Best Electricity Efficient Hair Straighteners


How is Energy Efficiency Important in Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners use heat, which means they use electricity to produce the heat which is then applied to the hair to get it to straighten or curl. It is important that the straightener is energy efficient, not only to save on energy costs but also to avoid accidents and damages in the hair while using it.

Although there aren’t really any serious implications in using one, except perhaps if you’re really careless and cause it to draw a hole in your furniture or worse, start a fire in your house; it is always best to be safe and preventive. And if you intend to use the straightener regularly, then it is best to have something that is less costly as possible since it is, after all, an operational cost. It will also be great for the environment.

The Ghd brand features an average of only 79W of energy usage in their straighteners, which is relatively low. We will look at other brands and how they compare to it in a bit.

Best Electricity Efficient Hair Straighteners Comparison Table 2017

HSI PROFESSIONAL 14.5$$Flat iron, tourmaline
BaByliss PRO Nano4$$$Flat iron, Titanium
ghd Classic4$$$$Flat iron
Remington Wet 2 Straight4.5$Wet 2 Straight
Chi Air Expert4$$$Flat iron, tourmaline

What Makes a Hair Straightener Electricity Efficient

Before we compare products in terms of efficiency, it is important to know what factor make a straightener energy efficient. Here are some of them.

  • Automatic Shut Off

    The easiest and most obvious answer is of course, an automatic shutoff feature. This may seem unimportant to some, but the fact is, a lot of people tend to forget to unplug their hair straightener after use and leave it running the whole day. If not, at least forget it until they are ready to leave the house. Because it’s just the natural tendency – you’re rushing to get to work or to the important event you’re preparing for. Not all straighteners have this feature.

    Typically, for those that do, they would automatically power after a few minutes of inactivity; about 30 minutes to an hour. The ghd Classic 1-inch Styler is one example and it also has a sleep feature which we will discuss next.

  • Sleep

    Aside from the auto shutoff, some even has a sleep feature which temporarily puts the unit to sleep after a short period of not being used. The ghd Classic above features that, so that it won’t take to long to heat up again once you’re ready to use it. It will only completely power off if it still hasn’t been used after thirty minutes. The Remington S5500 only has a six minute standby before it goes to sleep.

  • Infrared Technology

    Some advanced models, usually those with digital control features, use infrared technology which makes it faster for the hair straightener to heat up. This is a great energy efficiency feature because it takes less electricity for it to work in full capacity. The HSI Professional 1 CERAMIC TOURMALINE IONIC FLAT IRON HAIR STRAIGHTENER FREE GLOVE + POUCH offers this feature. It also promotes even distribution of the heat which requires you to do less passes when styling – which shortens the time you use the unit and in turn saving even more energy.

  • Temperature Control

    Being able to adjust the heat settings of your unit is also helpful in energy saving. The less time it takes for the unit to get to your desired temperature, the less energy it consumes. And that is made possible if you have the option to set it to that temperature upon startup. Rarely do modern hair straighteners lack this feature. So as much as possible, choose one that offers it.

  • Plates

    Having good quality plates on your flat iron will also help in electricity efficiency. The ceramic plates, for example, allow even distribution of the heat to your hair which makes it faster for you to style your hair. That means you spend less time using the product and you save more energy. Same as the concept in the features above.

  • Universal Voltage

    It would also be nice if the straightener is compatible with different voltages, or at least dual voltage, so you can use it anywhere. This is important if you travel a lot. The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini is one example, which is great since it is portable and is intended for use in different places.

  • Wet 2 Straight

    Not quite a direct energy saving feature but an option to style your hair while wet as the Remington Wet 2 Straight 2 Inch Straightener features, also helps in saving energy costs because you eliminate having to use a blow dryer before styling.


Those are just of the helpful features that make a hair straightener electricity efficient. Of course, a conscious effort not to leave it on for too long would always be the best. Below are some models that we found are the most energy efficient.

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