the liquid’s quality. It has a rubber seal to guarantee an airtight cover. It will keep the drink fresh even when you spend an hour or so drinking wine.

Cleaning convenience should also be a priority. Fortunately, pressing the button once is enough to draw clean water into the system and wash off the residues or remaining liquid.

Runner Up: HUMBEE Chef DB-01-BK Wine Decanter

For a more flavorful and aromatic wine with a rich, smooth consistency, HUMBEE Chef DB-01-BK Wine Decanter is a more efficient choice than basic decanters. You don’t have to observe it closely because it has light indicators. Its LED lights will let you know the progress of the decanting phase until it’s done.

How does this product work, anyway? It uses a magnetized device to gently stir the liquid, essential for the aerating process. As a plus, the entire design looks interesting, which can wow your guests.

Also Great: Belwares Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser

It may look like an ordinary dispenser, but Belwares Electric Wine Aerator Dispenser is more than that. It uses advanced technology just to ensure a perfect aerating process. It specifically has multiple air ventilation.

What happens inside is that the system pumps up to 300 millimeters of Mercury (mmHg) of air pressure in only less than 16 seconds. That’s already enough to completely oxidize the wine.

Ultimately, aerating wine with this device becomes an instant thing. You may immediately pour the liquid into your glass.

Surprisingly, this machine looks big, but it only requires two AA alkaline batteries to operate. It can contain a 750-milliliter wine bottle.

Also Great: NutriChef Portable Electric Wine Aerator

Mainly composed of food-grade stainless steel, NutriChef Portable Electric Wine Aerator is totally safe and rust-proof. To top it all off, it comes with a classy soft pouch to protect the smooth metal finish. With this device, you’ll be able to aerate any wine even when you’re not home.

More about the fact that this option can aerate different wines, it can be attached to any bottle regardless of the size. One factor for that benefit is the pair of straws that come with this product. Each straw can reach the bottom of the bottle, making sure that you get to aerate your wine even to the last drop.

Budget Pick: Gourmia GWA9985 Electric Wine Aerator

Despite being the most affordable one on this list, Gourmia GWA9985 Electric Wine Aerator is so effective. It even ensures more surface oxidation – six times more than the funnel type. For every two seconds, the pump can dispense an ounce of wine.

Just like the first product, this option only needs one touch of the button to work flawlessly. It is also a versatile device, ideal for both tall and short wine bottles.

How to Use the Best Electric Wine Aerator

Putting the best electric wine aerator on a bottle seems easy enough. But, in order to make sure there are no mistakes, we’re here to give you some instructions based on the product’s manual. Take a look at the following steps:

  1. Twist the bulb-shaped cover counterclockwise to expose the battery compartment.
  2. Insert one AAA battery in each slot.
  3. Attach the cover again by turning it clockwise until it locks in place.
  4. Check if the device is A-OK by pressing the button once.
  5. Hold the aerator sideways to see a small hole at the base.
  6. Insert the tube into the hole.
  7. Open the wine bottle.
  8. Carefully put the aerator on the mouth of the bottle to successfully submerge the tube into the liquid.
  9. Position your glass right under the aerator’s spout.
  10. Push and hold the button as you pour wine into your glass (the indicator should light up to make sure you’re indeed aerating the liquid).
  11. Stop pressing the button once you’re done.

How to Clean an Electric Wine Aerator

Unless you choose a different type of electric wine aerator, the instructions below will surely help you maintain the device’s quality:

  1. Fill an empty wine bottle with clean water.
  2. Attach the aerator (including its tube or straw) on the bottle’s mouth.
  3. Put a container under the spout.
  4. Push and hold the button until the bottle is empty again.
  5. Repeat Steps 1-4 three times or more.

How to Store an Electric Wine Aerator

Finally, here are some tips about proper storage to prolong your aerator’s life:

  • Make sure the aerator is off when not in use.
  • If you’re going to store your aerator for more than a month, take off the batteries.
  • Put the aerator in a protective case, bag, or pouch to block dust.
  • Place the aerator inside a dry enclosed area.
  • Don’t store the aerator in places with constant temperature fluctuations.


We believe that the best electric wine aerator should be simple yet highly effective. It is also a big plus if it’s efficient, versatile, and portable. That’s why we selected Waerator Instant Electric Wine Aerator for the top spot.

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