Best Eyeglasses


There are many types of eyewear available in stores, but one of the most common ones is the ever-helpful pair of eyeglasses. Also known as spectacles, reading glasses or simply glasses, eyeglasses are similar to other eyewear because of their plastic or glass lenses placed within two frames in front of the wearer’s eyes, specifically resting just above the nose bridge. Another common denominator is their “arms” meant to be put over the ears to hold the eyeglasses in place. What sets these glasses apart from other kinds, however, is their main function which is vision correction. If you are looking for a new pair right now, we are here to give you the best eyeglasses in today’s market based on careful research and product testing.

Our Pick: TruVision Readers 4 Pack Men and Women Stylish Crystal Clear Vision Comfort Spring Arms & Dura-Tight Screws Reading Glasses

TruVision Readers 4 Pack Men and Women Stylish Crystal Clear Vision Comfort Spring Arms & Dura-Tight Screws Reading Glasses will make you look sharp anywhere you go, whether you are just lounging at home or working in your office. They have a cool, modern design most people will surely love. They come in separate bags made of soft microfiber that can also double as cleaning cloths to remove smudges on the lenses. Regarding their features called the Dura-Tight Screws and the Sure-Flex Comfort Spring Arms, both of these ensure that the arms, springs and screws will stay durable for a long time despite heavy use. They also guarantee comfort for they can expand the hinges to avoid tight fit over the temples.

Runner Up: ThinOptics Keychain Reading Glasses

ThinOptics Keychain Reading Glasses are made of high-quality materials such as titanium alloy and nitinol for a more flexible bridge. These materials are 10 times more elastic than the usual spring steel. To enhance comfort across the bridge, there are nose pads that have independent suspensions for stability. Meanwhile, the lenses are composed of optical-grade polycarbonate just like what the best kind of prescription glasses use. What makes this product even more interesting is it’s super-thin and lightweight frames. Folding the glasses results to an object as thin as two credit cards, one on top of the other, with a weight similar to a single nickel. These eyeglasses come in a special protective case that also serves as a keychain to keep you from losing them.

Also Great: Spektrum PROSPEK Premium Professional Blue Light and Glare Blocking Computer Glasses

Spektrum PROSPEK Premium Professional Blue Light and Glare Blocking Computer Glasses can improve your vision in just a matter of days. The screen or display monitor of any computer or flat-screen television will appear clearer with more accurate vivid colors. These eyeglasses can help relieve eye fatigue, strain, and light sensitivity, especially when you often use a high-end smartphone, android tablet or iPad, desktop, or laptop for gaming and work. They can improve your eyes in case you blink too much. All of these benefits are possible mainly because of this product’s ability to reduce blue light that penetrates your eyes most of the time.

Also Great: Visualites #1 Reading Glasses

Visualites #1 Reading Glasses have rectangular floating lenses with flexible rubber arm tips and adjustable nose pads for comfort. They look so transparent because of their rimless form, perfect for people who prefer a “barely there” look.

Budget Pick: Eyekepper Readers UV Protection Anti Glare Anti Blue Rays Spring Hinges Computer Eyeglasses

Eyekepper Readers UV Protection Anti Glare Anti Blue Rays Spring Hinges Computer Eyeglasses can snugly fit wide heads without the headache-inducing tightness. They come in a hard case with a convenient zipper and a microfiber cloth inside. They can help you sleep instantly after using a computer and other devices because of their strong protection against blue light.

How to Select the Best Eyeglasses

Here are important factors to consider in choosing the best eyeglasses for your own needs and preferences:

  • Lenses

    Hands down, this is the most crucial factor to consider in looking for the best eyeglasses. As a matter of fact, it relies on your own set of lenses – in your actual eyes. So, you need to undergo an eye exam first for the most accurate prescription. If you fail to do so, you are more likely to buy a pair of eyeglasses that will only make your head spin.

    For durability and overall eye health, there are a lot of eyeglasses nowadays with scratch-resistant coating and superb ultraviolet protection despite transparent lenses.

  • Face Shape

    It may be useless to own a high-quality pair of eyeglasses if you would be ashamed to wear them in front of other people. Some eyeglasses can actually emphasize your facial flaws, not giving you a flattering look. The solution is to consider your face shape first before purchasing the best eyeglasses you can find.

    If your face has a sharp jawline leading to a distinct square shape, round or oval frames are perfect for you. Rectangular and square frames will just emphasize the jawline even more. Color accents along the bottom part of the frames are also not recommended to avoid emphasizing a pointy chin.

    On the other hand, if your face lacks sharp features, resort to geometric, rectangular or square frames. Eyeglasses with straight lines and sharp angles balance everything on a round face. Additionally, avoid big eyeglasses as well for they can be excessive for that face shape.

    Meanwhile, oblong faces are usually narrow so they are best with wide frames. These eyeglasses make the face appear shorter. It is also highly recommended that they should have broader features with color accents on the top rims. Colorful details near the temple are also helpful to provide an illusion of a wider face. Short, small frames are not flattering at all for narrow faces.

    A diamond-shaped face is quite similar to the square type because of its sharp jawline. However, it has a narrower and longer look. The forehead becomes unnoticeable so diamond-shaped faces need oval frames to make it look bigger and balance with lower prominent features. A plus for diamond-shaped faces is their amazing cheekbones. To enhance those, rimless eyeglasses are ideal. Narrow frames are not flattering for this face shape since they make the eyes look smaller, overshadowed by stronger facial features.

  • Style

    Next, are you a low-profile person who does not like cutesy stuff? Or, do you love colors and details for an artistic appeal? These are relevant questions so you will unconditionally love your eyeglasses.

    If you want to look sharp all the time, especially for the nature of your work, rectangular and oval frames are perfect examples of minimalist shapes. They are ideal for professional settings. When it comes to color, they are best with classy types such as black, brown and silver. Luckily for women, they have more sophisticated color options such as espresso, burgundy, and gold.

    However, if you prefer youthful designs, choose eyeglasses with thicker frames that perfectly show details or patterns. Regarding ideal colors, move out of your comfort zone with green, blue, red, and other bright hues.


We selected TruVision Readers 4 Pack Men and Women Stylish Crystal Clear Vision Comfort Spring Arms & Dura-Tight Screws Reading Glasses as the best eyeglasses for most people. They have a sophisticated unisex look, durable components, comfortable features, and a pretty functional microfiber cloth bag. In searching for the best eyeglasses based on your own needs, simply consider the lenses first before thinking about design.

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