Best Expandable Baby Gates


You can make your home safe for your children by introducing the baby gates in your house. That is the best way to make the movements of your baby safe in your house. There are variety of gates that are available in market with various shapes and designs, but it is ideal to buy a gate according to the dimensions of the place where you want to adjust it.

Like if you want to adjust the safety gate in doorways then it is best to take the measurements and then buy a gate according to it. However there are expandable gates too which can be used, or you can use the extensions to expand your gate.

Best Expandable Baby Gates Comparison Table 2017

Evenflo Top-of-Stair Gate4.5$Expands from 30 to 48 inches in width6.5 poundsWood
Evenflo Expansion Swing Wide Gate4.5$Expands from 24 to 60 inches7.6 poundsWood
Regalo Easy Open Walk Thru Gate 4$Expands from 29 to 50 inches11.3 poundsSteel
North States Industries Gate 4$Expands from 24 to 60 inches in width7.6 poundsWood
Summer Infant Metal Expansion Gate4.5$$Expands from 44-72 inches28.1 poundsMetal

Advantages Of Expandable Baby Gates

There are several advantages of buying these safety gates. First of all they ensure the safety and security of the child in home and prevent it from potential damages. If you have an expandable gate like Evenflo expansion swing wide gate, then it is best to adjust at various locations of the house. You can adjust and expand it according to the dimension of the place. Similarly if your gate is light in weight then you can also transfer it from one place to another.

Things to Consider

If you are planning to buy expandable baby gate then you must consider following important points as these points will help you in selecting the right product that offer maximum benefits.

  • Maximum Width

    Select the area of your house where you want to adjust the gate. Take the proper measurements and then buy a gate. Also remember that thing in mind that always chooses a gate that provides the maximum width. In this way that will enable you to adjust that gate at wider locations of your house and will cover a large area. Like North states industries expandable swing provides you the facility to expand the gate from 24-60 inches.

  • Maximum Height

    Choose the baby gate that provides the maximum height. That will be easy for you to adjust it at any place and will serve your child for a long duration at an age of 2-3 years.

  • Easy to Fold and Use

    Some of the gates also have a feature of folding. You can use this gate at any place in your home. You can adjust it according to the width of that particular place and if there is any extended portion of that gate, then you can fold it. These gates are easy to use in this way as they can be used at various places of the house. The Regalo easy open walk thru gates is the best option to buy as it is simple and quite easy to use and install.

  • Durable Material

    Always check the material of the baby gate. There are many companies that are manufacturing the gates with plastic, wood and metal. But you can choose that one which is reliable. For instance, metallic gates are considered reliable, so you can choose them, like summer infant metal expansion gate. However you can also go for the wooden gates.

  • Water Resistant Gates

    If you are using the expandable baby gates at outdoor locations of the house, then it is ideal to buy a gate that possesses the water resistant properties. In this way, it will not spoil the quality of the gate and it will not get damaged with rain water.

  • Smooth

    Smooth surfaces of the gates are always recommended as these smooth surfaces ensure the security of the toddlers by preventing their hands and body from damaging. So it is also necessary to check the ridges and the sharp corners of the gates and avoid these gates.

  • Meet the Requirements

    If you are planning to buy a gate then before spending the money make sure that it is fulfilling all your needs. It should be user friendly and it should have all those features that you actually want to see in your baby safety gate.

  • Must have Warranty

    Some brands also provide the warranty of the gates. So you can also check them out. Moreover the gates that are made up of metal are also long lasting so that is the best option for you.


Expandable safety gates are widely used in order to make our children secure in our houses. There are lots of companies and brands which are selling the expandable baby gates but it depends upon you to choose the right one for you that meets all your needs. For that purpose, you can check the top five expandable baby gates that are mentioned below. 

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