Best Exercise Ball for Desk: 6 Products You Should Definitely Have


Tired of sitting on your office chair all day? Then you deserve something more exciting and, more importantly, beneficial to your health. We’re here to recommend the best exercise ball for desk.

Our Pick: URBNFit Professional Yoga Exercise Ball

The best thing about URBNFit Professional Yoga Exercise Ball is how ideal it is for gyms. Since it perfectly represents professional quality, it has the finest material for heavy use. It won’t disappoint you if you use it five times a week for several hours.

To be more specific about quality, this stability ball is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It will never burst as a desk chair and a fitness ball. It can actually support weight up to 2,000 pounds.

Having a balance ball also means inflating it from time to time. Luckily for you, this product comes with a pump that can quickly inflate the ball. As a plus, the pump won’t strain your arms, thanks to its convenient design.

For office birthdays, Christmas parties, and other workplace occasions, this option can be an excellent gift. It is deflated and packed in a sturdy box for easier wrapping.

Runner Up: Gaiam Classic Ergonomic Exercise Ball

Just like a real desk chair, Gaiam Classic Ergonomic Exercise Ball includes a low backrest and a smooth set of wheels. Don’t worry about the added height; it’s still ideal for most users and desks. It has the right dimensions for users who are 5′ to 5’11” tall.

If ever you’d need a taller exercise ball, you could purchase special leg extenders from the brand itself.

To completely understand the design, we should explain that this unique desk chair has a metal support bar you can easily adjust. It also has four smooth casters and two back wheels you can lock. And, of course, you may remove the stability ball anytime – especially if you’re going to use it for a good workout.

Meanwhile, if you’re particular about weight capacity, this balance ball can support 300 pounds.

Also Great: DYNAPRO Professional Exercise Ball

Another option that can support 2,000 pounds, DYNAPRO Professional Exercise Ball is super-safe to use. Even though it’s impossible to pop under human weight, we still think you’ll be delighted to know that it would just deflate slowly if it’s pushed to its limit.

One factor for the anti-burst feature is the extreme thickness of its casing which specifically measures 1,877 micrometers. No sharp object can pierce it easily.

Safety isn’t just about resistance to puncture. You should also consider possible chemicals from the material. Good thing that this stability ball is made of non-toxic PVC.

In case you work up a sweat while sitting on this desk ball, you can still maintain balance because of its non-slip ribbed surface. It has a matte texture that can keep you stable when you’re bouncing on it.

Also Great: SmarterLife Products Exercise Ball

If you have sensitive skin, SmarterLife Products Exercise Ball is hypoallergenic. As a plus, when it’s covered in sweat, it won’t get sticky.

Worried about your desk ball rolling away? That’s technically a safety hazard. Fortunately, when you sit on the ball, the bottom surface will spread evenly on the floor as if it has a base.

Since durability is also crucial, the 0.2-centimeter PVC casing of this product will maintain its form for years.

Also Great: Pavandeep Products Exercise Desk Ball

To ensure safety, Pavandeep Products Exercise Desk Ball is purely non-toxic. It contains zero phthalates. It is also latex free to stay hypoallergenic and environment-friendly.

Meanwhile, to inflate the ball faster than other high-quality products, this one has an exciting free item. It comes with an easy-to-use foot pump.

Budget Pick: Trideer Extra Thick Exercise Ball

Here’s another non-toxic PVC fitness ball. Trideer Extra Thick Exercise Ball doesn’t contain the harmful bisphenol-A (BPA). In addition, it has no trace of any heavy metal.

Despite its affordable price, this desk ball has an efficient foot pump. It also has two additional air stoppers.

How to Select the Best Exercise Ball for Desk

Choosing the best exercise ball for desk clearly relies on the dimensions well-suited for your personal workspace. Simply measure your chair starting from the seat all the way to the leg’s base. Then, add a few centimeters – enough to let you reach anything on your desk.

However, you also have to think about the material. After making sure that the product comes with a free pump, think about the following factors:

  • Durability

    Obviously, PVC is the ideal material for exercise balls. Surely you’ve noticed that as you went over the list of products we’ve prepared for you.

    The best feature of PVC is its durability. Nothing can’t puncture it easily, resulting in a fitness ball that won’t burst – ever. In case something would successfully pierce it, it would just deflate, not pop.

  • Weight Capacity

    Luckily for you, a lot of exercise balls can support 2,000 pounds. That will always be the ideal capacity. This actually promotes versatility since you can use the ball almost anywhere.

    When it comes to fitness balls solely designed for desks, however, they can only support 300 pounds or so. After all, the backrest and base provide extra support.

  • Stability

    Balance has a lot to do with the exercise ball’s texture. Remember to choose a ribbed one. In other words, don’t pick a fitness ball that’s 100% smooth.

    If you’re also planning to use the ball for yoga, make sure its surface is non-slip. It’s best if it gets sticky with sweat.


The best exercise ball for desk should reflect the height of your existing chair’s seat. But, since we’re also going for quality and versatility, we selected URBNFit Professional Yoga Exercise Ball as the top product. It is the anti-burst type with a safe PVC material.

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