Best Face Primer


When it comes to makeup, it’s not enough that you pick the right shade, formula or finish. You also have to make sure that your makeup will last the entire day. Smudging, wearing off and creasing can easily ruin your final look.

This is where the best face primer becomes important. Aside from extending the wearing time of your makeup, it also helps create a smoother base so you can apply your foundations, BB creams and concealers with less effort. With the right formula, it can also make any redness and discoloration a lot less noticeable.

If you are curious to know what makes the best face primer, then here are the products that earned our highest approval.

Our Pick: Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer

Maybelline New York Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer is our top pick for a handful of good reasons. The product, aside from the affordable price, can really live up to its claims of blurring pores and leaving skin soft and smooth. The primer comes in a small squeeze tube which can easily fit in your makeup kit. It’s the right size and shapes for traveling without having to worry about breaking it or even spilling.

It’s lightweight and breathable. Plus, it’s also non-comedogenic and fragrance-free. These properties make the primer extremely suitable for those with oily and acne-prone skin.

The primer comes as a clear gel. Since there’s no hint of color, it’s less likely to interfere with the shade of your makeup base. At first glance, you’ll think of the product as a tad thick. However, once you spread it on your skin, it’s actually fairly thin and easy to work with.

Runner Up: E.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer

E.l.f. Hydrating Face Primer is your best option if you have dry skin. It comes with a built-in pump which makes dispensing easier, less messy and more hygienic. Its packaging is also opaque and this helps keep the ingredients inside more stable. It promises to reduce the appearance of fine lines and to make your skin smoother and more flawless so you can blend your base with ease.

Another nice thing about this primer is that it’s infused with ingredients your skin will surely love. It has vitamins A, C, and E which offer anti-aging benefits. In essence, using the primer constantly can also boost your skin’s texture and complexion over time.

Take note, however, that although it has hydrating benefits, you shouldn’t use it as a replacement for your anti-aging cream. A primer is very different from a moisturizer.

Also Great

NYX Studio Perfect Primer is another great product to consider. It has a silky formula that will leave your skin smooth for your makeup application. It is able to cover fine lines, hide large pores and create a matte finish. These features will surely be adored by those who are struggling with oily skin.

One impressive thing about this primer is that it comes in three shades or formulations. There’s one that can reduce redness, another that can brighten the skin and a separate formula for those with fine lines.

Budget Pick

N.Y.C. New York Color Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer is our budget pick. Despite its really affordable price, it’s actually one of the best primers around. It can make your pores, dark circles and fine lines less prominent. It can also reduce the appearance of any skin imperfections you may have. On top of that, it can actually last all day.

The product comes in a very standard squeeze tube. For its price, that’s quite understandable. As for the actual product, it’s white in color and blends into the skin really fast. It has a bit of illuminating finish which is nice if you are looking for a brightening effect.

How To Pick The Best Face Primer

A face primer is that product you apply right after your skin care and before you actually put on your makeup. It is supposed to create a smooth canvas by filling in your pores, scars and fine lines. Plus, it helps keep your makeup longer lasting.[youtube]

But, how exactly do you choose the best face primer? Here are a few tips you can use.

  • For Dry Skin

    For dry skin, your best bet is to invest in a hydrating primer. Pick one that’s infused with nourishing ingredients as well as vitamins to boost your skin’s moisture. Skip mattifying primers as they can only accentuate your dry patches.

  • For Oily Skin

    A mattifying primer with good oil control properties can be your skin’s best friend. Other good options include primers that can hide large pores, as it’s one of the major issues that goes with oily skin. A primer with silicones would be a great choice. You just have to find one that won’t feel too heavy or won’t make your skin itchy. You can also pick a primer that’s oil-free.

  • For Sensitive Skin

    Go with a primer that’s dermatologist-tested, fragrance-free and chemical-free. There are also primers that contain calming ingredients that can soothe your sensitive skin while prolonging the wear of your makeup. Be thorough when reading labels as not all brands are honest with their claims. If you read a lot of hard-to-pronounce ingredients, put it back in the shelf.

  • For Normal Skin

    You actually have tons of options, but the best one for you would be one that’s lightweight and free from silicones.

  • For Acne Prone Skin

    This skin type is a bit tricky. Any ingredient that can block your pores can potentially trigger a breakout. So, to save yourself from the stress of having another acne, go with primers that are noncomedogenic. You can also pick primers that are infused with vitamins to boost your skin’s resistance against bacteria.

    Silicones come in a love-hate relationship with acne-prone skin. While there are people who don’t experience any issue with silicones in their primers, there are people who break out more with the ingredient. If you are thinking about trying out a silicone-based primer, it’s a good idea to test it first and see how your skin will react.