Best Eyebrow Pencil


Not everyone is born with perfect brows that is why using the right eyebrow pencil is essential if you want to keep the symmetry of your face. Good eyebrows compliment the overall look of your face. It also matters what color or shade you use. It should match the color of your hair, your skin tone, and the shape you draw must be right for the shape of your face.

Some women find it difficult to do the right shape and length when putting on eyebrow makeup. To achieve good eyebrow makeup, you must first pluck or shave it to the right angle and shape. It must follow the natural contour of the eyebrows. Here is a good guide on eyebrow shaping. You must also use the proper makeup base and this guide on the best bb cream will help you pick one.

There are several types of eyebrow pencils and they come in different styles and colors. How do you pick the right one for your face? We’ve listed the best options suited for different people.

Our Pick: Maybelline New York Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil

Our number one choice is the Maybelline New York Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil. It’s a micromechanical type pencil that allows the precise application to give you evenly defined brows. It has a smear-proof formula so you can wear it all day and not lose the bold brow look. This is an all in one tool that includes a brow comb to blend the colors seamlessly and create a natural brow look.

This will help bring out your cheekbones, elongate your face, brighten your eyes and more. Achieve different looks with just a few strokes. It has a defined and polished look.

Runner Up: Etude House Drawing Eye Brow, No.1

Our next best choice is the Etude House Drawing Eye Brow, No.1. This has a dark brown color. Unlike traditional eyebrow pencils, it comes in a retractable design so you don’t need to sharpen it. Simply turn the case and the pencil will come out and put it back when you’re done. The pencil has an angled shape so it’s easier to apply and achieve the eyebrow shape that you want.

It also comes with an eyebrow brush which is at the other end of the pencils. Both ends are covered with a cap to protect them. This series comes in different shades for different skin tones.

Also Great

Another retractable type eyebrow pencil is the ANASTASIA Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Caramel. It mimics natural hair so this is great both for those who have thick or thin brows. This has a long-wearing and smudge-proof formula so you can wear it all day and won’t run even if you sweat. It glides on effortlessly so you would not struggle with the application.

This eyebrow pencil is available in 9 shades so you can find the one that suits your skin tone and hair color the best.

The Milani Easy Brow Automatic Pencil is also a great choice. It has a smooth glide so it’s easy to draw and apply. You can achieve the shape and thickness that you want without having to do several passes. It has a water-resistant formula that fills even the small gaps with a natural looking volume. You can blend the colors with a spoolie brush that is attached to the other end of the pencil.

This will help you groom your brows with professional results. You can choose from two shades or mix them up to match your style. It has a propel tip so it’s easy to use.

You might also like the L’Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Duet. It’s a set of two eyebrow pencils with different shades. This is a traditional pencil that needs sharpening and also comes with its own mini sharpener. It will help you achieve naturally defined brows. These two coordinating pencils can blend together for you to create the perfect shade to naturally enhance your brows.

You can fill, blend and highlight depending on your taste and style. It creates a natural brow look so this is great for everyday makeup or if you’re trying to do a nude look.

Budget Pick

A really good affordable option is the Keyzone Enchanting Pro Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil. This is an automatic type pencil so you don’t need to sharpen it. It is convenient to use and will save you a lot of time. This is long lasting and waterproof so it will last even if you get a bit wet under the rain of if you sweat under bright lights. It’s easy to apply and also easy to remove.

It looks natural so this is great if you want to do a light makeup or if you’re using a nude palette. The design will also not stain your purse or handbag when you bring it out.

How to Choose the Best Eyebrow Pencil

Choosing an eyebrow pencil will also depend on your overall makeup. The color of your hair, your makeup base, and sometimes the dress you are wearing are also a factor.

  • Blonde Hair

    Blondes can usually mix a pencil with warm undertone so you don’t look too white or gray. Test the eyebrow pencil on the back of your hand and see how it also blends with your skin.

  • Brunette and Black Hair

    For those with darker hair, you should stick with soft brown colors and don’t use pencils that are too harsh.

  • Red Hair

    For redheads, you need to choose pencils with red warm tones as well.

  • Retractable Eyebrow Pencil

    For those who don’t like sharpening or don’t have time to do so, there are retractable pencil types that you can get. The disadvantage here is that you don’t really get to achieve very sharp tips if you want to draw very fine lines. But you can still achieve well-defined brows.

  • Angled Tip

    It’s best to use an angled tip if you are not very good in shaping eyebrows. This will help you shape your brow without too much effort.

  • Brush

    If you don’t already have an eyebrow brush, it’s good to buy an eyebrow pencil that has a brush attached to the other end. This tool will help you blend the colors evenly and make the brow look more natural.

Also, make sure that the eyebrow pencil is easy to glide on your skin so that it does not create bumps or lumps.